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Nice calming haiku thread

44 replies

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:14

MN is grumpy;
the collective mood bitter.
Come and chill out here.

OP posts:
TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 15:15

Is it really?
I have not noticed that
I must be oblivious

TheOutlawJessaOfJamberoo · 31/05/2006 15:18

some ruffled feathers
and noses out of joint too
whingeing, moaning, bah!

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:19

Perhaps just me then.
I breathe deeply, then exhale.
It doesn't help. Arse.

OP posts:
Greensleeves · 31/05/2006 15:19

doctors are arseholes
almost without exception
why did I bother....Angry

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:20

Oh Greeny. No luck?
What happened, what did they say?
Shall we kneecap them?

OP posts:
TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 15:21

I keep well away
From anything contentious
I am a wuss

(I also can't write haikus so apologies)

oliveoil · 31/05/2006 15:21

do these haiku
have to rhyme
never heard of them myself

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:21

(I am a big wuss

that would work nicely :))

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:23

Olive, they don't rhyme.
Arrange syllables like so:
Five, seven, five. See?

OP posts:
TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 15:24

see I didn't know
how many syllables for
each line - v. stupid

oliveoil · 31/05/2006 15:27

I see what you mean
bit rubbish though innit yeah?
prefer a rhyme me

oliveoil · 31/05/2006 15:28

how many of you
are now counting on your hands
and fingers like me?

FioFio · 31/05/2006 15:29

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:30

Composing haiku
Definitely calms me down.
Bloody pointless, though.


OP posts:
TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 15:31

oh yes olive oil
I am counting like a fool
it is very hard

oliveoil · 31/05/2006 15:31

I am working hard
oh so very very hard
at this moment now

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:31

I am searching for
Fio's missing syllables
In the pick and mix.

OP posts:
TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 15:34

Must heave my saggy
Carcass to the shops and the
Estate agent - yuk

FrannyandZooey · 31/05/2006 15:35

Governments topple
Earthquakes ravage the land, but
I sit here counting.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 31/05/2006 15:37

get your arses on
my thread about caravans

suzywong · 31/05/2006 15:38

tipsy on
reasonabley priced wine
while listening to Nirvana

TheOutlawJessaOfJamberoo · 31/05/2006 15:39

I am at my work
colleagues think I've lost the plot
counting under breath!

tapping fingers too
while sounding the syllables
men in white coats called!

TheHaikuPolice · 31/05/2006 15:42

Some of you are not
Counting properly. My blood
Pressure is rising again Angry

suzywong · 31/05/2006 15:45

that's me isn't it, I'm two syllables out Blush
well sod off I'm on the wine

TheHaikuPolice · 31/05/2006 15:47

Suzywong, on no
account attempt to balance
your chequebook right now.


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