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I'm getting fitter, lost weight am no longer overweight but I'm still fat.

SpottyDotty321 · 20/05/2017 10:58

Since May last year I have been loosing weight. I started off at just short of 13 stone. I am now 8 stone 10 so just over 5 stone weight loss. I am 5 ft 3.

I was shamed into loosing weight as 3 years ago I joined slimming world off my own back when I was 14 stone and very low. I joined a gym and lost 4 stone and felt so much better and started getting a bit more toned. Before joining slimming world I didn't eat much during the day but what I did eat was processed rubbish ready meals ect. And the weight gain was gradual over a few years. Whilst I was at slimming world I was encouraged week after week to eat more, eat as much as you like. I did. I went from a size 22 to a 10/12. But despite being smaller my god I could put my food away I could eat most men under the table as the more I ate the more I wanted. As soon as I got to my target I stopped going as a few people in my class were utterly spiteful to me with nasty comments and I ended up with a eating disorder. I binged in secret and piled on the pounds and stones.

Last year my family were telling me I was getting fat again and if I didn't loose the weight my husband would be off having affairs with other women. Little did they know he already did whilst I was at my smallest I had ever been.

These comments were so hurtful and constant that I lost the weight again not with slimming world but following a very low carb diet.

I am at the lowest weight now since being a teenager my face looks thin and my collarbone is sticking out. Clothes hide my wobbles but they are there. My stomach, love handles, and thighs are still big I don't want to loose much more as it's all coming off now on the wrong places like my waist that was my smallest part to begin with, my hands and feet.

I paid for a personal trainer to come to my house to get me a routine together as my husband has a home gym here but she wanted to get more equipment like kettle bells and resistance bands and workout DVDs and ignored the equipment we have.

I really want to turn this around and tone up and get fit. I don't want to go to the gym but can anyone suggest what I can do as I'm clueless.

Also when I come off my low carb diet I don't know how to eat. I'm a basic cook and again don't have a clue what I'm doing as everything I learnt at slimming world contradicts what a healthy diet should look like.

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Stewart2017 · 20/05/2017 20:53

I no real advice but I never wanted to read and run...
So I'll say amazing weight lost. Seems you right idea to try tone up at gym.

Continue you to do it for yourself and ignore grim family comments noted above!

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