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To think mumsnet is making more fuss of corona than anywhere else on the Internet, or in general society

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FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 11:48

Just that! Until I checked mumsnet I realised we had a serious situation on our hands, and that hand washing is essential, and isolating if you have symptoms. And that was that, carried on as normal. But coming on here, and it's people convinced they are going to die because they've got asthma, people refusing to go into work (even though they don't have any symptoms), people planning for the end of the world. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't reflect the rest of the world. I was at my friend's last night, and apart from mentioning her partner needs to be careful because he's got cancer, it wasn't mentioned. Same when I went shopping. On here it's sounds like the world is ending. Aibu??

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Am I being unreasonable?

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theflushedzebra · 17/03/2020 21:56

You just can't tell some people, can you.

OP, you should not be going to the bookies, you should not be visiting people with cancer. Nobody should be going to the pub. You have been told this repeatedly.

turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 21:57

Cyllie33 I think she's incapable of reading and comprehending the advice. Giving her a link is pointless, she'll just froth from the mouth about how she's obeying the rules.
Do you know what? People like her don't deserve to be helped. Let her off.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 21:58

@cyllie I don't object to the advice, and I am adhering to it.i am not going above and beyond it at this stage. In fact due to the fact I'm broke I haven't bought any groceries this week. Much more for the panic buyers because I rarely eat anyway. What I object to is the hysteria. That's my can follow advice without being hysterical, and claiming that this is the end and we are alll going to loose loved ones. We might, but we might not.

OP posts:
MadeFrom100percentPears · 17/03/2020 22:00

Yes I do think that mumsnet is a bit out of step with what i am experiencing in day to day life. Vast majority still going to work, carrying on broadly as normal but with less socialising.

turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 22:01

It's not hysteria. Google hysteria.
It's reasonable proportionate responses to a massive pandemic which is changing our lives for the foreseeable weeks and possibly months.
Once your bookies and pub stay open, you might not realise the impact lol, but believe me, this day next week, there won't be a bookies open. Nor a pub.
So stock up on your booze now.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:02

@tuedrimelucky, are you this horrible in real life? or just on social media. Do you think you would say that to someone in person? I doubt it. I'm hardly frothing at the mouth, I am saying Im following it, because I am. You can try to whip people up against me as much as you want. What is it you are angry with me about? Is it because I asked if the hysteria on here was reflective of the wider world? I don't believe it is, not in my personal experience, but I wanted to open up the discussion. I don't see I've done or said anything particularly annoying, or offensive.

OP posts:
turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 22:04

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:05

@turdtimelucky that's fine, I will be glad that I visited them now while I still can then. Hysteria is saying everyone with asthma is going to die, and that the world is over. Those are the posts I'm questioning. Not people saying we should follow the advice of officials.

OP posts:
TheCanterburyWhales · 17/03/2020 22:05

Gosh OP, to say it's your first day on MN you've managed to hit quite a nerve. Nice to see lots of other brand new posters agreeing with you though, I expect.


FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:06

@turdtimelucky had a lot of experience with them have you?

OP posts:
LadyTiredWinterBottom2 · 17/03/2020 22:06

I don't think it's hysterical on here.

I know someone who gr good of masks, hand gel and extra tins/frozen food back in January and l thought she was odd. Who's laughing now?

turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 22:07

People with asthma are high risk. Many of them will die from coronavirus. That's as simple as I can put it.
Haven't seen anyone saying that the world is over, but life as we used to enjoy it is over for the next few weeks and possibly months.

Cyllie33 · 17/03/2020 22:08

But OP as many people have calmly pointed out to you, you are simply not following the advice. Schools remaining open is just one aspect of what is happening and your daughter attending school doesn’t absolve you from doing anything else.

You visited a friend with cancer and I’ve quoted from the relevant sections of the advice and given you the links to show how this goes against what is said, and you’ve not acknowledged this.

I’m not hysterical, nor am I panicking or panic buying, and I’m going to work as it’s not possible for me to work from home. But I’m quite deeply shocked that you have such a blase attitude to the welfare of others in society, as demonstrated by not being willing to engage with the official advice. You’re being really silly about it

turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 22:09

had a lot of experience with them have you?

