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Is this man a joke or what!?

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hmmmmn · 19/03/2020 17:32

Seriously the PM is not going to put london on lock down? Is he ok though 🧐 most deaths are in london.. to the point they have extended the morgue!

He may as well say

We are all going to get the virus in the next 12 weeks and if you die well bad luck! Sorry 😐

OP posts:

Ahardknocklife · 19/03/2020 18:18

Why should our country need police to on the streets to enforce something which seems like common sense to some of us?

Why are those going out not understanding the impact of their selfish actions?

Is not being able to socialise that bad? We have internet, video calls etc nowadays.

Surely we are now at the stage where people need to take responsibility for their own actions.

My heart is breaking a little speaking to friends and colleagues in italy. They are suffering so much, life will never be the same for many of the Italians in the northern most impacted regions.

Why is boris to blame for the advice given to him, if we lived in a dictatorship then I would concur we should all blame him. But that's not the case in our country.

Give the guy break and start moaning at those who are adding to the impact!


goingoverground · 19/03/2020 18:20

If only Mumsnet was advising the government instead of decades schooled Professors at the peak of their expertise

Like Sir Dickie Southwood and his colleagues who advised the government on BSE and warned them that although the transmission of BSE to humans was very unlikely but it was so serious that it needed thorough and early investigation? The government only seemed to read the first part that sentence, yet he is remembered as the scientist who said there was NO risk from BSE.

Yet again, the government is taking most of the measures recommended in the Imperial COVID-19 report but very softly. There is no point in expert advice if you don't act on it.


ShanghaiDiva · 19/03/2020 18:21

I think Boris needs to make it clear what people should/should not be doing. It clearly is not clear.
My mum keeps asking me is it okay to do x, y, z? No, you are over 70, you stay at home. End of.


darktriad · 19/03/2020 18:25

I think he will, this government seems to go for a gradual drip-feed approach. I think an announcement will come tomorrow.

I'm not a Boris fan, but think we need to work together at this time and stop moaning. Police/army will be required as there's too many selfish people with little empathy grabbing toilet rolls for themselves and carrying on as normal


Mordred · 19/03/2020 18:26

Compared to Angela Merkel, he's completely rubbish.


covetingthepreciousthings · 19/03/2020 18:26

Didn't people say that the lockdown news in other countries came in quite late at night? Do you think they'd do that here?

So that everyone isn't running out to supermarkets etc in a blind panic (I mean more than they are already!)


Daffodil55 · 19/03/2020 18:28

It is evident to me there are still many people in defiant mood/mode. Whether they think nothing bad will happen to THEM or simply that they will not be told what to do unless a uniformed officer forces it and that has not been put in place yet as we know.

Something which shocked me was the footage of people queueing at 6am in line to be let into the supermarkets the second they are open. That bit did not surprise me but seeing them all in close contact with each other and not seeming to realise how risky that was, well words failed me.

I also just watched today's live PM statement and question answering and I think he must be on the verge of despair now but is trying and slightly failing in his attempt at appearing in control. He looks ravaged and probably wishes he had bloody lost the last election. The buck stops with him and his team though so he has to step up pronto with the next phase of enforcement which I do believe will happen. The army are already preparing and training their men and women to get out onto the streets if necessary.


FedUpWithThisToday · 19/03/2020 18:29

🤦‍♀️oh boy that was bad :(

I was looking forward to the waffle finishing so he could get on with telling us the important stuff! After the waffle finished, that was it!!!! There was nothing else!! I'


FedUpWithThisToday · 19/03/2020 18:30

Sorry .. !!


Toseland · 19/03/2020 18:31

What’s getting to me is I cannot find any information on my town - I click hopefully on links (BBC, council and local newspapers) but they all just give the county figure?!


NanSlayer · 19/03/2020 18:34

Boris the inept stumblebum.

I'm finished with the UK, it's a decaying society the pound is tanking against all other currencies, printing piles of money will lead to hyperinflation, the people have been sold up the river many years ago and corporate companies are executing exit plans, the tide will never turn.


LittleRen · 19/03/2020 18:34

It's coming, they kept saying they wouldn't shut schools and they did. They are massaging us and keeping some normality going as long as possible.


TheLadyAnneNeville · 19/03/2020 18:39

I think, if they came clean and told us all what’s really going to happen, they know it would be chaos.

I’m tired of hearing the guidance relating to those over 70, those with certain pre existing health conditions, when YOUNG PEOPLE are dying in Italy.


Reginabambina · 19/03/2020 18:41

I would imagine that a lock down is imminent whether it’s London only or nationwide. However if it is only London then it would be really counter productive to announce a lockdown ahead of time. People would just leave taking the virus with them.


Reginabambina · 19/03/2020 18:47

@TheLadyAnneNeville a study showed that 99% of deaths in Italy occurred in people with preexisting conditions. The link to the study is in the article bellow (it’s in Italian though hence the dodgy link).


serialtester · 19/03/2020 18:48

As we can see from mumsnet people are incapable of following the guidance.


Reginabambina · 19/03/2020 18:48

@covetingthepreciousthings that would be wisest.


Fartintheloft · 19/03/2020 18:49

@goingoverground This is so true!


TheLadyAnneNeville · 19/03/2020 18:49

@Reginabambina, thank you for the link.

I was just watching the news and 8 doctors are hospitalised with the virus, one of them on a ventilator. Aged 37.


BeetrootRocks · 19/03/2020 18:51

Hello op

How do you think 8 million people locked down should work?

Are you thinking army?

Interested in your view on practicalities.

What about getting vital workers to work, hospital people etc. Many people don't have cars as public transport is so good.

Not being arsey just interested in how you see this working in practice.


WiseUpJanetWeiss · 19/03/2020 18:52

What’s getting to me is I cannot find any information on my town - I click hopefully on links (BBC, council and local newspapers) but they all just give the county figure?!

I’m not sure that this information is useful. The figure is the tip of the iceberg because we’re no longer testing anyone who isn’t admitted to hospital. Apart from celebrities and MPs obvs.


heath48 · 19/03/2020 18:57

Oh great joy,another thread on the same subject and one to hide!

Time people took responsibility for themselves,instead of relying on others.


StormBaby · 19/03/2020 18:59

Companies are waiting for the government directive. I am at work and will be until BOJO says otherwise sadly


LastTrainEast · 19/03/2020 19:07

OP you know that people are not being forced to go out and party right? If advising people isn't working then do save some or all of the blame for those ignoring the advice.


Reginabambina · 19/03/2020 19:12

@TheLadyAnneNeville it’s only a study. It may not be reliable but given that large numbers of young people aren’t healthy simply having some young people dying isn’t an indicator that it’s dangerous to the young and healthy in general.

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