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Joining a choir - encouragement please for a nervous patient

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spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 15:52

I've posted on mn before about my lifelong wish to join a choir. There's always been an excuse, but basically the real reason I haven't done it is that I'm scared

I live in west london now and I'm planning to join The Addison Singers oratorio choir in January. Anyone know of them?

Anyway, I'm worried that I'll chicken out, so any mn choir singers, please egg me on ...

OP posts:
Blandmum · 30/12/2005 15:53

Go for it! You'll have a great time

iota · 30/12/2005 15:55

is our braying alto or soprano

Cadeauxbury · 30/12/2005 15:55

good for you donkey!!

I have been in arious choirs over the years but not for a long time until this Christmas. I have suddenly discovered that I can still read music after about 15 years of not going near any, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Have fun!

iota · 30/12/2005 15:55


spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 15:56

they won't have sharpened sticks up their sleeves ready to jab me with will they? >

are you in a choir mb? tell me how much you love it!

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 15:56

i'm an alto brayer, and i can read music (although I'm rusty)

OP posts:
Blandmum · 30/12/2005 16:05

I used to sing alto in a local choral society. gave it up when we moved/ had kids. Will join a local choir when I have more time, I miss it very much.

I ended up on the comittee last time! But that was mostly because I was about 30 years younger than most of them and they needed some new blood!

You'll have a great time

SantaClausFrau · 30/12/2005 16:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum · 30/12/2005 16:11

I so agree with the feeling when you first start!

I was singing and then though 'Shit me! I'm SINGING' and it was fab!

and you can't think about the kids when you are sight reading.....very therapeutic

I was bricking it because there was an audition. In fact it was 'sing this nore, and this one and this one, sing this scale, yes, you are an alto, you are in'

spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 16:12

wow! that's exactly the sort of thing i was hoping to hear! THANK YOU!

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 16:15

You're so brave, I couldn't face an audition (they have three choirs - the chamber choir auditions but the jazz and oratorio choirs don't).

There is nothing like music to lift yourself out of yourself (she said clumsily). I haven't sung ina choir since I was at school, but I'll never forget the feeling it gave me. I've played a bit of piano since then, and even that has a similar effect. But there's an alchemy involved in singing with others I think.

OP posts:
harpsichordcarrier · 30/12/2005 16:20

oh do spacedonkey do
( can't post now too many relatives )

spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 16:20

so glad i posted this thread

so it's normal to be terrified then?

OP posts:
ChampsOnIce · 30/12/2005 16:37

very normal use the nerves for good and let the adrelanine drive you on. once you start singing it will all flood back.... go on!!

have sung in all diff choir's am in a gospel one at mo (church) we dont use sheet music. silly question, is it the same sheet as the musicians? I can read music and used to have sheets at school.... too long ago!!

PrincessPlumPuddingHead · 30/12/2005 16:41

it will be great! and you will be amazed how quickly your sightreading comes back and how great the noise of you collectively sounds and how much better you are than the 62 yr old singing gustily in the row behind you (mind you all the REALLY bad singers sit in the front row of the sopranos even though they are alto because they like to sing the TUNE. albeit flat! ha ha)

spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 16:50


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maomao · 30/12/2005 16:55

Oh donkey, I'm so envious! I used to sing in a competitive choir in school, and I do so miss it. You will really enjoy getting back into it all, I'm certain!

spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 17:05

maomao, how on earth are you? Are you still in London?

OP posts:
maomao · 30/12/2005 17:16

I was away for awhile, but am back now. Are you well? You sound like you're up to some really wonderful things!

spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 17:17

Much better than I was thanks, are you back in NW3?

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 17:17

hey, you could always come and join the choir with me and we could scare everyone with our enormous feet ...

OP posts:
maomao · 30/12/2005 17:41

I have enough to worry about tripping over my feet, as opposed to my tongue

MummyJules · 01/01/2006 22:37

Hi Spacedonkey, Just wanted to give you some words of encouragement! I think it is so great that you are joining a choir. I joined a gospel choir 2 yrs ago and it has completely changed my life and made me so much happier - I'm such a bossy boots that I am now running it and our numbers are up by 50 %! I couldnt imagine my life without choir now. I am sure other people will be feeling as nervous as you and remember that everyone has been in the same situation. Just try and focus on the music and I am sure you wil be fine. Hope you have a fab time, Please do come back and let us know how you got on.

Jules x

Earlybird · 02/01/2006 02:15

I haven't sung since school days, but this sounds fun. How would I find out about choirs in my area (zone 1 in London)?

Littlefish · 02/01/2006 10:38

I used this website to find choirs in my area.

List of choirs

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