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It's ok to feel whatever you are feeling right now..

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NameChange657 · 18/03/2020 16:47

I keep seeing posts telling people to get over how they are feeling because others have it worse and people are dying. One mother posted about being worried about lockdown with her two little ones in a flat, and she was basically told to shut up. I get that people have it worse, that's awful, but it's still OK to feel anxious and worried and scared about the changes that are coming. C'mon, it's not a competition for who has it worse off, so yeah, this is just a post to say it's ok to be worried, and it's ok to worry about the silly things. Your feelings are valid! Feel free to post about what is worrying you below, no judgement.

OP posts:
HarrietThePi · 18/03/2020 22:13

@ItsAllGoneToPot I'm so sorry that parent was rude to you. Please know many of us understand how stressful and unusual the current situation is and are very grateful and appreciative of the work that schools and teachers have been doing.

rjebgf · 18/03/2020 22:19

I’m frightened of orphaning my kids.

colouringinpro · 18/03/2020 22:28

OP thanks for posting this. Just your title is really comforting.

I'm feeling overwhelmed this evening.

Wolfiefan · 18/03/2020 22:28

@FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies sod the odds.
Gin here’s to many more years.
And Grin at the very idea of me being too young. I well remember. I shall say this only once. (Can’t type in an accent! Grin)
Stay well.

22Giraffes · 18/03/2020 22:29

Thank you for this thread. I'm scared. Scared I won't be able to educate my kids to a good enough standard. Fortunately I will be at home with them so don't need childcare.

Scared for my dd who now won't see her therapist at school, her mental health is already precarious. Sad for dd because she is in Y6 and I don't know if she'll ever go back, what about her school journey? Leaving service? Saying goodbye to friends and teachers.

I'm scared I won't see my nan again, she is in her 90s and been poorly recently. She lives alone and I can't bear with the thought of her dying.

FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies · 18/03/2020 22:37

Thank you, Wolfiefan. Perhaps a Citizen Smith fab? Or just into big dogs? 😃

porolli · 18/03/2020 22:37

I'm scared because I'm having chemotherapy. I've also got 3 teenagers who are bickering with each other and one has started coughing this evening

amaryl · 18/03/2020 22:51

I am honestly so worried about trying to get my son to do anything
But he’ll be bored and restless and an absolute nightmare that I cannot deal with because of my own own pain and anxiety.
And I can’t do anything with him because I’m in pain, can’t sit, stand, get comfortable
And then I worry about leaving him an orphan
I can’t die, he’ll have no-one
I just want to hold on to him and never let him go

IndecentFeminist · 18/03/2020 22:53

I'm sad that my kids' lives have to change so much. School is a really positive part of their lives, and ours.

Jcee · 18/03/2020 23:02

Am a charity trustee and spent the day in meetings working out our business continuity plans. We run youth activities and many of our service users have underlying health issues so we will have to close our doors but what about our service users and families who rely on us for support, our funding much of which is attendance based and what that will do to our future and of course our staff, who are amazing, do so much and need paying. Took some headache inducing difficult decisions today...

Thanks for starting this OP, a hugely comforting thread when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed tonight.

U2HasTheEdge · 18/03/2020 23:06

I am an adult student, was about to finish in June, which would have advanced my career and resulted in a pay rise. I have worked so hard and I have been counting down the weeks to finish.

Now I do not know what will happen. It might be that we can learn through skype. Or it might be that I can't continue until September. If that is the case I will be gutted.

I am very likely to be deployed at work. I am lucky that I will always have a job, but I am new to the job and just found my feet, now everything is changing again.

My husband's mental health will take a dive. He is not good without structure and routine. Big changes are not good for him (suspect ASD), so things are going to get tough.

I feel sad for everyone who is going to be deeply affected by this for a long time to come. Those with health conditions, elderly parents etc. I am sad for my children who are stuck here for possibly months, getting a limited education. I just feel sad.

But I also feel grateful for how people are pulling together.

Love to everyone Thanks

definitelygc · 18/03/2020 23:07

It's funny the things that make you feel sad. I felt sad just watching TV earlier and seeing all the adverts for things none of us have any need for right now. It all feels a bit surreal. I've got a family member abroad who doesn't know whether to get on a plane home (and risk catching it) or not. It's stressful not knowing what the right thing to do is.

colouringinpro · 18/03/2020 23:29

I'm.scared I will get it and die (after 10 years chronic stress) and kids will live with emotionally disabled dad who has zero joie de vivre Sad

FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies · 19/03/2020 12:40

porolli Flowers - that is unbelievably tough on you. Can you isolate yourself in the house and leave them to it? Can you get the eldest on board?

You need to be very careful as you don’t need any sort of cold, let alone this one. Your kids need to understand this.

Take very good care of yourself.

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