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Are you avoiding non essential social events?

88 replies

PapercraftNinja · 13/03/2020 15:29

I’m not sure how cautious to be at this point in time. I don’t work in a city centre but aware it seems to be business as usual..

Supposed to be going into a city centre tomorrow for friends bday lunch. I’m driving so avoiding public transport, but what would you do? Are you generally carrying on attending things as normal?

OP posts:

OrangeSamphire · 13/03/2020 17:25

Nope. My son has a neurological disability and epilepsy, which puts him in a high risk group (according to the US CDC, our own useless government have told us nothing).

We both work from home and live by the sea so why would we take the risk. My eldest is autistic so we're pretty used to social distancing anyway.

We can keep ourselves busy for months at home. We like each other's company. And, well, FaceTime will do if we really feel the need to see other people's faces.


countdowntonap · 13/03/2020 17:25

In my local pub which is heaving - much busier than usual, and everyone is packed in! Must be getting in the last few outings before potential lock down!


Fivefourthree · 13/03/2020 17:25

It's difficult. We've been told to carry on as normal unless we're not well.
There's pressure from both directions.
I am cautiously going out and about. I think unless you isolate yourself completely it's going to be impossible to avoid exposure.
And that is what we have been told to do.
Not that I trust our government any more than the next person


ErrolTheDragon · 13/03/2020 17:29

We started avoiding nonessential social events a few weeks ago - earlier than I thought necessary but DH has a few health conditions and I'd never have forgiven myself if I'd endangered him unnecessarily.
So, shopping at quiet times, and walking in parks or countryside, giving people we pass a wide berth.

Fortunately I WFH anyway, so I'm interacting with colleagues as much as ever.


thenightsky · 13/03/2020 17:33

DH's work have announced they are closing all offices as of today and no employee is to travel for work at all. All meetings by Skype now. He mostly works from home anyway, so not much change for him.


Vargas · 13/03/2020 17:33

I'm not avoiding them, but I won't be booking up any new ones. I went to the theatre in London last night and it was packed. But I don't interact with any older people or people with compromised health. Plus DH commutes and I have 3 kids at school so I'm kind of assuming we're all going to get it.


thisusernameismine · 13/03/2020 17:34

I've cancelled/postponed my 40th celebrations until July. Was meant to be next Saturday but too worried about my mum and sis being exposed. Sad times but just doesn't feel worth the risk.


TheSheepofWallSt · 13/03/2020 17:50

Have sort of started to distance a bit.

I’m working from home and reducing the amount of time DS is at nursery. Will pull him out as soon as we have local cases of the virus.

Will still take him to the park etc. but thinking of cancelling gymnastics tomorrrow and there won’t be cinema/ meals out etc for the foreseeable.

He has asthma and I’m a LP- but tbh I’m more worried about our being quarantined than I am out being ill.


BearBearBearBear · 13/03/2020 17:53

I was supposed to be going to Kensington tomorrow eve for a party then staying in a hotel. Would have meant 2 hr train and 30min tube. I've cancelled. A few who also live in London have cancelled too.

I'm in Yorkshire now and we t to the local McDonald's after school as we often do in a Friday and it was deserted which was very surreal.

Was going to go to a local restaurant tomorrow night with DH as already have childcare but not sure if we will.

Work have cancelled all F2F meetings unless business critical (I wfh anyway so only the school run at the moment)


Flixsfoilball · 13/03/2020 19:36

Mostly carrying on as normal (dinners, visiting friends, the local pub, going to work etc) but have decided not to travel into London to go to the theatre tomorrow - train, tube, restaurant, theatre, tube, train - that's a lot of random people to mix with for a totally non essential outing, and would involve going through some big tourist hotspots as well.

