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Are you avoiding non essential social events?

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PapercraftNinja · 13/03/2020 15:29

I’m not sure how cautious to be at this point in time. I don’t work in a city centre but aware it seems to be business as usual..

Supposed to be going into a city centre tomorrow for friends bday lunch. I’m driving so avoiding public transport, but what would you do? Are you generally carrying on attending things as normal?

OP posts:
MaomiMak · 13/03/2020 15:33

Yes. Carrying on as normal.

The City of London is deserted at the moment. Well half empty.

I love it. Means they're taking their risk elsewhere.

ClubfootMaestro · 13/03/2020 15:35

Within reason, carrying on as normal. Stopped taking daughter swimming as pool always so crowded but would still go to a cafe for lunch.

BillyAndTheSillies · 13/03/2020 16:05

I'm meant to be going out in soho tomorrow night but have cancelled.
Immunosuppressed and don't fancy the tube.

cologne4711 · 13/03/2020 16:16

What do you call non-essential - I suppose a social event is by definition non-essential, but unless you are vulnerable health-wise you can't really refuse to go to a wedding. We are going to one this month.

squeekums · 13/03/2020 16:21

Life as normal here

SavageBeauty73 · 13/03/2020 16:22

I live in London. I won't be getting the tube other than for work (not allowed to work from home yet). I'd probably go to the pub/cafe but not a concert 🤷‍♀️ I'm anxious.

MovinOnUp · 13/03/2020 16:22

We're going nowhere. No-one is coming in the house either.
I have taken my children out of school.
I'm in the process of cancelling holidays for April (Scotland) and May (Spain)

hopeishere · 13/03/2020 16:23

For people saying carrying on as normal at what point would / will you change your behaviour?

HunzintheHood · 13/03/2020 16:24

Have a party tomorrow night and currently plan on going. However I wfh and don’t see who I could then be going around infecting etc

WhatHaveIFound · 13/03/2020 16:28

I'm mostly carrying on as normal. 3 trips to the gym this week plus two school events and a gig. It's rare that i do anything other than online shopping so nothing has changed there.

I think a lot of school stuff will start to get cancelled. We've already had an event cancelled for next weekend and i'm expecting the Easter Concert to be called off too.

EsmeeMerlin · 13/03/2020 16:34

I am carrying on as normal. Mentally I would struggle if I kept myself in and away from friends and family. I am also realistic to know at one point I will probably get it, it’s not going away after all, and when I will get it, I am very likely to get it mildly because of my age and no health issues.

PapercraftNinja · 13/03/2020 16:34

That’s interesting, thank you. I was thinking the same about places being quieter than normal anyway.

Also curious about when or at what point would behaviours change if currently carrying on as normal

OP posts:
TopsyTheReindeer · 13/03/2020 16:44

I am definitely socialising as normal until told otherwise.

Not that I have any faith in the govt, but DH goes into London on the train every day to work anyway, so any additional risk seems negligible.

AdoptedBumpkin · 13/03/2020 16:45

I'm doing what I need to do but limiting things. Was going to take my DD to Sheffield tomorrow but probably won't after the recent developments.

BarbedBloom · 13/03/2020 16:46

Yes, I am just staying home. I am immuno suppressed with asthma

Bloodhoundgang · 13/03/2020 17:05

Social distancing in so far as we can. All the kids sporting activities have been canceled. We are avoiding unnecessary crowds so no parties, no visitors and no playdates.

Bloodhoundgang · 13/03/2020 17:05

We didn't cancel those activities to be clear. The organisations have all shut them down one by one.

JellyfishandShells · 13/03/2020 17:07

Life as normal. Would change that if there actually were many cases in the area around, but am not hearing that at the moment ( as opposed to wild speculation and scaremongering )

grandmasterstitch · 13/03/2020 17:08

Carrying on as normal. At the moment there are no cases in my county and with a toddler I would go mad at home all day

ooooohbetty · 13/03/2020 17:13

Going out tomorrow into a city to meet friends for drinks. Everyone here is carrying on as normal.

Bodule · 13/03/2020 17:16

Carrying on as normal. As are hordes of other people, to judge by the queues in Ikea last weekend. It took 40 minutes to queue for a plate of meatballs.

Namelesswonder · 13/03/2020 17:16

Yes, going out for lunch with friends tomorrow. This is going to go on for months and months, you might as well get used to it and carry on as normal (if you are generally healthy)


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LambriniSocialist · 13/03/2020 17:18

Generally carrying on a normal at the moment tbh...

GiraffeWithSwag · 13/03/2020 17:22

I’ve not been to the gym this week. Have cancelled a trip to the races on Saturday. Just going a bit low profile and avoiding big unnecessary meet ups. Have parents/in laws all over 75 and FIL has COPD and probably starting chemo in 4-6 weeks for CMML. Want to limit my risks.

GiraffeWithSwag · 13/03/2020 17:24

Both DC are at uni....face to face lectures have stopped and online only. I understand one uni has cancelled lectures and May exams.

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