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How likely is it that schools will close?

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user246854 · 07/03/2020 16:37

What's the likelihood of them actually closing down all schools anytime soon ?

Luckily for me if they do I won't be massively affected as I work in primary school but can't help thinking about the parents it will affect.

If I'm able to (if we're allowed out etc) I will definitely offer to help out with childcare (I.e Dd classmates Mum is a single parent and a nurse) so others can continue

OP posts:

Devlesko · 08/03/2020 19:17

On the contrary, where I am wrong correct me, there are a range of views between tin hat and sheeple.
Of course nobody knows for certain and there are varying trajectories.

Some of us wanted to close the gate before the horse bolted.
Others don't take this approach and complain they have to chase the horse.
We do know that people are dying and more will do.
I'm not sure that everyone knows what mild to moderate illness actually means.
Personally, I do believe that schools should have closed and us have gone into shutdown 2 weeks ago.
Our kids will come home at Easter, mix with families for the holiday, most likely older people, some even go abroad, if they don't receive quarantine.
I see worst case scenario, not as a pessimist ot tin hat brigade, but because we have relied on children to wash their hands to contain this.


Hoik · 08/03/2020 19:27

Mild to moderate cases include pneumonia, we aren't looking at a bad case of flu here.

The WHO have stated that around 80% of patients will experience mild to moderate symptoms. For some of those patients this will include pneumonia but not all of that 80% will get pneumonia and, of the ones who do, most will not require hospital treatment and will be able to self-care at home the same as they would for any other illness. Around 15% will develop a severe case however, again, not all of them will develop pneumonia and not all will require a stay in hospital. Around 5% will develop a severe case requiring intensive treatment.

For most people (i.e., the 80%) it will be comparable with flu in terms of how ill they will feel and how long it will take them to recover.

COVID-19 is worrying because it is new so next to no one has any immunity to it, aside from good hand hygiene and isolated infected people/suspected infected people we don't have any specific prevention methods such as a vaccine, due to it being viral we can't fight it with antibiotics, and the most vulnerable members of our society are at great risk. But this is not the apocalypse, we're not living through a real life version of The Stand. Some commonsense is needed, not the levels of hysteria being whipped up in the media and online. It's a virus. People are going to get sick and, very sadly, some of those people may die but it is not going to wipe out humanity and it is not going to put hundreds of thousands people into intensive care whilst law and order breaks down in the streets outside. We can all do our part - don't stockpile 700 bog rolls, wash your hands, stay away from sick people, self-isolate if you're showing symptoms and report it to 111, calm the fuck down and get your shit together, follow the latest health advice.


Hoik · 08/03/2020 19:35

Children don't tend to get sick with COVID-19 and there have been no deaths in the under 10s. Closing schools without taking any other actions makes no sense as you'd then have those children out and about with their parent(s), grandparents, babysitter, etc. as they take them places to keep them entertained, there would be more people mingling not less.

I remember the Swine Flu panic in 2009. We were told by the news that schools would have to close, bodies would have to be stored for months on end as they wouldn't be able to carry out funerals fast enough due to staff shortages through illness and service demand, mass graves would need to be considered, the army would have to be called in to maintain law and order, workplaces would close down, there would be food shortages, bins wouldn't be emptied as all the collectors would be sick, and so on. None of it came to pass. People got sick (over 700,000 in the outbreak) and there were people who were quarantined because they had it, just like self-isolation now, but life carried on and the worst case scenario came nowhere near the reality.

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