I'm not panicking at all and we have had a few discussions about whether we should just go, but I have a parent with one lung and couldn't live with myself if they ended up getting it because we went to a bloody musical...


squeekums · 14/03/2020 06:10

For people saying carrying on as normal at what point would / will you change your behaviour

Honestly? When it's mandated by law to not go anywhere, with the risk of jail.
I won't live in lockdown as a low risk person when I don't technically have too. Why add stress before I have too, add anxiety before I have too?
Our schools are open, no talk from dd school about closing, in fact just 2 notes since corona started, sports days still going ahead, whole town is business as usual, even the caravan park is full


HasaDigaEebowai · 14/03/2020 06:13

Yes of course we're avoiding non essential social events. If you don't you are part of the problem.


autumnleaves15 · 14/03/2020 06:20

Where I live everything is more or less normal. I'm still at work, still in the gym every day. No plans have been made to work from home and the gym will remain open unless a member tests positive.

The supermarkets are low on the usual items. I'm not panic buying. Weekly weekend shop and some extra milk etc during the week.

I'm not showing any symptoms and won't stay off work unless I get ill or it closes. I will be crawling the walls if I'm stuck and home so I'm enjoying my freedom now.

I also don't have any vulnerable family so I'm not stressed but I get why some people are getting worried.


middleager · 14/03/2020 06:21

Agree with Hasa


Sparkletastic · 14/03/2020 06:40

Taking a pragmatic approach at this stage. Went for a meal with 2 friends in a quiet village pub last night but have cancelled cocktails in a busy bar in Brighton today. I'm asthmatic, have elderly parents (one with a heart condition) and work in the NHS.


YgritteSnow · 14/03/2020 06:45

I live in London. I am walking my dog and thats about it. We never had a jumping social life before that anyway so it doesn't feel like a massive hardship. No public transport, attempting to stand a metre plus away from others. Dd being in school as our vulnerable point and I am agonising whether to pull her out or not,


Alwaysreadyforbed · 14/03/2020 06:46

I’m going to the cinema today. I’m expecting it to be empty


DirtyDancing · 14/03/2020 06:47

Everyone dropped out of a planned local
Drinks last night. No one fancies crowded pub. I didn’t push for it to close, but glad it was really. Cancelled meeting friends next week in central London.


feelingverylazytoday · 14/03/2020 06:48

I don't really have a social life but I am cutting down on my activities, just going to the shops, and taking my daughter on walks and to her daycentre. I've stopped swimming, which I'm gutted about but I want to reduce social contact, and in any case I need the extra money for food in case we get sick or have to lockdown. Giving up my weekly bottle of wine for the same reason.


LoveIsLovely · 14/03/2020 06:51

I'm in Korea and honestly I find it shocking that people in the UK are just carrying on as normal.

We're now seeing reduced numbers of infections and I'd say a lot of that is the fact that people have been staying in for the past two weeks or more.

I don't really get why people still don't think this is serious. It spreads fast - the fact that one woman here spread it to hundreds of members of her cult is proof of that. Most of the cases here remain in that area. After we saw that, most here were responsible and stopped going out unless necessary.

I feel like British people are in for a big shock in a couple of weeks.


Queenscake · 14/03/2020 06:58

Just do as told , carry on life as normal... oh wait... we also been told it was just a flu...


frumpety · 14/03/2020 07:01

I am planning to meet a couple of friends next week, no public transport involved. So still making plans, but a lot can change in a week and only making plans that can be re-arranged if necessary. I think that is all you can do at the moment.


Daphine2004 · 14/03/2020 07:04

My partner and I are self isolating for seven days as developed new coughs. This then means my five year old and six month old can’t go into school or childcare as we have nobody to take them. All of our friends with children locally have full cars so they’re unable to do the school and nursery run.

Once seven days are up, depending on our symptoms (and advice at the time) we will enter the world again.


Biancadelrioisback · 14/03/2020 07:05

I think we're just going to carry on doing the most we can do within the guidelines. So as it stands, I'm not cancelling anything or avoiding anything. I am making sure to wash my hands better and use hand San after being on the bus etc. Im still seeing friends, I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and on a hen do next weekend.


Carrie7469 · 14/03/2020 07:05

I work in a city centre so don’t have much choice. I haven’t noticed it being less busy than normal

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