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What do you do with your PT?

Lurlene · 07/03/2017 18:31

I'm meeting a potential PT this week to discuss my requirements but I'm not sure myself.

I have trouble with motivation and don't currently exercise at all which doesn't help my mental state, which kills my motivation some more... and so it goes on.

So could you share your beginner routines/schedules that you do with your PT to help inspire me please?

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BIWI · 12/03/2017 18:00

@Lurlene I see mine on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we do 'all body' type exercises and on Sunday we work on a specific muscle group.

So this Saturday was:

5 minute warm-up on the cross trainer
2 minute plank
Deadlifts - a superset/heavy weight, aiming to do 6-8 reps at 70kg (I've been building up to this, didn't just start so heavy!)
Jack knife on the Swiss ball
Press ups - 6 with hands narrow, on my knees, 6 with hands wide, on my toes (repeated 3 times)
Finishing with some core - superman, heel touches, leg cycle, crunches and Russian twists

Today we worked on legs:

5 minute warm-up on the cross trainer
Walking lunges
Squats with Bulgarian bag/step-ups with Bulgarian bag, repeated 3 times
Squat jumps - 20 jumps x 3
An exercise I don't know the name of - lying on a bench, on your shoulders, and then dipping down so your bum almost touches the ground, then pushing right back up, and clenching glutes/tightening your core

But we mix it up all the time - sometimes I do a bit more cardio - kettle bells, slam ball, the bike, sprints outside. We use the TRX cables as well, and also weights.

The key, from my perspective, is that he keeps it interesting for me, as this keeps me motivated. If I turn up every time and we do the same thing, it gets dull very quickly.

But also, most important, you should discuss your motivation for going in the first place, and what you want to achieve.

Is it weight loss? Or general fitness? Flexibility, etc?

Good luck! It's the best money I spend, honestly.

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