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Men's opinions please: sex / feeling of fanny after childbirth?

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Alexa808 · 09/03/2008 23:11

I'd like to ask a question which has long been bugging me, but didn't dare to ask because I was shy.
Now that I'm pregnant myself, curiosity got the better of me and I'd like you to share your experiences:

does a woman's fanny feel different (more loose, scar tissue, less friction during intercourse, etc.) after giving birth naturally?

Is it true that a womn will never feel as tight again after giving birth? Or are certain practices off limits now?

Will it ever grow back to normal? It's a muscle after all, no?

OP posts:
pedilia · 09/03/2008 23:20

I asked DH this question and he says mine feels no different and is just as tight (might change his tune after this one though-being number)

Alexa808 · 09/03/2008 23:26

It is a muscle after all, innit? It will shrink back?

And you've got 3 dcs...

takes hat off and bows

OP posts:
pedilia · 09/03/2008 23:28

why thankyou-err what practices would be off limits??

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 09/03/2008 23:31

Fanjo surely!! [fans self at shock of use of word.... fanny )

Alexa808 · 09/03/2008 23:36

back entrance might heard, dunno, prob imagining things.

Fanjo, uhm, sorree...thought I'd be a bit more direct. Must be the German half in me...grumble...

OP posts:
Alexa808 · 09/03/2008 23:36

ahem...'hurt', not heard.

OP posts:
goodcatholicgirl · 10/03/2008 20:30

My DH absolutely assures me that everything feels the same, just as it did. I have one DD and am currently about to have second baby (not this minute, due May). Be interesting to see what he says after two .

BarcodeZebra · 10/03/2008 21:39

After two natural births DW is definitely looser. Sex is still very good too.

I count myself very fortunate that she still allows me to go near enough to find this out.

Of course after witnessing two births, it's entirely possible that I've shrunk...

blueshoes · 10/03/2008 22:03

lol, barcode

Alexa808 · 10/03/2008 22:16

GCG, congrats. Not too long to go :-)

Barcode... Nice one!

OP posts:
amytheearwaxbanisher · 10/03/2008 22:20

lol barcode

poodlepusher · 25/03/2008 14:25

Mine is the same after 2 kids as it was before them. I know this to be true as it also feels the same for me which is helpful.

Pelvic floor exercises aren't for nuthin!

vixnpips · 26/03/2008 11:38

agree with poodlepusher do your pelvic floors!! 3 natural births here, all above 8lb ( biggest 8lb 13oz with huge sholders!!! ouch).. but no difference in the ladygarden area!! mantra... pelvic floor.. pelvic floor ...

devesa · 27/03/2008 08:05

Help! I'm due in May (end of) too late to crash course pelvic floors??? or does it work after birth too? Already have one nearly 3 year old.

poodlepusher · 27/03/2008 08:44

If you excercise your pelvic floor every day, 10 times a day between now and the birth you'll have made a huge difference. Then continue after the birth.
Never too late to start.
Hope the birth goes well!

fifitinkerbell · 27/03/2008 09:37

With Poodle on this it is never to late to start. And mine like vix is no different after having to large babies. Just keep doing then every time you remember.

All the best.

Sparkler · 27/03/2008 09:42

C'mon be honest..... who is sat here reading this thinking "ah yes pelvic floor muscles" and doing them?? Me!

Altogether now..............and squeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!

fifitinkerbell · 27/03/2008 10:02

Me I have to say only because my ex husband kept going on about me having a big fanjo after having a nearly 11 lb baby. But havent had any complaints since from any one

wordgirl · 27/03/2008 10:03

Blimey, no wonder he's an ex!

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 27/03/2008 10:09

No complaints here, I'm a bit larger than before but actually sex is better now because I was too tight and it could get uncomfortable

I orgasm more easily which is weird, but hey I'm not complaining

devesa · 27/03/2008 10:53

O.K I'll be a ten a day from now's remebering to do it...!My first baby was quite big and am told this one is too so I'll get cracking.

skyatnight · 27/03/2008 10:58

Isn't this similar to the 'does my bum look big in this' question, i.e. one that men know better than to give a negative answer to!

fifitinkerbell · 27/03/2008 12:04

I orgasm more easily to which is great.

Wordgirl: He said worse than that for example 2 weeks after having DS he said if you dont start giving me sex soon I will be looking else where

solo · 27/03/2008 13:03

What an arse!

I wish he'd get near enough to me so I could find out the answers to ANY of these questions...

Leads me to a new thread me thinks!

fifitinkerbell · 27/03/2008 15:20

Arh solo hasnt your fella been near you

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