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Any diabetics worried about COVID19?

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Redrover87 · 11/03/2020 15:59

I’m 32 and have been type 1 since I was 9. I would say I control it well and this reflects in my notes eg HBa1c test

I’ve read that the mortality rate for diabetics is 9.6% which is scary and it’s also the second most high risk group under cardiovascular illnesses.

My question is, does it matter how well controlled I am? As I always thought I’d live a long and healthy life just the same as anybody else as long as I kept my levels stable. Or am I basically fucked because I’m diabetic?

Should I self isolate now or be thinking about it in the coming weeks?

For background, I rarely get ill and when I do it’s only for a couple of days (never been hospitalised) so I would say this is a sign of a good immune system. Could anybody shed some light on how dangerous this is for me?

I’d also love to hear from any other diabetics (type1 or 2) on how they’re feeling about all of this.

Sorry for my rambling, I’m just freaking myself out a bit especially after reading about the 56 year old woman with diabetes who died today on Bali from COVID19.
I’m also a single mother to a 2 year old so I’m worried about leaving her if it gets serious and I have to be hospitalised or worse.

Thanks for reading my ramblings !Grin

OP posts:

BovaryX · 21/03/2020 11:11

I love it! I've been on a pump for almost four years now. I also have the Libre and miao miao connected to my Fitbit so it alarms when I'm hypo or high

Great that it's working well for you. I have heard good things about the libre, but must confess, I have never heard of the miaow miaow. What is that?


WreckTangled · 21/03/2020 11:21

It's a third party product the sticks to the libre and automatically reads it every five minutes so you don't have to scan it. It alarms if you're low or high too.

Any diabetics worried about COVID19?

BovaryX · 21/03/2020 11:36

Wow that's excellent!


ch3rrycola · 21/03/2020 21:20

Same @Bloke23 scary times


AbsentmindedWoman · 21/03/2020 21:30

Checking in with my fellow diabetics! Hope everyone is okay.

Things are really quite scary now here in New York, the surge has started to happen on the hospitals. I'm working on staying as calm as possible.

@BovaryX I love my insulin pump too, it's an amazing tool. My sugars are really changeable and I could never get rid of the spikes with Levemir as my basal with injecting. Pumping is a total game changer!


abbey44 · 24/03/2020 13:22

Hi, I'm T1 (25+ years), on injections, and my sugars are running really high at the moment. Could be stress, or (more likely) the fact that I'm eating more carbs than usual. I've been keeping to myself quite strictly for a couple of weeks now, only going out to walk my dog in places I won't meet anyone, but I'm getting a bit worried about what's going to happen when I run out of food - haven't been able to get a delivery booked for a while now, and obviously none available for the foreseeable future, all the supermarket helplines permanently engaged... It's my cat that is running out the fastest, and she's such a fussy bugger - I tried her with roast chicken this morning and she just looked at it and turned her nose up. I can cope with the social isolation ok (I have plenty of books and stuff to keep me busy), that doesn't bother me so much, but I do worry about my animals starving.


Gingerkittykat · 24/03/2020 13:38

T2, last HBA1C was around 9, diabetic nurse said I would need to go onto insulin if I couldn't get it down in 3 months. My appointments over the past couple of weeks for bloods and review have been cancelled.

I am obviously worried but wonder how many of the diabetic deaths are due to other factors too. I don't have any cardiovascular or circulatory or kidney disease which would obviously put me at higher risk.

I'm fasting twice a week right now to try and get sugars down a bit.


WreckTangled · 24/03/2020 13:55

We got our cat food from amazon.

Ginger that's poor. NHS England have advised that all diabetic bloods run as normal and I would be querying it. You should have your bloods taken and a follow up phone consultation as that really is quite a high hba1c and high sugar levels are what makes it harder for you to fight infection. Fasting and low carb have great health benefits I bet you're doing great!

