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Is this man a joke or what!?

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hmmmmn · 19/03/2020 17:32

Seriously the PM is not going to put london on lock down? Is he ok though 🧐 most deaths are in london.. to the point they have extended the morgue!

He may as well say

We are all going to get the virus in the next 12 weeks and if you die well bad luck! Sorry 😐

OP posts:

Foghead · 19/03/2020 19:13

I think we’ll be hearing something along the lines of ‘well, I did ask nicely and no one listened so now I have to get strict. Lockdown in 12 hrs’


MysteriesOfTheOrganism · 19/03/2020 19:28

I think those calling for complete lockdown really don't understand how society functions. Food production and distribution, water, gas, electricity, phones, broadband, tv, radio, rubbish collection, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, shops, petrol stations, public transport, etc etc - and all the support and ancillary services these rely on. Which are you prepared to do without? Confused


KenDodd · 19/03/2020 19:37

If advising people isn't working then do save some or all of the blame for those ignoring the advice.
And Boris and his lot have been telling the public for the last three year how shit experts are, doom and gloom, all you need is to 'believe in Britain' 'fed up of experts' etc.


ShanghaiDiva · 19/03/2020 19:57

As a China resident I am fully aware of how lockdown works.
We had food, utilities, police, transport, rubbish collection, internet, tv..hospitals, doctors,
What we did not have: cinema, cafes, school, restaurants, gyms, pool, shops that did not sell food, freedom to move to other cities
What we didn’t have was not essential and we managed without.


hmmmmn · 19/03/2020 20:20

Just a couple points to make

A lot of people have stayed home in london after advice this had led to trains/tubes being taken out of service = once again packed tubes/trains 🤦🏻‍♀️

People CANNOT stop working or close their business until BJ puts us on lockdown due to insurance not paying out without this = trying to get people in to cafe's, pubs etc to keep them open and in business.

My sister is a beautician, she has rent to pay at home & work and people cancelling everyday! She is in full panic mode of how she is going to survive 😩 until we go into lock down her 'boss' expects her rent!

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