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To take my daughter swimming

213 replies

AvocadoYUK · 18/03/2020 09:45

Hello I was just wondering if I AIBU to take my daughter swimming.
Obviously lots of things are being cancelled and closed but it says Coronavirus has been proven not to to survive in chlorinated water and she has been going on about swimming for days (shes a toddler). We would only go into the small kid pool and when I rang up the swimming centre apparently there's barely anyone there
Thoughts?? Xxxxxx

OP posts:

BrexpatInSwitzerland · 18/03/2020 15:12

I hate saying this but:

You people are being horribly unfair and very selfish!

I will not see my child, my siblings, my parents until this is over.

My friend's sister is stuck in a 3rd world country and can't get back out.

My boss can't go see his dying (not from coronavirus) father in hospital because there's a closed border between them.

Earlier, there was a poster on here who, too, was stuck somewhere abroad far away from their family.

... but of course it's much more important that some selfish wankers get to go about their hobbies - and then get back home to possibly spread the bloody virus to their families (who they're lucky not to be separated from).

If I asked you directly: would you consider giving up on a hobby for a while so that I can see my child again in eight weeks instead of in October and you said "nope, that's not working for me": how does that not make you incredibly selfish?

Now multiply "me" by tens of thousands of people - for some of whom the question is not "seeing their loved ones again soon" but "seeing them again - ever".

Yes, I'm shaming people who can't follow the rules. I'm doing it deliberately, because maybe it helps. (Worked like a charm for smoking, after all ... after a few decades.)

I want to see my child again in exchange for you missing out on a bit of fun. Too much to ask? Seriously?


Healthyandhappy · 18/03/2020 15:15

Ours is open and I'm paying shes going


swimster01 · 18/03/2020 15:17

There is no rule not to go swimming hence why public swimming pools remain open - get a grip


tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 18/03/2020 15:17

Brex Thanks


ItsJustTheOneSwanActually · 18/03/2020 15:18

The lack of shut downs in the UK is madness.

I'm in Canada, a couple of weeks behind Europe, and we've shut far more than you guys already to try and stop the spread. Schools, libraries, bars, clubs, restaurants, gyms, pools, the lot.

Including the airports and borders other than to get food etc in.


Splitsunrise · 18/03/2020 15:23

Well this thread really shows how self centred people are doesn’t it Smile


tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 18/03/2020 15:26

I'm getting to the point where I think it's the only thing that will make people stop and think of others. I think some people will be happy to step over dead bodies soon to get to their Bums and Tums class because there're no danger as 'the class is almost empty' Confused


adaline · 18/03/2020 15:26

There is no rule not to go swimming hence why public swimming pools remain open - get a grip

Yeah, screw common sense!


purpleboy · 18/03/2020 15:26

@BrexpatInSwitzerland fantastic post. Hopefully helps some of these swimming dicks get some perspective.
I do hope you can be reunited with your family soon.Thanks


Poppydaisies · 18/03/2020 15:26

There is no rule not to go swimming hence why public swimming pools remain open

Do we really need a rule when we can use our common sense instead?

We are trying to slow down the spread of a potentially deadly virus!! We should be staying at home as much as possible and avoid other people.

And even if they chuck lots of chlorine in the water, the chance of passing on the virus in the changing rooms, door handles. toilets etc are huge!!

Please can people avoid NON ESSENTIAL activities!!!


Aspoonfullofjam · 18/03/2020 15:29

Jesus you people need to be locked down soon for your own sake. Zero cop on 100% selfish.


KMoKMo · 18/03/2020 15:30


I have screen shot what @PurpleDaisies is referring to. It is blatantly clear.

You are wrong.

To take my daughter swimming

purpleboy · 18/03/2020 15:39

Another one here

To take my daughter swimming

DirtyDripSpout · 18/03/2020 15:39

DD trains 5 times a week and competes at national level. However, this week and until the foreseeable future, she is not going. Although the pool itself may be safe, the changing rooms and communal areas are not hygienic places. Although my family do not have any symptoms yet, I can't say with absolute certainty whether we or the rest of the people in the sports centre have been exposed. The virus can be unwittingly transmitted by people who are not showing any symptoms YET.

Is it really worth the risk???


purpleboy · 18/03/2020 15:40

Sorry forgot to add that is from the who


swimster01 · 18/03/2020 15:44

So this is the current Government guidance and this is for people who have symptoms or live with someone with symptoms (not people without symptoms):

"If possible, you should not go out even to buy food or other essentials, other than exercise, and in that case at a safe distance from others."

For many people, exercise isn't a hobby - it is an essential part of their wellbeing (mental and/or physical). It is prioritised above buying food in the Government guidance above.

It is wrong to accuse others of being selfish when they are following the official guidance. If you think the official guidance is wrong, then lobby the Government.


RUSU92 · 18/03/2020 15:52

It’s not hard. Stay home. Wash your hands. That’s it.

To take my daughter swimming

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 18/03/2020 15:53

If it's because it's medically prescribed exercise then that's slightly different. Otherwise it is being sailfish.

There are lots of things that in times of luxury are necessary for our health. We are entering an unprecedented time where people should get a bit creative about their exercise, not risk the lives of others.


swimster01 · 18/03/2020 15:53

I can't stay at home - I have to go out to work (as do many others). Enjoy sitting on the couch.


bluemarie87 · 18/03/2020 15:55

You have more chance of getting it at the supermarket than the swimming baths...


PurpleDaisies · 18/03/2020 15:56

So what? Food shopping is essential. Swimming is not.


bluemarie87 · 18/03/2020 16:00

I'm staying you can get it at the supermarket too! So you wouldn't stop going would you. Touching things that have been handled loads included the trolley... you'll still go because it's essential. I suffer badly with anxiety and pnd and exercising is the only way I can combat my mental health. I intend on still going running or walking AND yes I'll be going to the supermarket. Basically wherever you go out of your house where people go you have a chance of contracting the virus. Unless they close pools people will go. And someone's opinion on going will differ to the next so you'll never stop people doing what they feel is right unless we go into lockdown and even then we've still a chance of getting it!


BrexpatInSwitzerland · 18/03/2020 16:00

It is wrong to accuse others of being selfish when they are following the official guidance. If you think the official guidance is wrong, then lobby the Government.

Whatever makes you think we're not doing that?

Having said that, if the government didn't tell you it wasn't okay to drive down a residential street at 120 mph, would you go ahead and race your neighbours? Knowing exactly that someone's child could run out on the street from in between two parked cars at any moment and you'd stand no chance at all to brake in time? Would you?

Because, metaphorically speaking, this is what people are doing to the vulnerable, to separated families, to people whose livelihoods depend on this not going on for another year, to those of us whose family members need access to medical care for unrelated reasons and for manybothers, whom I may have forgotten to list but whose health, safety and well being are just as much at stake.

I get that exercise is important. Guess what? Get thee down on the floor of your living room and take out a subscription* like the rest of us!

*also available for free on youtube and also for people who prefer HIIT over yoga.


midwestspring · 18/03/2020 16:02

I dont think swimming is classed as a social gathering.

Not if you have a private swimming pool.
Otherwise it is a place were randoms congregate, share facilities, toilets, turnstiles etc.


SilverySurfer · 18/03/2020 16:07

RUSU92 Thank you - that sends the perfect message. I hope you don't mind but I have copied it.

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