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Any diabetics worried about COVID19?

127 replies

Redrover87 · 11/03/2020 15:59

I’m 32 and have been type 1 since I was 9. I would say I control it well and this reflects in my notes eg HBa1c test

I’ve read that the mortality rate for diabetics is 9.6% which is scary and it’s also the second most high risk group under cardiovascular illnesses.

My question is, does it matter how well controlled I am? As I always thought I’d live a long and healthy life just the same as anybody else as long as I kept my levels stable. Or am I basically fucked because I’m diabetic?

Should I self isolate now or be thinking about it in the coming weeks?

For background, I rarely get ill and when I do it’s only for a couple of days (never been hospitalised) so I would say this is a sign of a good immune system. Could anybody shed some light on how dangerous this is for me?

I’d also love to hear from any other diabetics (type1 or 2) on how they’re feeling about all of this.

Sorry for my rambling, I’m just freaking myself out a bit especially after reading about the 56 year old woman with diabetes who died today on Bali from COVID19.
I’m also a single mother to a 2 year old so I’m worried about leaving her if it gets serious and I have to be hospitalised or worse.

Thanks for reading my ramblings !Grin

OP posts:

NervousInYorkshire · 15/03/2020 18:34

@ChickenNugget86 - could you take slow release metformin (assuming the side effects are digestion-related, that seems to be the most common issue)?


ChickenNugget86 · 15/03/2020 18:41

@NervousInYorkshire - I've been told to take metformin 500mg with my evening meal, have food no later then 7pm and drink lots of water and exercise.

I've been on them for a week now and have diarrhoea and sickness in the mornings. My blood levels went higher for 3 days but only just started to go below 5.3.

I am seeing the diabetic Dr tomorrow so will see what they suggest. I'm trying really hard with the diet but missing carbs. I'm just a bit worried about taking insulin


WreckTangled · 15/03/2020 19:00

Poor you chicken. It must be a worrying time for you. Levels tend to go high in the morning for us diabetics because of all the hormones rushing around first thing, I would guess it's similar in gestational diabetes. You don't have too long left so I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Aldi does a really nice low carb fettuccine and I love cottage pie with mashed cauliflower on top Smile


WreckTangled · 15/03/2020 20:12

I wonder if this is going to be us and if I'll still be allowed to work 🤔

Any diabetics worried about COVID19?

ch3rrycola · 15/03/2020 21:16

Wouldn't it be crazy if all type 1s had to self isolate for 4 months in full pay. Hahaha as if


SylvanianFrenemies · 15/03/2020 21:27

Just joining in. T1 for 24y, 40 something years old. I have epilepsy too (joy!), the medication for which is immunosuppressive.

My control is good, so trying to be positive. I'm going to call my diabetes team tomorrow for advice about work etc. Thinking we may withdraw DCs from school/nursery too.


SylvanianFrenemies · 15/03/2020 21:28

I could get on board with that @ch3rrycola!


WreckTangled · 15/03/2020 21:29

It wouldn't be full pay though would it, it would depend on your works sick pay policy. I think they should be encouraging social distancing for everyone really, I can manage that at work.


ch3rrycola · 15/03/2020 23:13

Yeah and I def couldn't afford to live on SSP so will never happen. I work in a train station but less people using it now. Be interesting to see the footfall tomorrow.


Redrover87 · 15/03/2020 23:17

I’m a cleaner on a zero hour contract, I’ve been asked this week to up my hours as the offices I clean for want deep cleaning every day now. I said yes as it’s an opportunity to earn more money for when/if we go into lockdown and I don’t get anymore money.

However I’m a little worried about whether I’m putting myself at risk by working everyday. I’m 50/50 on whether or not to take the extra hours

OP posts:

ChickenNugget86 · 15/03/2020 23:35

@WreckTangled - thank you. It must be very worrying for you guys who live with the condition.

I'm still getting over the news really. My blood test came back fine after the glucose drink but they diagnosed me with GD after I went over the fasting reading on the day should be 5.3 but was 5.5. Only had one test, next thing I know I'm doing a diabetic workshop and given a prick machine to test my blood for a week. The machine gives me a variety of results so don't know what to believe. On my last scan the baby was on the smaller side. Sounds like I'll be induced because of having GD but won't know for a few more weeks.

