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Lockdown alone or go to MILs ...

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Tiredmumssquad · 20/03/2020 06:30

Hey really struggling on what to do..

DP is away with work and will be away at least the next 3 months so its just me and my 1 year old DS if we go into lockdown I really dont know if i could cope with just us two.. DPs mum has said I can go stay there but really unsure what to do!! Help what would you do?!

OP posts:

NChangeForNoReason · 20/03/2020 09:04

Don't wait... sounds like ur struggling already! Go now as ur son needs a mum with a healthy mind!!


Pinkandpurplehairedlady · 20/03/2020 09:07

I’m planning on staying with my ex-MIL if we go into lockdown so she’s not on her own. She’s not in a high risk group and is great with the kids. Luckily we still get on well!


Hyrana · 20/03/2020 09:10

Go, but do it now!


MRex · 20/03/2020 09:14

You don't want to be on your own with just a one year old for months, much better to go and stay there. You're making the right decision. Depending on how far away they are (if you're in the same town) you're unlikely to be unable to leave and just return home if you want to later on.


Powerplant · 20/03/2020 09:17

Yes I would go - start packing and good luck 💐


puds11 · 20/03/2020 10:04

I think it’s best if you go. Good luck Flowers


Justkeeprollingalong · 20/03/2020 11:35

Does she live within walking distance ? If yes then you could wait a bit but if not you should go now.


lightyearsahead · 20/03/2020 11:41

I think you should go. Not everyone is the same & I think fro the sound of it you need the company.
Pack as much as you can, take toys and books, laptop, chargers and anything else you might need. If it is too much you can always go home, I think that would be allowed depending on distance.

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