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Proms 2008

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Lilymaid · 18/07/2008 21:18

Well it has started! I'm going on Monday - but mainly because it is the only evening that DH and I can get there together.
Not entirely convinced by Christine Brewer's interpretation of the Four Last Songs - I remember a ravishing performance by Felicity Lott at the Proms years ago.

OP posts:
tangarine · 25/07/2008 21:43

at Marina

Bink · 25/07/2008 21:53

See my problem was that (Oliver-like) I asked for box seats - so you can just see that the assignment people went Heh Heh Heh Hoo does she think she is (and gave us the gods). Whereas if you asked for stalls, then they don't really have the same options for putting you in your place.

Actually - you know there was something complicated about the application form - IF you were booking seats that included certain specific performances you were entitled to tick a VIP sort of box at the end? And one of the entitlers was, indeed, the Dr Who Prom? I missed that (because I was distracted by how I was allowed cut-price Messaien tickets with my Dr Who ones ) ... did you tick the box? (As if you did, then you are infinitely more slick than me & deserve that TERRIFYING UP CLOSE DALEK EXPERIENCE

RTKangaMummy · 25/07/2008 22:02

oke doke

I have talked to DH and yes we would like the 2 tickets, thanks

my email addy is:

rtkangamummy007 at googlemail dot com

DH and I will discuss which one of us goes with DS

Are we sitting in the next door seats to you Bink?

MrsJohnCusack · 25/07/2008 22:14

Envy Envy Envy

Bink · 25/07/2008 22:23

Have emailed you!

Bink · 25/07/2008 22:30

PS I'm about to close down & won't be near computer till late tomorrow night but will check in then.

RTKangaMummy · 25/07/2008 22:57

I have replied

You are really deffo brill thanks

tangarine · 26/07/2008 00:42

Hmm, like Bink I think I asked for a box for Dr Who, as we were going to be eight. Lesson learned for next time.

I'm spending the cash I'm not spending on Dr Who tickets on going to the Innocent Village Fete instead .

LIZS · 26/07/2008 06:37

Oooh Marian we're in the stalls too . will look out for you , RTKM and Bink !!

Katisha · 26/07/2008 13:07

Tentative wave from stalls also but no-one will recognise me...

RTKangaMummy · 26/07/2008 17:21

KangaDaddy and I tossed a coin to decide who was going and he won so it will be KangaDaddy and Kangaboy going rather than me

So have funfunfun everyone

LIZS · 26/07/2008 18:44

just got ds a bright orange Dalek tshirt so he'll certainly stick out , along with anyone else whose parents shop at Next sale lol!!!

paperchain · 26/07/2008 19:02

Nigel Kennedy

Elgar violin concerton

on bcc2 now!!!!!!!!!!

RTKangaMummy · 27/07/2008 12:06

Here is the film from the concert

You can listen to the concert on BBC website too

LIZS · 27/07/2008 17:34

Just got back , great fun . A mix of families with under 12's, teenage geeks, exchanging views on future episodes and whetehr the Daleks are really dead and unaccompanied adults , some of whom seemed to think it was a convention , saw one in complete Capt Jack costume incuding overcoat ! Monsters popped up including Daleks !

RTKangaMummy · 27/07/2008 17:39

They have got home too and had a deffo brill time

Thank you BINK {who they said was lovely and her family}

You are sooooooooooooooooo deffo brill

on this thread are the links to the Dr Who video

Katisha · 27/07/2008 17:52

Did you catch the red dalek in front of the statue on the steps during the interval? Managed to grab some photos with DSs!

QueenMeabhOfConnaught · 27/07/2008 18:50

Just back (we did the Science Museum afterwards). It was excellent - can't believe I missed the red dalek!?!

Had a really funny moment at the end when everyone was standing and clapping - I realised everyone around me was looking up and I thought "What are they looking at?". Ds1 had to tell me that Russell T Davies and Catherine Tate were just above us!!

LIZS · 27/07/2008 19:19

We missed red dalek too . Whereabouts were you QueenMeab? We were about 10 rows in froint of the autocue ! dh said Julie Gardner was waiting to go in with us at Door 6.

Katisha · 27/07/2008 19:23

I've yet to find out why the red dalek was out there because it didn't seem to hang about. Maybe something to do with tv presentation for later?

LIZS · 27/07/2008 19:28

They just showed it on bbc 4 news.

Bink · 27/07/2008 19:30

So glad you enjoyed it (and return of compliments on the delightful Kanga part-family. (Is he really only 13??))

What I liked was how ambitious the music was (Turnage for pre-teens!), and how properly played - not at all dumbed-down. Also the huge cheer for Catherine Tate.

Tip for seats at the very top of the Albert Hall: bring bottled water that's been in the freezer overnight - the slowly melting ice-water is a HUGE relief.

Marina · 27/07/2008 19:31

We were a couple of rows down and to the left of the autocue, also missed red dalek in the interval.
We had a fantastic time, loved every minute of it. - knew Ben Foster very well when he was a student, had no idea he was now so heavily involved with Dr Who. Total treat to see him conduct again (last time was Bernard Herrmann film music concert) - he is the nicest of men.
Also enjoyed the Turnage premiere and that he was there enjoying the whole concert (he was sitting quite near us).
Apart from the stifling heat, a day to remember

LIZS · 27/07/2008 19:35

exactly Bink . It worked on all levels without any dumbing down, to the extent ds is now watching the Library one on BBC 3 (not 4 sorry) specifically to focus on the music. dd is hiding behind her cushion . She snivelled throughout the Bad Wolf Bay excerpt!!

Marina · 27/07/2008 19:38

Agree there Lizs and bink, there was a great deal to think about and discuss. Ds was very interested in the idea that a composer and an arranger could work together to create orchestral music.
Dd was greeting histrionically when Davros popped up in the arena...

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