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Why do men go near them?

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EricL · 31/08/2007 16:49

Just reading about another nasty incident involving a prostitute and reading about the seedy, desparate and drug-addled world they inhabit.

I just don't understand why anyone would want to be in the same room as these girls, let alone get intimate with them. They always look so horribly unhealthy and out of it.

I just can't fathom why anyone would be so damn desparate for a lumber that they would get involved in these desparate peoples lives. I have heard that some guys get a kick out of the grubbiness and danger of it all - but i just can't see it myself.

I'm not wanting to discuss the reasons behind why the girls are having to do it because that's another huge and difficult issue in itself - just why the other side of the coin is driving this terrible industry.

Any thoughts?

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2007 16:51

because it's easy, no strings, they do what they are paid to do and no stress about if she expects them to call anytime soon

EricL · 31/08/2007 16:57

I can't imagine there being no stress. It's illegal for a start and would have serious repercussions on your life if you get caught, you have no idea if you are going to be robbed or ripped off, where to go, how clean they are, etc, etc,..

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2007 17:07

yeh but if you are going to go to visit a hooker then thats the way of thinking, well from men i know who have visted them anyway

cestlavie · 31/08/2007 17:18

Having had a red light area a couple of streets away at the last place I lived and having seen the girls plying their trade around there I can frankly think of few things worse. Actually, even thinking about it makes me feel a little spinny and nauseous. That being said on the other hand, it looked like most of their clients weren't exactly Tom Cruise (rather think 50 year old fat sweaty minicab drivers).

Like Lou says, I reckon (a) the clients don't and can't get sex anywhere else legitimately and (b) it's quick, easy and simple - drive up, open car door, jump in, 2 min BJ, hand over a tenner, drive off.

If you want to delve a little deeper pyschologically, it's possible that the guys who do it get a kick out of the degrading nature of the situation for the girls and by treating them like pieces of meat but that's just hazarding a guess. (Actually that's another not very pleasant thought for a Friday afternoon...)

Daddster · 24/04/2008 12:01

Ugh - would you eat raw roadkill? If not, why on earth would you put your todger anywhere near one of those unfortunate, disease-ridden souls?

DownShep · 24/04/2008 14:02

What is wrong with 50 year old fat sweaty minicab drivers? You have no way of knowing what frustrated and lonely lives some people might have.
Would it be better is they were rich suited business men, maybe in charge of formula 1 racing? Driving around your area in their expensive car would be better for you.

zippitippitoes · 24/04/2008 14:08

lots of them are young fit blokes

but why is a different question

just easy

DownShep · 24/04/2008 17:17

One of the reasons the human race has been so successful is because we are programmed to have sex as much as we can and to enjoy it. So it is Gods fault, it made us this way.
Belonging to society does not removed all our animal instincts.

50fatsweatyminicabdriver · 24/04/2008 20:27

You trade, luv??

WiiMii · 24/04/2008 20:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad · 25/04/2008 17:16

I wonder how blokes manage to get a stiffy with them, to be honest.

The ones I've seen are not in the least attractive (junkies and look it) and I gather they don't allow any kissing or what might be normal "foreplay". Surely the most exciting thing is knowing that the woman you are making the beast with is as excited by it as you are?... I just can't see how anyone can get a thrill from a prozzie.

UnquietDad · 26/04/2008 14:32

Did that kill it?

DaDaDa · 26/04/2008 23:58

I think this is a very unedifying thread on a number of levels. [prim emoticon]

SomeOldBloke · 29/04/2008 14:24

I use a couple, you always need a backup. I'm in my late 50's and The Wife would rather do her patchwork or read a book but I still need my satisfaction. Rather than get ratty, have sleepless nights and satisfy myself, which doesn't always work, I out source.
I was introduced to Sandy and Gabby by a mate who's wife died. You can't beat a recommendation can you?

Janni · 29/04/2008 14:44

Trip Trap

kebster · 04/05/2008 13:04

if you cant beat a recommendation then i recommend that you speak to your wife because im sure if she found out she would have your prize possesions on a platter and if your nodder split thats if you use one you would get allsorts of infections get your head together

MrsMattie · 04/05/2008 13:10

I used to live in an area of London with a really bad prostitution problem. I found it profoundly depressing that around pub closing time you would see very respectable looking men in nice cars pulling up to pick these women up, almost all of whom were obvious heroin / crack addicts, many under 18, many others getting on a bit, almost always emaciated and dirty, often toothless and/or covered in bruises. It just shows the basest, most shameful side of human nature and let's be honest, male sexuality, that anyone could want to have sexual contact with such desperate creatures as these women. It's beyond exploitative. I feared for these women. Anyone who will throw a 20 pound note at a drug addicted, ill teenager for a blowjob obviously puts no value on that girl's life.

satyricon · 12/05/2008 15:18


I might humbly suggest that the drug-addicted, pocked, miserable ladies that frequent the pages of the tabloids are not the only kind of prostitutes available.

Every newspaper I've ever worked at has had accounts with the more savoury class of scarlet woman - usually an escort agency - which it uses for important clients and the like.

EricL · 13/05/2008 10:46

My God - never realised this was still active.

I know that maybe the ones i see out and about may be the worst examples - but i still don't understand the process that would lead you to do something that dangerous, unattractive and illegal.

You can always get a shag if you want one that desparately - even if you have pretty low standards surely?

To say that it is easy and uncomplicated is just sad. That's life i'm afraid. You make your bed and you lay in it.
If your'e a fat sweaty 50 year old cab driver then that is your own fault and you don't deserve to fuck up someone elses life as well in order just to pursue a selfish physical desire that you gave up on mentally a long time ago.

OP posts:
OskarLaTrey · 19/05/2008 13:03

I would imagine that it's the sordid nature of the whole shebang that appeals to guys who go in for it.

I think some men who go to prostitutes probably have issues with talking to women too, so the prostitute thing is probably less awkward for them, bizarrely.

littlewoman · 20/05/2008 16:45

I know a man who uses them. Not girls on the street, but an establishment, iykwim. He isn't very nice looking, has some kind of disfigurment to his jaw, and he's pushing 50. Unfortunately, he just can't get a girlfriend.

If he could get a girlfriend, he would. It's not like he doesn't try, poor sod.

There's no 'one size fits all' answer, really.

DaddyCool · 29/05/2008 11:55

interesting thread but very depressing.

I have a mate who is a minger full stop. He's never had sex. He travelled across europe on his own and of course stopped by in Amsterdam. He stoked up his nerve in the hotel room, put the cash in the wallet, got himself all groomed and ready, made his way down to the district, saw the girls in the window....... and couldn't do it. Couldn't even come close. He said they looked so sad it just didn't seem right. He's a good guy that's why. It seemed like a good idea 'on paper' but when it came to the crunch, it was just wrong for him.

BB65 · 02/06/2008 20:40

Hmmm, my first posting on here and it happens to be about shagging some scrawny old tarts

Thankfully me and the DW have not reached that stage but even if things got that bad there is NO WAY I'd ever pay for it, never...well not while I still all me fingers on both hands :0

Pan · 02/06/2008 21:24

Hmm... a tad indelicate about working women trying to get-a-long?? With respect.

yaryar · 03/06/2008 12:32

They are just women FFS! The OP's point about
"I just don't understand why anyone would want to be in the same room as these girls, let alone get intimate with them."

....says a lot more about him as a person than it does about prostitutes. Take a look at yourself mate, your nasty attitute towards unfortunate street workers says a lot more about your "grubbiness" than it does theirs.

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