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Moving without asking Ex - who has done it?

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SoonToBeMissAgain · 19/12/2018 22:30

I've read with interest Lou141's thread

But I wonder if anyone has actually done this and can tell us what happened?

I have a very dysfunctional relationship with my ex and 3 young DCs. At the very least my relationship with their father is extremely stressful for me. More likely it is unhealthy for all of us, ex included.

I have to get away. I cannot live my life in his pocket any longer and will be moving 3 hours away in the NY. I plan on giving him notice but not enough for him to get an emergency court order.

I will have a home already set up to move DCs into, school places accepted and a suggested access plan that replaces midweek with extra holiday time.

By the time he manages to get a court hearing or a solicitor the children will be settled in their new home and new school.

Has anyone done this / been through it??

OP posts:
lifebegins50 · 23/12/2018 18:23

gonzo77, what contact do you have now with your dc?

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