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Holiday next week.. Would you cancel ?

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Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 07:59


I’m due to go on holiday next week (Friday) to Dubai .. a group of us are going and it’s for a birthday . We have all spent a lot of money and it’s been booked way in advance.

there has been no talk of cancelling amongst the group especially not by the persons who’s birthday it is who is adamant this will not ruin their bday Confused

However Abu Dhabi have now closed all restaurants and bars untill end of March .. if Dubai do the same what would be the point is going ??

Dubai isn’t effected half as much as Europe (85 cases I think ) but obviously risk of them closing their borders whilst we’re out there and us getting stuck is real being on a plane etc.

And also possibly catching it bringing it home etc. I am inclined to cancel.

obviously going somewhere that is a hot spot area such as Spain /Italy I wouldn't even consider it. But what’s the advice on going to places that aren’t badly effected ?

OP posts:
NCTDN · 14/03/2020 08:06

I bet by Friday flights will be canceled anyway. I wouldn't go.

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 08:10

@NCTDN I have thought the same about flights.. but I can’t see uk cancelling them after Boris announcement I think Dubai will close its borders

OP posts:
redandwhite1 · 14/03/2020 08:10

I'd plan to go until I was told not to!

Lumene · 14/03/2020 08:11

I would not go for fear of getting trapped and no flights back

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 08:15

I have heard if a country suspends all flights they give tourists a time limit to get out the country (2 days) don’t know if this is true or not

OP posts:
Davincitoad · 14/03/2020 08:16

You might end up stuck. Or not be allowed in.

Iwalkinmyclothing · 14/03/2020 08:17

Yes, I would cancel. I would not want to get stuck abroad.

zafferana · 14/03/2020 08:17

I would wait. If you cancel now you will lose a lot of money. If the FCO recommends no travel your insurance (assuming you have it) should give you a full refund.

rookiemere · 14/03/2020 08:18

I ended up not going on a weekend ski trip due to leave yesterday to France. I've lost all the money I paid. It's easy to be gung ho until you're faced with actually travelling. Dubai is not somewhere I'd like to be stuck in uncertain circumstances so I'd probably not go. Don't count on the flights being cancelled- government is not banning flights unless it absolutely has to in order to lessen the impact on the travel industry. As an individual who has paid for a trip it sucks, but you've got to take the right decision for you.

elscar · 14/03/2020 08:18

Due to fly to Gran Canaria on Monday! Not sure what to do- if we cancel we won't get our money back and it's not a hot spot and no guidance around not to travel. Going with DM and 2xDS


madroid · 14/03/2020 08:20

No don't go. In a global pandemic its no time to go on holiday. Travel restrictions will be announced next week. Many countries are closing their borders.

And then there's the risk of getting I'll while you're there and having to isolate while all your friends have to catch their flights back. If they're still running.

VortexofBloggery · 14/03/2020 08:24

I would definitely cancel. it's very hard to get a true picture of what's going on (in our own country let alone others). Birthday person has no right to insist others take such a huge risk. Not to mention the disregard for the local population's safety. You could be taking the virus with you.

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 08:25

@rookiemere some of my family members were due to go to France this weekend also for a ski trip and have cancelled. Others due to go to Spain at Easter which has been cancelled.. high number of cases in both countries though so I wouldn’t even risk going there. I can’t see government cancelled either especially not our government anyway.

@elscar it is difficult isn’t it.. is anyone you are travelling with in a high risk group ? if so I would probably cancel.. we are all in early 30s late 20s so less risk for us but still anxious about being stuck and obviously passing it on to vulnerable groups when home

OP posts:
covetingthepreciousthings · 14/03/2020 08:27

I wouldn't go, but I would wait to cancel I think like PP said, incase you can claim.

I'd be more worried about getting trapped over there and not being able to fly home.

I'd probably check out the info on Money Saving Expert about holidays and insurance.

LambriniSocialist · 14/03/2020 08:28

I probably wouldn't go tbh. Dubai probably isn't somewhere I would want to be stuck in the midst of a state of emergency to be honest!

CanIHaveAPenguinPlease · 14/03/2020 08:30

I wouldn’t go if I was you either but I’d wait & see what Dubai will do in the next couple of days.

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 08:30

I do have insurance took it out earlier in the week added trip disruption as advised by looking on Compare the market apparently adding this is essential and now many insurance companies are removing it from their new policies so I have heard.

Have also thought about being stuck in a country like Dubai other than for a short holiday is not somewhere I would want to be

OP posts:
GreyishDays · 14/03/2020 08:34

I would guess they’ll be stopping flights from the Uk to UAE by then so you may not have to make the decision.
How impressed would you be with a group of Italians coming here for a holiday right now? I think that’s the equivalent situation and that it’s irresponsible to spread it from here to there.

rookiemere · 14/03/2020 08:35

Can you check with the airline/hotel/tour operator if you can postpone the trip until much later in the year ? If this is possible it's a good compromise solution as I'm sure you're not the only one who is nervous about traveling.

elscar · 14/03/2020 08:40


My mum is 69- has general good health. I'm worried if things go crazy over there then we won't be able to get back!

PlywoodPlank · 14/03/2020 08:47

I honestly can't believe that people are still struggling to decide if they should fly for a holiday. No, you shouldn't go. Beyond the selfishness of potentially spreading a contagion, you are at high risk of travel disruption. BA, for example, is reported to be in serious financial trouble. Not to mention that events, shops, restaurants, museums, etc are closing in many destinations.

And no, airlines don't give tourists 2 days to get out. They can stop flying with immediate effect, or they can significantly reduce flights so that it is difficult, expensive and stressful to get out.

Lucy2999 · 14/03/2020 08:49

@rookiemere we are flying with emirates who are offering free changes to flights I’m not sure about the hotel would need to check that. It’s just not really even being discussed in the group about what we are going to do as I feel other people (not me) do not want to upset the birthday person as they can be difficult. anyone would think they are a child and in a situation like this is just a joke really

@elscar hmmm my dad is 57 and cancelled his
Trip this weekend to France but that’s a hot
Spot area. does your mum want to go still?

OP posts:
TheVanguardSix · 14/03/2020 08:49

No way.
I’d even swallow the cost, that’s how determined I’d be not to go.

Shinyshoes2 · 14/03/2020 08:54

I'd go
I've got a holiday booked to tenerife on the 25th of this month
I plan to go unless the WHO tells me otherwise

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 14/03/2020 08:55

I wouldn’t go restrictions are changing daily

More restrictions will be in place by next week so might not be able to

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