My midwife seems to think I may not have it but better to be safe than sorry. My work colleague is diabetic and said my readings are great after food so my head is all over the place. They haven't really explained GD to me and things like the spike etc... So had to go to the other side at my hospital and speak to the diabetic midwife for more info.


ch3rrycola · 16/03/2020 07:33

@Redrover87 I would. Also a cleaner at the station so lots of people. I've taken on two 12 hrs shifts this week usually do 37.5 a week. Taking any overtime I can in case end up on SSP. In the offices you should be ok, keep away from anyone you think is sick and wear your gloves, wash hands as usual. Us cleaners are used to have red raw sore hands! Wink


Redrover87 · 16/03/2020 12:06

@ch3rrycola funnily enough I used to work at a train station (Lincolnshire area) on the Gate lines checking tickets and also selling them on the platform. It’s definitely riskier than what I’m doing now as you are constantly around people and touching money etc

Yes my plan is to save like mad now with these extra shifts and then when we inevitable close I’ll have funds available

OP posts:

Redrover87 · 16/03/2020 12:10

@ChickenNugget86 what are your readings showing after meals on average? When I had DD I was wracked with anxiety about complications to do with my blood sugar so I totally understand how you’re feeling.

I did my best to keep my bloods at the right level but they regularly went up to 12/13/14 etc, my DD was born at 37 weeks (induced) 7lb 1oz so perfect weight and we went home the next day. If yours is going up to 5/6/7 then I really wouldn’t worry as I said mine were a lot higher and I still had a healthy DD.

But i remember the hospital were awful for ramping up my anxiety, every appointment with the midwives they would tell me I had a higher chance of stillbirth etc if I could go back I’d have told them to stop as it didn’t help me at all. They are very over cautious but sometimes this can make you over worry.

I hope it all goes well anyway, I’m sure it will xx

OP posts:

Number3or4 · 16/03/2020 12:47

Hi, I got type 1 and I’m also 32 Grin. My sugar is currently well controlled as I’m 30 weeks pregnant. For me there is nothing better for my diabetes than a pregnancy according to my dsis. I’m thinking of taking early maternity leave from my part time job. But dc still need to be taken to school and the school has just sent out a notification of the 48hr rule of no vomiting before a child is allowed back to school and how they not happy with children being sent to school sick. If parents are sending vomiting children to school, can I trust them to keep children with this new virus at home?


WreckTangled · 16/03/2020 13:42

I've just checked my work sickness pay and I get four months full pay and four months half pay increasing to five months each from the end of April so I should be ok if I get isolated. I realise I'm very fortunate to be in this position though.


NervousInYorkshire · 16/03/2020 17:32

"Whitty the social distancing measures announced today will protect the NHS.

He says people who are over 70 or who have a significant health condition are being asked to take even greater care. That is to reduce the risk of their having to go to hospital and to protect their health. He says these are people over 70 and people who would normally be asked to have flu injections"

(17:10 update)



Number3or4 · 16/03/2020 19:15

Who will take our children to school? Or will they be allowed stay home with us? I think I will need to have a word with dc school and ask for a study pack that their school has said they had prepared. Dh is a nurse so it will be odd for him to be off and my dc are only in year 1 and nursery. So things should be simple hopefully. Or do I need to search for childcare ASAP for drop off and pick up. Yes, I’m a social hermit and don’t interact with others at the school playground.


12help34please56 · 16/03/2020 19:18

Is taking them in late and collecting them early an option - social distancing rather than isolating perhaps but better than nothing?


WreckTangled · 16/03/2020 19:22

I'm reading it as social distancing rather than isolating. I'm not sure what that means for work. I'm nhs in the community and go to a different school each day seeing 20ish children at a time. I'm assuming it just means so pubs, cinema, theatres etc?


Number3or4 · 17/03/2020 07:19

Wow so I had a reply from my dc school attendance officer (an email at 9.30pm). It basically said if I choice to self isolate then it makes sense that my children self isolate with me. At least until Easter. Afterwards she said if I need to continue self isolating then we will make a plan.

Luckily dbro offered to come live with us temporarily while his university is closed for Easter and take my dc to and from school. His university closed early for Easter last week. He is also unlike to get any shifts as his work shift have already been cancelled (he is a part time waiter on zero hours work contract). He is not expecting payment from me but what should I give to thank him?


NervousInYorkshire · 19/03/2020 16:09

Went to pick up my testing strips. Not there.
Called the surgery; receptionist told me it's 'not due til the end of May' and that's that.

Ordered a backup box on Amazon, but it's going to get pricey :/


WreckTangled · 19/03/2020 16:11

I would have challenged that. They can't limit diabetes supplies to type one diabetics. The receptionists who do the prescriptions probably can't authorise it but they should have sent it to the gp to do.


NervousInYorkshire · 19/03/2020 16:15

I'm a type 2 (on insulin/get hypos).

I'm going to call again tomorrow when I'm at less risk of bursting into tears again at them 🤦‍♀️


WreckTangled · 19/03/2020 16:28

Ah ok. Being on insulin should give you the same rights though. Definitely ring and explain.

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