Ye - they're just like you. Annoying and irritating as fuck but you just can't get rid of them!

theflushedzebra · 17/03/2020 22:11

It's highly offensive to tell (mostly) mothers here that they're "making a fuss" when we're dealing with a global pandemic, and Europe is on lockdown, but our govt is not taking enough action, and talking about thousands of premature deaths. Do you have no empathy for the people who are worried, for loved ones, for their families?

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:11

@ladytiredwinterbottom, I don't know, is she? I don't know if I would be in her position. I couldn't bring myself to do that, id rather just go down with the ship tbh. If it wasnt for my daughter that is.

OP posts:
turdtimelucky · 17/03/2020 22:12

She's not reading the advice not to visit vulnerable people. She's deliberately just being irritating and I think the best think all of us could do is to avoid her like Covid-19

Whoopsmahoot · 17/03/2020 22:18

I despair. This is a new virus which we know nothing about. My back ground is in microbiology and I am genuinely scared, not for me but for my elderly parents. Do you think 100 million people in lockdown in Europe has been done for fun?! It’s economical disaster as well- if you think we’re over reacting now - just wait another few weeks. People need to get a grip and take this seriously now or a hell of a lot more people will die unnecessarily. I absolutely despair at some people. 😩

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:18

@fluahedzebra yes I totally do. Which is where this is stemming from. I don't think attitude on this site has been that helpful. In real life people are pulling together, putting a brave face on, and trying to help eachother, still having a laugh etc. But on here I read a high volume of posts with quite distressing. And I believe unreasonable/exaggerated outlooks, planning their funerals because they have asthma, claiming that their relatives 100% won't survive, claiming their businesses won't survive or their relationships. I got a very gloomy outlook, which I felt was disproportionate to how people are really acting, or feeling in real life. I was opening it up more for reassurance that there is still positive people about etc. Although, the consensus seems to be that I'm wrong, with only a few people agreeing with me.

OP posts:
AuldAlliance · 17/03/2020 22:21

You can film people in Italy on their balconies singing and trying to make the best of it and put them on FB.
Just as you can film candlelit vigils and put them on FB.
For obvious reasons, no one is filming people dying in overwhelmed hospitals in Italy, or fighting for their lives on ventilators, and putting that on FB.
So you may still be unaware that that is the reality.
But it is.
And when the UK finally - perhaps - faces up to the fact that its delay in introducing stringent measures may have been well intended but was in fact, given the unknown nature of the virus, at best risky and at worst criminally negligent, that reality will hit home very hard.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 22:22

@whoopsmahoot, I'm sorry that I'm making you despair. Tbh I am more despairing of the people panic buying, I feel that people's behaviour is as much of a threat to society as the disease itself, if not more so. I think it's sad how instead of coming together everyone's got very selfish and quick to point fingers and blame. I know its lashing out from fear, and the media hasn't helped. Yes we are facing a crisis, but it's the way in which we do it, the way in which we discuss it and approach it that bothers me.

OP posts:
HarveySchlumpfenburger · 17/03/2020 22:24

Hysteria is saying everyone with asthma is going to die, and that the world is over. Those are the posts I'm questioning. Not people saying we should follow the advice of officials.

Could you link to a post that says everyone with asthma is going to die?

theflushedzebra · 17/03/2020 22:26

Putting a brave face on it ... in the bookies.... visiting your friend who is in a vulnerable group, which is precisely what even our govt's puny advice has told you not to do? That's not helpful. Not at all.

Cyllie33 · 17/03/2020 22:27

But OP it’s the people following advice and trying to encourage you to do so who are pulling together.

You insisting that it’s okay for you to carry on as normal, and to ignore medical advice, because you feel okay is the absolute opposite of pulling together.

tobesuretobesure · 17/03/2020 22:28

Freshfancy it's great to keep positive, important but some people may be prioritizing that to justify carrying on as normal. Stiff upper lip. Keep calm and carry on. Go about as you were and therefore we have a case of spreading. It's not negative or a downer to be extra vigilant in such serious times!

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