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It's ok to feel whatever you are feeling right now..

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NameChange657 · 18/03/2020 16:47

I keep seeing posts telling people to get over how they are feeling because others have it worse and people are dying. One mother posted about being worried about lockdown with her two little ones in a flat, and she was basically told to shut up. I get that people have it worse, that's awful, but it's still OK to feel anxious and worried and scared about the changes that are coming. C'mon, it's not a competition for who has it worse off, so yeah, this is just a post to say it's ok to be worried, and it's ok to worry about the silly things. Your feelings are valid! Feel free to post about what is worrying you below, no judgement.

OP posts:

SunshineAvenue · 18/03/2020 20:59

Itsallgonetopot that bloody awful. Fwiw I really appreciate all the work that's gone into setting some work for the kids so far at such short notice. Don't let it get you down.

Agree wholeheartedly with this thread OP.


Babyroobs · 18/03/2020 21:00

I just had a friend on fb saying she was scared and couldn't breathe ( has the virus) and people just telling her it's an anxiety attack and to drink lots of water ffs.


Zacharyezrarawlings · 18/03/2020 21:13

what a nice thread, This is so important. I am a doctor in the NHS. People are dyng. It is and will be shit.
Also I am a Mum. tonight my dd in yr 11 and my dd in yr 13 have been in tears at the cancellation of exams. I am broken hearted for them. My odlest dc has had his last term and his maters at Cembridge cancelled. he is gutted as am I.
on a personal note I have trained really hard for the Manchester Marathon for months which now isnt happeneing. I am gutted about this.
I can hold al these feelings and all are OK. Yes some are more significant than others. yes I have a lot to be thankful for, but I can still be sad for aht I have lost.
It is going to be a really hard few months for me and DH (a teacher) but we will have to do what we can. Tonight we are sad. Tomorrow we will dust oursleves down and carry on to keep everyone as safe and healthy as we can.


Wolfiefan · 18/03/2020 21:16

Zachary. And thanks to both of you for that.
But for now? We hear it’s shit and you’re allowed to feel that. It’s MN or I would send a virtual hug. Blush


HonestlyItsFine · 18/03/2020 21:16

Thank you.
My two main worries:
My family (no children, but immediate family) not taking this seriously. Terrible fear that one of them will get really ill.
My deteriorating mental health over the whole thing.


GalactiCat · 18/03/2020 21:19

I found out this evening that my driving test tomorrow is now cancelled until September (maybe). Its taken me 16 months and thousands to get to this point. I'm bloody gutted and feel guilty I'm gutted as its such a first world problem. I can't afford any more lessons and at 50 I'm probably about to lose my job and as a renter, my home too. I'm feeling bloody miserable tonight.


ItsAllGoneToPot · 18/03/2020 21:20

My best friend is a teacher and has spent all week preparing revision with for her gcse and a level class to be now told there's no exams. She's in tears and worried about the kids futures. Thank you to all the teachers and nhs workers.

Yes I also have year 11 and they will all just give up now. I'm so cross on their behalf. What am I meant to tell them tomorrow? I have to be so motivational in front of them but I have nothing left to give because I don't know what will happen. Thank you for the teacher thank you though Smile


Iblinkedandiamold · 18/03/2020 21:24

I'm really worried for my Parents too. I'd be list without them and my mother wont stay in flippin' house.
I worried for the children in my family, I know they say children dont get it as bad but there are two new babies and one toddler in the family, what about them.
I'm also a little upset that there is nothing to look forward to. Concerts and Holidays being cancelled.
It's hard to imagine things getting back to normal again but I know they will. Just wondering what the consequences will be for our family when it's all over.


HonestlyItsFine · 18/03/2020 21:27

Iblinkedandiamold if it's any comfort, the new born baby who was diagnosed in London is doing well and I think was discharged.

I'd welcome a full lockdown to be honest if it made our parents sit up and stay in!


FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies · 18/03/2020 21:28

Thank you. I have twins who were due to take A levels this year. Everything is up in the air for them and their friends. Life will go on, but not in the way they were expecting. My eldest DC is working in a role which is unlikely to be able to continue. He and DH will absolutely hate being penned in, particularly as there is no sport on the TV. I’ve already lost a good portion of my income. My parents and sibling are in the at risk group and are several hours away.

I’ve just been on line ordering packs of cards and a game called “Exploding Kittens”, as recommended by one of the kids. There are fences to paint, vegetables to grown, pictures to paint.....karaoke.... (possibly). I’m determined that everyone in this house will find some enlightenment in this - something that will serve us well in the future.


HonestlyItsFine · 18/03/2020 21:32

FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies It must be so hard for those due to sit exams. Hopefully they can get back on track soon.


