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bamboo toothbrushes

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theweebleshavelanded · 25/01/2020 16:41

looking at how I can lose the plastic. Well I`m a soap bar user and fingers crossed will lose the plastic shower puff later (bought a sissal soap bag to try). I use reusable pads , which are so much nicer then disposables.

bamboo toothbrushes, anyone swapped? In our family we all use oral b electric ones. how will it compare?? anyone done that switch?

OP posts:
mytypeonpaper · 28/01/2020 07:40

If you brush well you didn't need an electric toothbrush so good luck with this op!

mytypeonpaper · 28/01/2020 07:40

Don't need*

theweebleshavelanded · 28/01/2020 09:33

the reason I dont want charcoal electric toothbrush heads is ds. he is autistic and it would not go down well! I put the last new head I have on his brush today.
I think Im going to stick to the bamboo, but like a pp I would prefer a firmer bristled one next time (I have adult medium now). Also a compact smaller head of bristles would be nice. Apart from that it seems ok so far. Today I counted to 30 for each 1/4 of my mouth and felt I did a thorough job. 2 mins is a long time when youre counting lol!

OP posts:
SallyWD · 28/01/2020 09:46

I use an electric toothbrush but only replace heads every 6 months. Dentist said this was fine. I think this small piece of plastic every 6 months is OK compared to all our other plastic waste...(food packaging etc)

theneverendinglaundry · 28/01/2020 12:40

@Branleuse yes the Colgate ones are very soft.

thepiequeen · 01/02/2020 10:20

so its a week tomorrow I bought the bamboo brush, Been using it all week.

I really like it!! first day or 2 had to relearn how to use a manual brush as Ive had battery/ electric for over 10 years! The toothpaste (just colgate total) seems to foam up better and stay on the brush and not end up in a blob in the sink= actually on my teeth and gums. I am finding no problem with reaching all areas. The brush itself is really lightweight and although next time Id have a firmer bristle if possible, I really like it!

I`m a convert!!

thepiequeen · 01/02/2020 10:21

not into charcoal as I read the jury is out on whether its good or harmful long term to teeth.......

CaptainNelson · 02/02/2020 14:30

I bought some charcoal toothbrushes in bulk. I don't like them - they give me sores where the handle rubs at the corner of my mouth. Also if you want to recycle the handle, you have to pull out all of the bristles, which are still plastic (and from my research, no alternative has yet been found). The rest of the family don't seem to have the problem with the rubbing, so maybe it's the way I brush my teeth. I still have 4 heads for my electric to go through, so am not deciding yet...

CaptainNelson · 02/02/2020 14:31

bamboo toothbrushes! not charcoal Blush

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