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anyone been to claridges (or somewhere equally flash?)

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nellieloula · 30/04/2008 13:24

I'm looking for somewhere to take DH for his 40th - he'd love a fantastic meal somewhere, a special one, so looking to find a restaurant (in London). Had wanted to go to Scott's but can't get a table. Has anyone been to Claridges or could anyone reccomend somewhere???? thanks

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 30/04/2008 13:25

When is the bday?
You have to book 2 months ahead now for Gordon Ramsay restaurants

How about

Fat Duck
Waterside Inn
Le Manoir

Or does it have to be in London?

marina · 30/04/2008 13:26


satyricon · 30/04/2008 13:36

The Wolseley is very nice but a little old-schooly. If that's your thing, great. If you want something funkier, try checking out...

Pied a Terre on Charlotte Street... very expensive, very elegant, outstanding food.

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon near Covent Garden... quite stunningly expensive, but (seriously) a real gastronomic experience.

Nobu is still very nice: just off Park Lane, great staff, make you feel very welcome. Just make sure he likes Japanese food.

I've been to all three - Pied a Terre several times - and they're all wonderful. If you're pushing the bost out for a birthday that's great, but you probably won't make it out of any of these for less than £200 for the pair of you.

Just to append something to CountessDracula's post, I was at the Waterside Inn recently. The setting was lovely. The food much less so. Sorry, but I was rather disappointed.

Have a great time wherever you go. Enjoy.

nellieloula · 30/04/2008 13:39

thanks - ye,s has to be London, it's in July and claridges is all booked up already (till november ). We've been to the Wolsley a few times, and really wanted somewhere new. am wondering about Maze now, or one of the other ramsey ones......any thoughts??

OP posts:
nellieloula · 30/04/2008 13:40

satiyricon, can you book a table at l'atelier JR, or is it all at the bar??

OP posts:
LyraSilvertongue · 30/04/2008 13:42

Nobu for heavenly japanese food.
J Sheeky for divine seafood.
The Ivy for celeb spotting
Going to Le Gavroche tonight. I can let you know what it's like if you want. It's number 22 on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list and has two Michelin stars.

BirdyArms · 30/04/2008 13:43

Fat Duck is amazing but difficult to get into and VERY expensive - a once in a lifetime type experience. Claridges is good but maybe not the most exciting.

If you like Chinese Hakkasan is Michelin starred and funky decor, I preferred the food at Yauatcha though, another posh Chinese - everything was absolutely delicious.

LyraSilvertongue · 30/04/2008 13:44

Gordon Ramsay at Claridges offered us a table for tonight. At 11pm

LyraSilvertongue · 30/04/2008 13:44

Hakkassan is in the top 10 of that restaurants list.

soapbox · 30/04/2008 13:45

J sheeky?


Harvey Nic's 5th floor restaurant?

Bleeding heart?

Club Gascon?

Gary Rhodes at the Cumberland Hotel?

Any of Gordo's gaffs?

The grill room at the Dorchester - great champagne bar for pre dinner drinks in the foyer, so you can celeb watch

China Tang at the Dorchester?


Lindsay House?


LyraSilvertongue · 30/04/2008 13:46

Oops, Hakkassan is 19th.
The 2008 List

soapbox · 30/04/2008 13:48

Worth looking at Zagat's as well zagat

nellieloula · 30/04/2008 13:51

thanks all so much. I love threads like this - restaurant porn! I had thought about Hakkasan and Yautcha, but they both have a 2 hr able turn around which I hate. Sheeky's I've been to at lunchtime and wasn't blown away.... had also looked at clubc gascon...anyone been there? and is skylon new?? haven't heard of that one....

OP posts:
satyricon · 30/04/2008 13:53

Nellie, you can do either. I've been twice and sat at a table both times. I don't really go in for that "watch the kitchen while you eat" thing.

I think there's another room upstairs with no bar, but I haven't been up there.

If I were you, I'd go for the table. Bit more intimate.

satyricon · 30/04/2008 13:54

Ah and I've just seen Club Gascon from sopabox's suggestion.

Another very good call. Top, top French cooking.

soapbox · 30/04/2008 13:57

Skylon is the new restaurant in the Fesitval Hall which is seriously good - the female chef is ex Harvey Nic's 5th floor.

The setting is gorgeous - overlooking the London Eye and the food and decor are very sexy!


However, if does have a 2 hour turnaround too Although we booked for 8.30pm and didn't stagger out until 1am!

I'm going to Club Gascon tonight, so will let you know how it goes

satyricon · 30/04/2008 13:59

Lucky thing.

NorksDrift · 30/04/2008 13:59

Skylon used to be the People's Palace or something. The views are great if you get a window seat but the food's not brilliant.

moondog · 30/04/2008 13:59

lol at name Norksdrift.
V. funny

MrsCurly · 30/04/2008 13:59

Locanda Locatelli?

Bertolli · 30/04/2008 14:00

A firm fav is St Martins Lane Hotel (covent garden) restaurant Asia de Cuba. Also has a cool bar with dj on the weekends. (not old school though if that's what you're after) Last time i ran into Usher in the lift!!

soapbox · 30/04/2008 14:02

Norksdrift - I had a completely different experience - the food at skylon was awesome - it really blew me away. I eat at top London restaurants a lot, and have become a bit 'blah' about a lot of the food - but this one really made a huge impact on me!

Were you in the restaurant or the grill?

littlelapin · 30/04/2008 14:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorksDrift · 30/04/2008 14:05

Sorry, we ate in the grill and thought the food was pretty ordinary. It was a Saturday night and they were v busy so maybe we'd have had a better time another day. (We eat out quite a lot as well )

soapbox · 30/04/2008 14:08

yes - that did sound a bit pompous didn't it - but I meant it more along the lines that it seems to take a lot to make me take notice these days - and skylon certainly did.

We were in the restaurant not the grill - so perhaps that explains it. We were also pretty champagne fuelled so that might have influenced things

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