Wolfiefan · 18/03/2020 21:34

Exploding kittens?? Shock
And I must ask why your boobies are bad?
Very rude I know. Blush


ceilihouse · 18/03/2020 21:35

I'm scared and heartbroken my little Business I've worked so hard for, suffered racial abuse, had to defend my nationality and come out the other side bright and vibrant and god I love it, and the 14 wonderful staff I have to let go, we haven't the cash flow to continue, it's cancellations after cancellations, we can't survive it,
But... I still have my husband and children and the tides will turn again one day,


Butterbear86 · 18/03/2020 21:38

I’m struggling because I’m so worried about medication.
My dad is also insulin dependent.
I can’t stand the thought of having to ration tiny amounts of insulin and getting closer and closer to not having any left and knowing it’s the end.
I honestly feel I’d have been better off taking my chances with coronavirus. Death rate for diabetics is 8% ish. Death rate for diabetics with no insulin is 100%. And for everyone saying it won’t happen, we didn’t think this would happen. It’s making me feel overwhelmed with panic.


Sunshine1235 · 18/03/2020 21:41

Lovely post thank you OP. I just felt so sad this evening when my 3YO asked what trip we were going on tomorrow. I know he’s little and adaptable and probably won’t remember but I just feel so sad telling him we won’t be able to go swimming or to any of his favourite places anytime soon. It’s a new reality for all of us even in the little ways


Wolfiefan · 18/03/2020 21:44

@ceilihouse that’s so sad.
People here seem to be appreciating local businesses and looking to support them. Maybe a chance to rebuild?
I am worried but kind of hoping we can come back stronger from this.


poppym12 · 18/03/2020 21:50

I'm supposed to be moving house next week. I am also in a high risk group so should be social distancing at least. If/when lockdown is announced I don't know what will happen with my move. I can't move in without my furniture etc and I can't leave that here as the landlord is selling the house.


ScrimpshawTheSecond · 18/03/2020 21:54

Lovely post.

And very true.

I'm bearing in mind that everyone is under unbelievable amounts of stress right now - it brings out the best and the worst in everyone.


polkadotpixie · 18/03/2020 21:55

I'm scared that my son will die and especially that they won't let me hold him while it happens

I'm scared that my husband and I will die and leave my son with no parents

I'm scared I'll lose my Mum. I need her

I'm scared this will go on so long I'll miss miss my chance to have another baby

I'm scared the economy will be destroyed and we'll lose our home and my husband's business

I'm scared of isolation and and it taking a toll on my already precarious mental health


Mummyneedsginnow · 18/03/2020 21:57

Hi, I'll try to keep it brief and I appreciate opinion on Mumsnet is no substitute etc however I just wanted some kind advice/opinions one way or another.

My daughter (8) Special Needs goes to stay with her dad once a week over night, he lives in a house with 4 other single men (not necessarily relevant) 2 of whom speak little English (again only relevant in respect of discussing things with them)
It is shared facilities and tbh not the cleanest place (mine isn't a palace of course)
My concern I guess is that it's not easy in such an environment to keep things clean ie kitchen bathroom etc, with current issues and two other vulnerable family members (diabetes and stg4 cancer) I am worried, I'm fully prepared to hear I'm being ridiculous, however please be kind, I don't want to deprive my daughter of time with her dad but at same time want to keep her and family safe



salty78 · 18/03/2020 21:58

My Y11 DD and her friends think today marks the end of their childhood. No end of term celebrations, shirt signing, emotional farewells, prom, exams they've worked hard for since Y9. She already has a plan though, wants to carry on working on what the teachers send her, get fit, read more books which she doesn't do at all at the moment, watch some classic movies, keep to regular FaceTimes with her mates. So that cheered me up.

My work wont stop over the next few months, it will be needed even more, but I've rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in this week. I worry about my elderly parents and in laws and whether we're doing all we can at work to support people too.

I'm so grateful for all the teachers, healthcare staff and other workers keeping everything going. Knowing that there are lots of people out there doing this also maintains my sense of purpose. Most people are perfectly civilised, it's the few that spoil it for everyone else but there's no Mad Max scenario on the horizon, honestly.

I'm sure things will start to calm down soon, or will eventually be forced to. We have got through much worse as a society. The weather will get warmer. The panic buying will settle, strange circumstances will become more the norm and we will eventually all get through this. We all just need to help make sure the NHS can cope and everything else will also get better again.


Iggi999 · 18/03/2020 22:01

Thanks OP. Even your thread title is reassuring Smile


Minesabecks · 18/03/2020 22:03

@Mummyneedsginnow I'd advise you to copy your post and put it in a new thread ("create thread" at top) so you get some specific advice


FallenMadonnawiththeBadBoobies · 18/03/2020 22:03

Wolfiefan - I had two lots of breast cancer, one in each breast, two different types, pretty much precisely a year apart. Actually, was given about a 34% chance of not making it to 5 years - but still here with about 18 months to go Gin. Completely outing myself now as I’m sure I’m In a very select group.

Also, in case you are too young to know, reference to the portrait of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies from the 1970s (80s?) sit com Allo Allo.


Andcake · 18/03/2020 22:08

I am so scared and then I picked a fight with dp as I tried to address my fear he wouldn't pull his weight with dc off school. We had the biggest row and are now sat in seperate rooms woke ds up who shouted down for us to be quiet and he was already worried about school.
Dp and I are now sat in seperate rooms and I went to him and said sorry but he just told me to go away.

But everything I said about thinking he won't I'll his weight is true and now we are stuck here...

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