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Proms 2008

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Lilymaid · 18/07/2008 21:18

Well it has started! I'm going on Monday - but mainly because it is the only evening that DH and I can get there together.
Not entirely convinced by Christine Brewer's interpretation of the Four Last Songs - I remember a ravishing performance by Felicity Lott at the Proms years ago.

OP posts:
Katisha · 18/07/2008 22:02

I agree Lily, I don't think it showed her at her best...

tangarine · 23/07/2008 23:50

Am just back from tonight's prom - lovely music but far too hot and stuffy, to the point where I just wanted it all to finish so I could get out.

Going again next Monday, and then the following Sunday.

Califrau · 24/07/2008 00:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura · 24/07/2008 00:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tangarine · 24/07/2008 15:05

Hi jura,

Dr Who must have sold out really early - I got everything I asked for (except circle for last night instead of stalls - stalls for all the rest) but didn't get my Dr Who tickets. Having sweltered last night I'm kind of glad we're not going, ds1 would probably be OK, but ds2 would hate it.

As wel as next week I'm also going on 27 and 31 Aug and 4 Sept .

jura · 24/07/2008 15:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS · 24/07/2008 16:07

We managed to get Dr Who tickets. Ordered as soon as it was announced in April.

Bink · 24/07/2008 16:12

Jura - I ordered 8 tickets, and we were given a slightly rubbish up in the gods allocation, with (if I remember correctly) 2 tickets a bit away from the rest of the block.

I don't think we're going to use those tickets? I do think they are not brilliant though, they might even be restricted view. Shall I check at home? Gift horse & that? (I still owe you re KiwiOz, if you remember.)

(There could even be 3 tickets, if dh ad hocly remembers he has something better to do .)

Bink · 24/07/2008 16:19

That was a really unclear post, wasn't it.

a) the tickets are for Dr Who prom this Sunday
b) we are going to use at least 5 of them
c) there are therefore 2 or poss 3 not being used

jura · 24/07/2008 16:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hanaflower · 24/07/2008 16:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katisha · 24/07/2008 16:28

They are only on listen again for a week...

tangarine · 24/07/2008 21:36


I applied for my tickets before the opening date, but towards the end of the pre-booking period if that makes sense - was waiting for a friend to make her mind up about which ones she wanted to go to with me.

Have a good time away.

LIZS · 25/07/2008 14:27

according to the Times today over 3000 have registered for returns for the Dr Who prom !

Bink · 25/07/2008 14:35

Well, does any Already Familiar to Me (though I don't need to have met them in person, just recognise them from pedants' corner etc.) MNer want to meet me by a pre-arranged spot on Sunday, wearing a green carnation, for two toothless restricted view gifthorse tickets?

I don't want to give them to those scary insistently-hissing touty men o/s the RAH.

Katisha · 25/07/2008 18:10

Bink someone on the Dr Who geeks thread might be a taker? Here - Just a thought, although as DT isn't actually in it I don't know...

LIZS · 25/07/2008 18:12

Martha is supposed to be there though ;)

Katisha · 25/07/2008 18:19

Yes and loads of monsters!

RTKangaMummy · 25/07/2008 18:21


My DS's trumpet teacher is playing on 31st Aug and also several other nights that I can't remember which ones

tangarine · 25/07/2008 19:26


Then I will listen very carefully to the trumpets!


Very noble of you. You could always put them on eBay and see what you get .

RTKangaMummy · 25/07/2008 20:12


Bink are the tickets still available please?

I know I don't go into Pedants' corner but hopefully you "know" me

How many are there?

How much are they?

Which seats are they for?

Bink · 25/07/2008 20:57

Oh yes I know you RTK! absolutely you qualify!

There's only 2 spare ones - they are up in the Circle (the top bit), in area Q. So really I can't claim they're anything special. They say "side view", not "restricted view", so not completely dreadful.

So there you are; and here they are if you might like?

RTKangaMummy · 25/07/2008 21:06

OOOOOOOOOOOH thank you Bink

How much are they each?

Will have to talk to DH before I confirm

Bink · 25/07/2008 21:31

All tickets are £10 throughout I think (not fair when you think some people get boxes for that).

Marina · 25/07/2008 21:36

We've got quite good stalls seats at the same price, we were clearly lucky in the draw
Will wave to you RTKM, LIZS and bink

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