My friend went to Tesco this morning and said it was a lot quieter than it has been so hopefully it won't be so bad from now on. I'm lucky to have mine booked and DH is happy to go if need be.


Gingerkittykat · 24/03/2020 14:57

Interesting about diabetic bloods but since I'm self isolating due to the diabetes I am happy to leave it for now and just test at home to keep as much control as I can on a day to day basis.


WreckTangled · 24/03/2020 15:24

Fair enough. I'm hoping that being home will mean better control for me although I just went up to 10 after lunch 😭 so frustrating.


Redrover87 · 29/03/2020 22:41

Hi everyone, I’ve just read this and it had some really useful info about T1s with good control

Any diabetics worried about COVID19?
Any diabetics worried about COVID19?
OP posts:

ch3rrycola · 29/03/2020 23:05

That's good to read thank you @Redrover87


NervousInYorkshire · 28/04/2020 17:19

Just a heads up that I've just found out I'm in the shielding group - my GP says it's solely because I'm on insulin (I'm type 2 diabetic).

My letter didn't arrive, so I didn't know until today that I'm under 'extremely vulnerable ' rather than just 'vulnerable' - I've been super social distancing/getting everything delivered anyhow and think I can manage with not going out past the garden for a while..


NervousInYorkshire · 28/04/2020 17:23

I am slightly [eek] that my small hours panic on page 2 was actually justified (in my case at least) though and I didn't realise til now.


WreckTangled · 28/04/2020 17:28

I really don't get any of this. I'm type one and am working in an office with goodness knows how many people including clinical people who are visiting covid positive patients. Nothing I've read says I'm at any more risk of catching it than anyone else. So confusing.


Whatsthis1515 · 28/04/2020 17:59

I genuinely suspect your GP is wrong. I am type 1 diabetic and today had my (over the phone) consultation and I asked the diabetic nurse who said no, diabetics are not being shielded based on diabetes alone.


Whatsthis1515 · 28/04/2020 18:00

Ps. I am still working


ChestyNut · 28/04/2020 18:23

Wreck diabetes alone does not automatically put you in the sheilding group.
We have type 1 staff giving face to face NHS care.


Whatsthis1515 · 28/04/2020 18:29

Exactly. I'm a type 1 diabetic teacher and going into my school 2 days a week to cover key worker's children


WreckTangled · 28/04/2020 18:34

I know chesty I mean the information is confusing everyone, with some diabetics on the fb groups get to shielding letters. I didn't mean I'm confused Grin although in my trust they have moved all type ones to admin roles if possible.


NervousInYorkshire · 28/04/2020 18:36

I suspect the fact my hba1c has been far too high for years (eight, to be precise, with only my last test in December being ok) might have something to do with it too? I had a quick look at one of the diabetes forums earlier, and it seemed the only people mentioning being shielded were type 2s with poor control/high levels.


WreckTangled · 28/04/2020 18:51

The guidance the GP's had said that people with an hba1c over 9 and/or poor compliance should get a letter to shield but I think that may have been changed AGAIN to say no need.


MARMITEcheese2020 · 29/04/2020 00:08

Does anyone have a link for the stats. I need to send to my friend. Her and her dh are diabetic and don't appreciate the dangers. Going out daily to DIY stores, range supermarkets etc. It ended up a total of 10 times to a DIY store in 1 week because they just had to have ornaments etc for the garden! And a water feature. I've tried to tell them ns they just say they got to make the most of it. They have. 3yr old too. It's frustrating but I'm so scared for them


WreckTangled · 29/04/2020 06:40

What type diabetes do they have? Any statistic you can have is mainly going to be type 2 however that alone shouldn't be a greater risk. People dying tend to have an average of 2.7(I think) underlying conditions.


MARMITEcheese2020 · 29/04/2020 17:58

I'm not sure. Tbh I didn't know they had it until she said they had shielding letter. I've never seen them watch what they eat ever! Crisps chocolate junk food everything

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