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Joining a choir - encouragement please for a nervous patient

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spacedonkey · 30/12/2005 15:52

I've posted on mn before about my lifelong wish to join a choir. There's always been an excuse, but basically the real reason I haven't done it is that I'm scared

I live in west london now and I'm planning to join The Addison Singers oratorio choir in January. Anyone know of them?

Anyway, I'm worried that I'll chicken out, so any mn choir singers, please egg me on ...

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 10:40

earlybird, where are you? I live in earl's court - the choir I'm joining is in Hammersmith. So if you're in west london, feel free to join me!

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 10:41

earlybird, where are you? I live in earl's court - the choir I'm joining is in Hammersmith. So if you're in west london, feel free to join me!

OP posts:
GoodKingGeorginars · 02/01/2006 11:25

It's normal to be really nervous - but once you've taken the plunge you'll love it. As someone said, you can't think about the kids or anything else really - it's a whole body experience and as Hausfrau said, will unknot your spine etc. Most choirs are very friendly as they're full of people who felt like you when they joined!
I'm a musician and am generally playing in the orchestra when there are choirs about, but I sometimes choose to sing instead because it's so enjoyable - for instance am singing the Verdi Requiem this year rather than playing the clarinet. You will also make loads of friends - thats one of the best things about music.
Enjoy and update us on how you get on. We won't allow you to chicken out! And agree with PrincessPPH that you will probably find that you are better then lots of people as well, especially the many ladies of a certain age that hang out in choirs; all of this gets swallowed up in the fabulous noise of a choir.

Miaou · 02/01/2006 11:25

Good for you sd! I used to sing with the London Welsh Chorale when I lived in London. I have no connections with the welsh at all, but my BIL recommended them as the social life is excellent! Sure enough I had a great time - through the choir I sang in Copenhagen and took part in the VE day anniversary celebrations in Hyde Park, but we also went (as a group of friends) to an event at Kenwood, to see Jools Holland in concert, plus lots of picnics and parties and stuff. See I'm reminiscing now.... anyway this was all about 10 years ago so it's probably different now!

But to add to what the others have said - there is something so uplifting about singing in a large group - just making that marvellous sound together, and getting to sing works that I loved since I was a child (Finlandia, Carmina Burana, Mozart's Requiem) - and you have to give your all to it and switch off from other distractions - ohhh it's wonderful!

And don't be too nervous - the great thing about choirs is that you are there for a purpose - to sing - so you are not spending all night trying to make small talk with strangers, it's sufficient to just say "which page are we on now?" or "how do you pronounce that?"

Enjoy..... I am!

Earlybird · 02/01/2006 12:58

spacedonkey - I'm in SW1, so first reaction is that Hammersmith is not very convenient for me. However, I love the idea of "taking the plunge" with someone I "know" , rather than pitching up on my own. Let me have the particulars - when will you start, what night will you be going, what time, how often, etc? - and I will give it some thought.

Will also check out the link provided by littlefish.

I definitely need to do something fun just for me (that doesn't involve dd) that is stimulating, social and enjoyable. A choir could be just the thing!

spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 13:01

earlybird - the choir is called The Addison Singers (website here )

the spring term starts on 11 Jan (for the oratorio choir) and rehearsals are every weds night from 7.30-9.30

they meet at the Polish Centre on King St in Hammersmith (next to Ravenscourt Park tube)

have a look at the website and see what you think!

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 13:02

I suppose it's a bit of a trek from SW1 - there are sure to be more centrally based choirs - but it's easy on the tube from Victoria

OP posts:
jura · 03/01/2006 18:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beetrootfultoyourself · 03/01/2006 18:08

Spacedonkey, go for it sounds fab.

lastofthemulledwine · 03/01/2006 18:28

I was in a jazz choir for a few years and I absolutely loved it. We even did jazz versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and Groovy Kind of Love!

In fact, reading this thread has made me realise how much I miss it.

Off to look up choirs in my local area!

It's just the audition part that I struggle with. I cannot sing when nervous. I also can't sing on my own, in a choir excellent, but alone I just can't handle. But, new year, new me. I'm going to do it anyway.

Wish me luck...

spacedonkey · 03/01/2006 18:29

good luck, let me know how you get on

OP posts:
Earlybird · 03/01/2006 19:18

jura - what's the closest tube stop?

MARINAtivityPlay · 03/01/2006 20:32

Spacedonkey, go for it! So glad you have taken the plunge and not a little . I so miss singing with a choir - the last time I did it was as part of a big, good parish choir, and the mental workout of sight-singing new pieces weekly, plus the lift you get from getting it right (eventually) cannot be beaten IMO. Beware though - I went from choir to having some private lessons to improve my technique and breathing etc, it can be the start of an expensive habit.
Like mb I am counting the days until I can fit weekly choir into my life again.
Jura, remind me again what night you lot meet?

spacedonkey · 03/01/2006 20:34

thanks marina and happy new year - have you been away for the holidays?

I am really excited - first rehearsal is next week

OP posts:
MARINAtivityPlay · 03/01/2006 20:38

I have indeed SD, and am hitting the keyboard with a vengeance to catch up.
I am really pleased that you've bin and gorn and dunnit it now! Oratorio...drool. You'll be in that chamber choir before you can say moderato con brio I bet .
Happy New Year to you too!

spacedonkey · 03/01/2006 20:38

well, I haven't done it yet ... but I''ve started this thread about it so now I'll have to!

OP posts:
spacedonkey · 03/01/2006 20:41

this choir does offer vocal technique classes too for those that want them

it's been so long since I have sung (other than in the shower) that I don't know if I can do it any more

OP posts:
MARINAtivityPlay · 03/01/2006 20:47

I would have thought that if it is no audition for the oratorio choir then someone will take good care to sow the newbies amongst the experienced members. If you are one of ten altos you will find yourself singing along before you know it.
It is like riding a bike, truly. You never really forget. And the other good thing is that the experience of pregnancy and birth is almost always a positive one for your lung capacity, diaphragm control and of course, stamina...your voice will almost certainly be richer in timbre and louder in volume than when you were a schoolgirl.
They sound like an excellent choir with all that is going on. If you can fit in the technique lessons you will find them well worthwhile.
Double from me. You owe it to all us melodically deprived Mners to get in there and give the old Messiah or whatever a good blast!

spacedonkey · 03/01/2006 20:55

the programme for the spring term is Haydn's Mass in Time of War (don't know it) and a new commission

OP posts:
jura · 04/01/2006 09:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura · 04/01/2006 09:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

orangina · 04/01/2006 10:13

Oooh, I feel quite excited reading this thread.... I havent' sung in a choir for AGES, but have been vaguely thinking about it for a while..... this might just spur me on to do something about it. Spacedonkey, will you post again telling us about your 1st rehearsal experience ?

spacedonkey · 04/01/2006 10:16

I will let you know how it goes orangina. I've posted this thread as a way of forcing myself to do it, as much as anything else, because if I don't, I'll have to come back here and admit it

OP posts:
acnebride · 04/01/2006 10:20

spacedonkey, have a wonderful time - i used to be a member of the addison singers and i absolutely loved it. don't be nervous, they are really friendly (or they were to me) - if you can manage to go to the pub afterwards it's great because you can really chat - there's not loads of time to talk otherwise. i'm really sad to have left in some ways but i moved out of london so there you go.

orangina · 04/01/2006 10:21

Just had a look at the website, the oratorio choir looks like a good option.... (the chamber choir looks a bit serious, home practising etc...!)

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