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Lion King or Matilda?

33 replies

goldpendant · 18/05/2021 22:49

Which would you choose for DS 8 and DD6? They like both films, but we didn't like the recent lion king remake.

As a Christmas treat, aware both are expensive for good ish seats!

OP posts:
Nohomemadecandles · 18/05/2021 22:51

Lion King! The stage show is incredible. And nothing like the cartoon.

gegs73 · 18/05/2021 22:53

Matilda. My DSs loved this and the film

Notname · 18/05/2021 22:59

Saw both with ds when he was 7/8. Matilda is fantastic but I would say Lion King is definitely better, for the spectacle and the familiar songs. Much more engaging for children.

Its90minutestonight · 18/05/2021 23:02

Lion King definitely.

goldpendant · 18/05/2021 23:07

This is pretty unanimous so far...

OP posts:
dontblameme · 18/05/2021 23:09

Both are really good. If you go for Lion King try and get stalls as the animals come down the aisles - so beautiful.

HarryDavidj · 18/05/2021 23:14

I’ve seen both. Matilda is good - I’d say 7/10 or 8/10. But Lion King is 11/10.
It is fantastic. Everything about it: costumes, music, sets, acting - general vibe that cast were 100% committed.
I’d say Lion King. Also Matilda is less costly to take on tour. It might tour again?

HarryDavidj · 18/05/2021 23:15


Both are really good. If you go for Lion King try and get stalls as the animals come down the aisles - so beautiful.

That’s so funny I nearly mentioned that —but wasn’t sure if it counted as a spoiler, I’m sure it doesn’t— my kids LOVED that bit.
ButterflyBitch · 18/05/2021 23:18

The lion king is fantastic. I’ve seen it 4 times (and only once with my kids Grin )

goldpendant · 18/05/2021 23:21

Ok lion king it is, I'm so excited!

OP posts:
Sammysquiz · 31/05/2021 16:05

Both are really good. If you go for Lion King try and get stalls as the animals come down the aisles - so beautiful

I cried at that bit! Was just so lovely plus the amazing moving music sent me over the edge Grin

3CCC · 31/05/2021 16:07

Lion King I went when I was 9 or 10 andi bloody loved it. Try to get aisle seats in the stalls Wink

NattyDiamondDoll · 31/05/2021 16:12

I've seen Lion King twice and Matilda once... Both are excellent shows but choose Lion King for the wow factor!

Leah2005 · 31/05/2021 16:12

Lion King is such an amazing spectacular. My ds age 5 was scared to be in the theatre (too dark) so DM took him to the back to relax. They went into the bar (unbeknownst to me) and spent most of the show talking to the actors who were watching a screen of the show for their cue. They definitely got value for money!!!

Thunderpunt · 31/05/2021 16:19

Lion King, and again if you can spend a bit more money for stall aisle seats it is well worth it, the amazed faces on your kids will live with you for ever (mine are adult/Late teens and I still remember it)

cheeseisthebest · 31/05/2021 16:21

I hated lion King, loved matilda but for kids that age lion King probably best

TippledPink · 31/05/2021 16:22

Lion King is amazing, I have seen it 4 times and would go again!

pisspants · 31/05/2021 16:51

I definitely vote Lion king. It's absolutely brilliant. I found Matilda pretty boring to be honest (unpopular opinion!)

gabsdot45 · 03/08/2021 18:03

Both are amazing but lion King has the edge IMO

idril · 03/08/2021 18:08

Definitely Lion King. My son, who usually hates things like that, said "I love it already" after the first 30 seconds.

Iwantcauliflowercheese · 03/08/2021 18:55

Lion King. I didn't enjoy Matilda at all.

stackhead · 03/08/2021 18:58

Haven't seen Matilda but I thought the lion King was a bit panto ish. The actors were a bit hammy and overall I just didn't enjoy it. Hated the remake film too.

I'd see Matilda because it will be different enough from the film to be new.

70sduvet · 15/09/2021 01:01

We hated the lion King Confused
The acting and singing was terrible, even from the adult performers. The costumes and stagecraft were amazing! But overall just meh! And it's practically word for word from the Disney film, so nothing exciting or new. It was disappointing.

Matilda was wonderful!!! And we play the soundtrack on repeat!

Hello1290 · 18/09/2021 00:18

Matilda - I was quite disappointed with The Lion King it's way down on my list.

languagelover96 · 18/09/2021 10:24

The Lion King, Matilda was not my cup of tea. Saw it last night but did not enjoy it much however.

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