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Orgasm synethesia killed the cat......

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EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 16:22

But satisfaction brought it back.

Listen up men of MN. A recent thread had me wondering if my orgasms are a bit bland. It's apparent that quite a few MNters see a glorious array of colours, and in some cases infrastructure, during climax. Not to mention, hearing bagpipes, orchestra etc.

This has me wondering if it's something exclusive to the female orgasm or if some men also experience it? And if so, what do they see?

I don't want this to turn into a TAAT, but curiosity has got the better of me.

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EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 16:39

Phallicy! Grin I am pinching this and plan on slipping it into ordinary, mundane convo at next available opportunity.

Good thing you included light hearted Pamster, wouldn't want to be accused of being a perv now.

OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 16:42

Nooooooooooo shatners!!!! What on earth will I get off on now? Wink

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ILostItInTheEarlyNineties · 29/04/2018 16:43

It all comes across as a bit boasty to me to claim you see rainbows, blurred vision, pins and needles etc, pipes playing. I suspect this could be attributed to over exerting yourself with high blood pressure or something and you should get yourself checked out with your gp.

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 16:50

Loops, the fun isn't about asking them what the orgasms like. As already stated, I have no interest bar whether any males experience synaesthesia. The fun is in the hilarious and quite obviously ludicrous but witty responses.

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picklemepopcorn · 29/04/2018 16:53

Just to make clear for anyone coming here hoping to get there rocks off... NOT HERE YOU WON'T!

This is strictly for scientific research. Are there any men out there who synaesthese during ordasm?

Are thee any men out there?

picklemepopcorn · 29/04/2018 16:54

Their! I do apologise. Presumably Mumsnet grammar rules still hold on Dadsnet?

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 16:56

I always thought dadsnet would be "meh", when it came to grammar pickle.

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BillywigSting · 29/04/2018 17:16

I have normal synesthesia (Tuesdays are orange, letters and numbers have colours etc. I don't get sounds only colours)

I get it with sex too but like pp I'm not elaborating.

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 17:22

Anyway Loops, if you want reassurance that I'm not looking to get my rocks off, and it is just idle curiosity and giggles, you can take a look here. Beginning from half way down pg 37.

Anyone who wants to join in idle chit chat and random shite, whatever it may be, is welcome to join us on the HCB thread. DISCLAIMER: The HCB thread is largely light hearted.

OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 17:25

Billy when you say "Tuesday's are orange", do you see orange when thinking of/ discussing Tuesday, or do you see random orange throughout the day on Tuesday's?

OP posts:
LoopOnTheRollercoaster · 29/04/2018 17:37

I don't need reassuring that you're not a troll (although there are many on MN), I just don't understand why it's such fun to talk about orgasms if you get them regularly and have a good sex life. And you're not 15.

But then I don't understand the 'what's for dinner tonight?' threads either.

Abouttoblow · 29/04/2018 17:40

Mumofseven and Dadofseven's kids don't keep them busy enough

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 17:44

Fair enough Loops. I think you're still misunderstanding thoug., It's not fun from talking about orgasms, the fun is in the witty responses, regardless of topic. As it stands, the reason we're discussing orgasms and not another topic, is the genuine curiosity of synaesthesia, inspired by another thread.

OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 17:46

FWIW, I don't understand the what's for dinner threads either? Grin

Although I do appreciate it when pickle shares the delicious food she cooks up.

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EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 17:47


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PamsterWheel · 29/04/2018 17:52

Oooo yeah tell me all about those colours you dirty bastards β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ‘…

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 18:05

For you, Pamster..........ffs, don't get too excited now!

Off for a cold shower. Wink

Orgasm synethesia killed the cat......
OP posts:
AWaspOnAWindowInAHeatwave · 29/04/2018 21:17

I smell/taste a specific citrus smell... like orange essential oil but not quite.

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 21:55

I didn't realise that some also smell and taste, Wasp. Do you mind me asking, are you M or F, and is it always the same taste or does it ever vary? You don't need to answer if you're uncomfortable.

OP posts:
PamsterWheel · 29/04/2018 23:42


BillywigSting · 30/04/2018 09:37

Einstein a bit of both. It's kind of hard to explain

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 01/05/2018 10:29

Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser Billy. That's really interesting, and not at all what I expected. Tbh I don't know exactly what I expected.

I won't pretend that I now understand synaesthesia, although I am vaguely picturing it.

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 01/05/2018 17:10

A friend with synaesthaesia (can't spell it) sees colours in music. So when she hears a C, it's orange. If it's a funny orange, it's a bit sharp. Effectively, she has perfect pitch because she tweaks it until the colour is right.

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