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Orgasm synethesia killed the cat......

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EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 16:22

But satisfaction brought it back.

Listen up men of MN. A recent thread had me wondering if my orgasms are a bit bland. It's apparent that quite a few MNters see a glorious array of colours, and in some cases infrastructure, during climax. Not to mention, hearing bagpipes, orchestra etc.

This has me wondering if it's something exclusive to the female orgasm or if some men also experience it? And if so, what do they see?

I don't want this to turn into a TAAT, but curiosity has got the better of me.

OP posts:
GruffaloPants · 28/04/2018 21:44

Is that some heavy sarcasm @dadtoseven, or are you just a crap shag?

dadtoseven · 28/04/2018 21:50

Hey, cut it out!

ShatnersBassoon · 28/04/2018 21:55

I see the final scene of Rocky and hear Heather Small singing Vienna.

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 22:17

Awww, what's up dadtoseven? Here have another Biscuit

Which Rocky Shatners? I always automatically think of Rocky Vl as the final movie, I know that's not true but......
Either way it sounds painful and terrifying, if Drago's involved..........unless that's your thing. Wink

OP posts:
Fromage · 28/04/2018 22:49

Sometimes my orgasms are so intense I can barely concentrate on the crossword. However I've learned not to say "Is it in yet?" as Mr Fromage gets so disheartened.

The only colours I see are if I use one of those Bic pens with the different clicky colours, and the only sound to fill my ears is Mr Fromage's wheezey chest and the rattle of his dentures. He's quite the fox.

Once I had the sensation of a cat landing on my face, but it was only Mr Fromage's toupee. How we laughed.

AlpacaLypse · 28/04/2018 22:53

Looks at thread Tiptoes back out again

TheSassyAssassin · 28/04/2018 23:09

Mr Fromage's toupee

^ that made me see a whole lot of colours whilst simultaneously snorting and trying not to do a small wee GrinGrinGrin

LadyB49 · 28/04/2018 23:13

Fromage brilliant !!

SomeKnobend · 28/04/2018 23:25

I'm not mansplaining Einstein, I'm not a man for a start except on Fridays. Your post just came up on Active Threads and I felt the need to point out that the description you gave of women's orgasms was just weird nonsense! Your question was "Are men's like this as well?" and my point was there's no "as well" about this!

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 23:30

Have you considered dabbling in erotic fiction Fromage? I reckon MrFromage could teach EL James and her 50 shades of shite a thing or two. 😂

OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 23:44

Apologies SomeKnobhead, the "mansplaining" was meant as lighthearted. Maybe my post wasn't clear, or perhaps you've misunderstood, my post doesn't describe women's orgasm at all, my own certainly don't involve colour, and I don't believe the majority of other women do either. I was referring to another thread about orgasm synesthesia, it would seem the majority of responses where from other female MNers, which left me wondering if some men also experience it.

OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 28/04/2018 23:54

I shall try to rephrase it more clearly.

I am not suggesting that all or the majority women see colour/hear music during orgasm, however I am aware that some women do experience this. But is this experience exclusive to some women, or is it something some men also experience?

OP posts:
FermatsTheorem · 28/04/2018 23:58

I once admitted (can't remember the thread) that I had a weird sensation of sparkly pins and needs round my calves during orgasm, which I described as glittery cankles - to my delight a week or so later, another poster changed her username to CanklesOfGlitter! I felt like I had made it as a poster.

MVLipwig · 29/04/2018 01:57

@picklemepopcorn definitely female here

ShesAYamEater · 29/04/2018 02:27

female. orgasms in glorious technicolour. i must ask dp. im betting his are grey if anything. im going to ask and im going to get a funny look. then an eye roll .

picklemepopcorn · 29/04/2018 07:27

So not a single answer from a bloke (I'm not counting dadtoseven). Disappointing.

Come on blokes, where are you? We want to hear all about it. Sort of.

ShatnersBassoon · 29/04/2018 07:56

Which Rocky Shatners?

I'm surprised you'd need to ask, it's really the only one thats final scene could be revisited at un moment culminant. Rocky. The first one, that didn't need roman numerals.

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 08:57

Ahh, so it's not about the pain, more about going the distance, Shatner's? Big achievement and all that, am I right? Grin
who knew Rocky could be so bloody romantic?

Orgasm synethesia killed the cat......
OP posts:
EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 09:02

Yes pickle, aside from shatners, where are all the men?

Fermats, it's an honour to share a thread with a poster who's made it Star bravo!

OP posts:
TheSassyAssassin · 29/04/2018 09:10

Without all the bruises that's def an expression I have seen along the way....all channelling Rocky hey? Who knew!

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 09:53

all channelling Rocky hey? Who knew!

Now that you mention it sassy, and judging by the Rocky pic, I think you're probably correct. Hmm........

Well as the men seem in short supply, I implore all witty MNers to bring their stockpile of wit and hilarity over here and shed some light on this matter have me pmsl.

I need answers regardless of whether there's any truth to them.

OP posts:
iklboo · 29/04/2018 10:09

I did think that MNer who wanted to paint what she saw during her orgasms should have called the collection 'Fifty Shades Of Wahey!'

TheSassyAssassin · 29/04/2018 10:15


It would be something of an exhibitionist exhibition!

EinsteinsArousedSausagesHCB · 29/04/2018 10:39

Found your specs then iklboo? Wink

I did think that MNer who wanted to paint what she saw during her orgasms should have called the collection 'Fifty Shades Of Wahey!'

I dread to think what she planned on using for paint. And would there be any need for a brush?

OP posts:
TheSassyAssassin · 29/04/2018 10:53

There's clearly a line in there about fingerpainting....but obvs not gonna go there on a Sunday morn and lower the tone of this enlightening thread.... Grin

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