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Holiday next week.. Would you cancel ?

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Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 07:59


I’m due to go on holiday next week (Friday) to Dubai .. a group of us are going and it’s for a birthday . We have all spent a lot of money and it’s been booked way in advance.

there has been no talk of cancelling amongst the group especially not by the persons who’s birthday it is who is adamant this will not ruin their bday Confused

However Abu Dhabi have now closed all restaurants and bars untill end of March .. if Dubai do the same what would be the point is going ??

Dubai isn’t effected half as much as Europe (85 cases I think ) but obviously risk of them closing their borders whilst we’re out there and us getting stuck is real being on a plane etc.

And also possibly catching it bringing it home etc. I am inclined to cancel.

obviously going somewhere that is a hot spot area such as Spain /Italy I wouldn't even consider it. But what’s the advice on going to places that aren’t badly effected ?

OP posts:

MamaDane · 14/03/2020 13:46

People need to stop travelling, especially when they are from a country where the virus has already infected hundreds. You risk bringing it out even though you may be symptomfree. You risk quarantine in a foreign country. You risk a lot by travelling right now.

I think it's selfish to travel and foolish. Within in a week Denmark went from 35 infected (Sunday) to 800+ infected (today). Most of the cases were because people had gotten the virus in Austria on holiday, so they brought it home.

Just stop and think. I'm not judging you, OP. But I would like people to think more.


whatareyoucooking · 14/03/2020 13:47

Don't know how to make that link click but all I did was google 'Dubai suspends visa'


Powergower · 14/03/2020 13:55

I really wish there was more guidance about travel in general. Lots of people are confused, if there are no travel restrictions some people are cancelling plans others are still travelling. I have friends in Turkey, last night turkey closed its borders to 9 European countries but not the UK. If they do stop UK flights my friends are stuck there with no way of getting home. They went a month ago before all the panic. It's a distressing time for everyone involved.

We have a holiday to Dubai in the summer and think it might get cancelled which we are ok with.


Coronaflicted · 14/03/2020 14:01

I guess that may be decision made. It is a nightmare for me . My DH works in Dubai . We were due to visit him 23rd March for Easter so if we can’t get in that’s that . haven’t seen him for 5 weeks and who knows when I will get to see him next now . So I am gutted but I guess there is no choice given the circumstances


MamaDane · 14/03/2020 14:03

Don't you guys in the UK get travel guidance on a daily basis? In Denmark we are updated daily on where it's safe to travel, using colours green, yellow, orange and red. Green is "good to go" , yellow is "we recommend you stay home unless necessary", orange means "don't go but won't be in quarantine upon return" , red is the same as orange but requires 14 days quarantine.
Now the whole world has become orange, aside from places like Italy, that is red.

They keep saying "stay at home. Don't spread the disease abroad. Don't infect countries with few cases. Don't get stuck somewhere in quarantine."


Aswellaslocal · 14/03/2020 14:06

Someone up thread said that you get 2 days to get out of a country if they shut borders . THAT IS NOT TRUE. I have friends stuck in a country when they closed the borders. They now have no way of leaving. You are completely at the whim of the decisions of airlines and foreign governments


Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 14:07

The article is referring to Abu Dhabi not Dubai..

OP posts:

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 14:07

@Aswellaslocal I said that is what I had heard but I didn’t know if it was true.

OP posts:

EasterEggz · 14/03/2020 14:07

Spain is going into lock down now so those with holidays in the Canaries won't be going unfortunately.


PaddyF0dder · 14/03/2020 14:10

Do not go.

You have a social responsibility not to spread this virus.


AGoodPodcastAndANiceCupOfTea · 14/03/2020 14:11

I am in Slovakia and they closed our borders on Thursday - they announced it into afternoon and they were closed by 18:00!!! My friend has a boyfriend who is now not sure how he'll get to the airport across the border in Vienna and my other friend has family visiting who are now trapped. The airports are closed so it's a nightmare for any tourists here atm. My other friend works in travel and is currently trying to organise quarantine for a bus load of people that was sprung on them. If countries close their borders they close them and they don't necessarily allow for any wriggle room because, as we are seeing, people then try to use those exceptions to get around the new situation. I would say that anyone who travels atm is bonkers and if not for health reasons because of the risk of quarantining and changing border rules. Cancel your trip unless you are prepared to be trapped in one of the most expensive places I've ever been to!
Also, people keep saying that quarantining is only 2 weeks but it's bad enough having to be socially distant - I can tell you know that it's pretty pants so I can't even imagine quarantine! I'd do anything to avoid that.


