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bamboo toothbrushes

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theweebleshavelanded · 25/01/2020 16:41

looking at how I can lose the plastic. Well I`m a soap bar user and fingers crossed will lose the plastic shower puff later (bought a sissal soap bag to try). I use reusable pads , which are so much nicer then disposables.

bamboo toothbrushes, anyone swapped? In our family we all use oral b electric ones. how will it compare?? anyone done that switch?

OP posts:
Apileofballyhoo · 25/01/2020 16:46

I currently need new toothbrush heads so I'm wondering the very same thing, OP!

MaraScottie · 25/01/2020 16:48

I use soap and bamboo flossers but I'm not sure I could sacrifice my electric toothbrush. They're my only set of teeth Crown Shock

slipperywhensparticus · 25/01/2020 16:49

They are a bit uncomfortable I would try one out first

AmelieTaylor · 25/01/2020 16:49

Do you really want to stop using an electric toothbrush?! The heads aren’t very big and are replaced infrequently.

I’m sure you could reduce elsewhere more effectively with less of an
Impact on your health🤷🏻‍♀️

Nothing to stop you buying one to try if you really want to, but buying them
Online would probably negate any gain.

theweebleshavelanded · 25/01/2020 17:18

well the heads need replacing about every 3 months. I might get one for myself to try. I`m a bit torn.....

the only time i use a manual is camping/ hiking and it is different.

OP posts:
Apileofballyhoo · 25/01/2020 18:16

Somebody needs to invent a more environmentally friendly toothbrush head.

theweebleshavelanded · 25/01/2020 18:18

yes!!!!! at least one that be recylced as they only last 3 months ish till they need changing anyway.

come on oral b! i might look for their fb page....

OP posts:
Indecisivelurcher · 25/01/2020 18:20

You can get oral B compatible recyclable toothbrush heads with charcoal bristles. I think I've seen bamboo ones somewhere too.

I use a bamboo manual toothbrush, it's totally fine, can't tell the difference. I also use bamboo handled interdental brushes and either silk or charcoal floss. 👍

ThePurpleMoose · 25/01/2020 18:20

I've recently swapped from regular to bamboo toothbrush and it does feel a bit different but I don't mind it. I wish they did ones with smaller heads but still a long handle (i.e. not just a kids' one) as I used to buy a specific brush for the small head, but apart from that, can't complain!

Indecisivelurcher · 25/01/2020 18:24

You can also recycle Toothpaste tubes and most dental stuff through terra cycle. You just need to find your local drop off point.

theweebleshavelanded · 25/01/2020 19:49

just had a google of toothbrush heads and I see the recyclable oral b ones. But I don`t want a charcoal infused one. its a start.....

I might buy a brush for myself as my camping one at least. when my plastic ones no good.

OP posts:
Apileofballyhoo · 25/01/2020 20:02

I might check H&B tomorrow when I'm in town to see if they have them. I don't mind the charcoal.

Potatopia · 25/01/2020 20:06

Can anyone recommend a specific brand of bamboo toothbrush? I bought a cheap one online but the bristles wore out quickly and the handle felt gross.

theweebleshavelanded · 26/01/2020 14:10

well waitrose has bamboo brushes at £2.66 on offer.

I thought at that price, yes I`ll try it!

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 26/01/2020 14:22

I used to use a plastic manual toothbrush.
I swapped to a bamboo one and hated it. I couldn’t get used to the feel of it in my mouth, it didn’t seem very “scrubby”, I couldn’t find a firmer one and it wore out very quickly. I tried 2 brands and had similar experiences. I have actually ended using an electric toothbrush because I only have to change the head, not the whole thing.

SarahHackey91 · 27/01/2020 02:01

Normal plastic toothbrush gets replaced every few months anyways so bamboo ones seem like a good idea.

BikeRunSki · 27/01/2020 03:33

This popped up on FB earlier

bamboo toothbrushes
theweebleshavelanded · 27/01/2020 07:50

great, but I dont want charcoal!! if it wasnt it would be perfect. I cant find any other out there :(

OP posts:
HotGlueGun · 27/01/2020 07:59

Terracycle recycle plastic toothbrushes. Not an ideal solution but might ease your conscience about continuing to use your electric toothbrush. Google them and find your local drop off point. It's a fantastic service.

SideHustle · 27/01/2020 08:03

Well, find a Terracycle drop off point then - hopefully there will be one nearby.

I've had hydrophil and good company bamboo toothbrushes, and they were both good.

Allmyfavouritepeople · 27/01/2020 08:06

I'm still on my electric toothbrush. OH is on her second bamboo brush in as many months so it's not a swap I'm looking to make. I only change the head when needed and clean it frequently so it's not having a massive environmental impact.

theweebleshavelanded · 27/01/2020 08:56

well i used it this morning. it was fine. I shall continue for week and make the decision. ds and me both need new heads anyway, so nows the time for swapping if I`m going to do it.
Need to remember to count to 30 for each 1/4 of mouth used to the timer!
I moved from an area with good recycling etc (we used to have a compost bin collection etc) to one thats a bit behind on that front. If I had the compost bin (which I used) collection for the meat bones etc/ veg then Id be able I think to stop using a pedal bin liner! I did look at eco ones ££££££££££££££££! so thats not a swap yet.

But rome wasnt built in a day. My plan is to not replace plastic (single use) if I can as it wears out etc. look for alternatives as I go along.

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 27/01/2020 13:11

I use the ones from Save Some Green, and their toothpaste tablets too.

theneverendinglaundry · 28/01/2020 07:32

I've just started using a Colgate bamboo brush (they are currently 2 for £6 in ocado) and I like it.

My kids have a separate bathroom so they use the electric toothbrush. I haven't found any alternative for them yet. My youngest uses a Jack and Jill brush which looks like plastic but is made from....something that decomposes? I cant remember what now!

Branleuse · 28/01/2020 07:35

Is the colgate bamboo one really soft like the other bamboo ones?
I dont like soft toothbrushes. I know theyre supposed to be just as good as firmer bristles, I just dont like the way they feel

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