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Elderly parents

Has anyone used a ‘soft carer’ eg someone for companionship and to change bedding/ cook a meal?

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Thethingswedoforlove · 11/03/2023 12:06

My dm was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s jn October 2021. She lives with my dad who is her carer but who is starting to struggle. They are both 78. It is clear mum is deteriorating but in the stage where she still thinks she is capable. She couldn’t remember her surname when on the phone to the bank yesterday but still wants to do all the cooking and washing. Her mobility is not so good and dad is very impatient and has always been independent. Anyway I wondered whether I might be able to find someone to come in for a couple of hours most days and take her for a walk, sort out the washing/ change the bedding/ ensure she has something she wants to watch/ cook them a main meal etc. they have money. Is that sort of carer a reasonable thing to look for? Could eg be someone who has kids at school and wants some part time work - even if they couldn’t come during the holidays. What might I name the role if I were to do an advert and how would I take up references and how much should we pay? Any help recommended. I want to make this journey easy as possible for both of them. Dad is really beginning to struggle. I have a fulll tkme job and two teenage kids. I go there for one afternoon a week and do what I can but it isn’t enough. My brother isn’t currently able to help.

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Desiredeffect · 10/04/2023 02:53

Carers are not cleaners or bed makers they are there to provide care and not to clean a, hiuse

sashh · 10/04/2023 03:33

On the meal front check if your council do meals on wheels, some still do.

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