AGoodPodcastAndANiceCupOfTea · 14/03/2020 14:13

And we only had 9 confirmed cases when they declared a state of emergency so don't think low numbers means you'll be fine. Governments are watching Italy and Spain closely and acting to avoid that in rise countries.


Somewheredreamingofcheesecake · 14/03/2020 14:16

It says UAE. There's only one immigration for the country.


Tenpintonpin · 14/03/2020 14:17

I wouldn't, even if it still looks possible. My husband flew to Bulgaria to see relatives on Thursday, all looked fine, but since he arrived Bulgaria declared a state of emergency and flights are being cancelled left right and centre. I've had a very stressful morning trying to get him on a flight back home asap, and won't be able to relax until he's safely back in the UK (which won't be until tomorrow). The situation is changing by the minute and I'm scared stiff he's going to get stuck out there if the borders close.


Somewheredreamingofcheesecake · 14/03/2020 14:19

You need a visa. It's just for UK nationals it's free and normally available on arrival. Check your passport.

But don't mind me, I only live here.


whatareyoucooking · 14/03/2020 14:26

Lol it says UAE. The news is coming from Abu Dhabi
Dubai is in the UAE hth.

Anyway looks like the decision has been taken out of your hands and you don't have to be the bad guy to your difficult friend. Win win situ surely?? Travel insurance should cover it too 👍🏼


GreyishDays · 14/03/2020 14:36

It would be like if you were hoping to travel to Manchester from say India. Article reads:

London: UK suspends issuing of all visas.

That would still mean you can’t go to Manchester.


Fuzzywuzzyface · 14/03/2020 14:40

Please check that your insurance covers pandemic or epidemic.. irrespective of whether the FCO website advises against travel. We have discovered this yesterday as an event we were due to attend in Asia was cancelled due to coronavirus.. people already there had 48 hours to leave the country and we started cancelling yesterday.

Emirates flight are still scheduled to take off to destination until it locks down tomorrow. As we were cancelling we could only get a proportion of the flight costs back not all of it. Accommodation costs have been lost as insurance will not cover the losses because it is a pandemic. We had top level insurance policy taken out at time of booking 6 months ago and we are not covered.
If you can salvage any money spent on this trip by cancelling now I would do it just in case your insurance policy doesn't cover you.


Somewheredreamingofcheesecake · 14/03/2020 14:47

I have little sympathy for anyone who has travelled in the last week who gets stuck in another country. It's been very clear that you shouldn't travel for at least that long if only to avoid spreading the virus.

Sympathy for all the people stuck away from loved ones because they live in different countries. It's hard. No one I live with is really at risk but all of our parents are and none of them seem to be getting that risk. My in-laws flew home from the UAE today (not to UK). They're meant to be self-isolating and we'd talked to them at length about the need to stay home. They stopped off for lunch with friends on the way back from the airport FFS.


confusedandtired99 · 14/03/2020 14:49

For me this is a no brainer.

Yes you should cancel.


Theredjellybean · 14/03/2020 14:58

For me it is very confusing, we are due to travel 2 weeks today to france to ski.
currently are holiday company is saying no refunds at all as there is no restrictions on travel, and ski resorts all open.
all the talk of lock down and isolation reallyonly works if that is what is happening, for example in Ireland schools are shut, so IKEA is rammed full of parents and kids looking for something to do, same as the fact italy went into so called lock down a few weeks ago now, but did not close bars, restaurants or shops....its a mockery really..if we can go out and about to bars etc then why not go to france and ski ?


Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 15:11

Yes from the articles emerging looks like the situation has been taken out of our hands. I was confused as the start of the article said Abu Dhabi .. have now since seen more articles that say Dubai.

Also regarding the visas I was not aware that the passport stamp you received when you entered the country was a visitors visa ..

OP posts:

Somewheredreamingofcheesecake · 14/03/2020 15:23

It clearly said UAE. Suggesting only Abu Dhabi has stopped issuing visas but it won't impact travellers to Dubai is like saying Cornwall says no more visas but Devon is all good!

I also strongly recommend you at least look up visa requirements before you travel to a country. How could you not have checked the first time you travelled?


ifonly4 · 14/03/2020 15:28

Every few hours you're hearing of a country going into lockdown, closing it's borders. So I'd say towards the end of next week, they'll be restrictions in most countries. I wouldn't cancel now, in the hope the decision is taken out of your hands and you can claim some of your money back. If it's still on next week and you're not happy about going there the day before, you just have to be honest with your friends and back out. They might be disappointed but I think they will understand.


Actionhasmagic · 14/03/2020 15:29

I really feel for people who have saved hard for these holidays. But not many people seem to understand that a global pandemic is an event that means life can’t carry on as usual

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