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Special ttc diets

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Natty1806 · 02/11/2006 13:35


As AF is due yet again in a few days i have decided this month to try a really healthy approach to ttc starting with the food that i eat.

I am going to avoid caffine (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, chocolate), booze, packet foods.

I cannot afford organic foods, how much of a difference do you think this will have?

I am going to try wholemeal foods (bread, pasta) lots of fruit and veg.

Is there anything else i need to know and does anyone know anyone who has fallen pregnant by changing there diet?

I am aiming to do this for 4 weeks and then as it will be December and Chritmas parties etc i think it will all go out the window then.

If anyone also wants to join in with me and help motivate me when the caffine and toxins are calling then please feel free.

sorry if i have rambled, one of those days.

Thanks for reading x

OP posts:
ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:25

MrsMc - Don't be worrying yourself about it!! I don't eat too much fibre anyway.

MrsMcJnr · 14/11/2006 11:05

I am really enjoying the Zita West book. There is a whole section on nutrition but there is so much to take in that I'll have to read it again before I pass on any of the info. One thing though, Natty remember we were talking about acidic fruits and wondering about grapefruit juice? it appears that they are not as acidic as oranges. Also, carbonated drinks are apparently extremely acidic, no more for me, at all.

Any one else reading anything or have any more food tips?

ready4motherhood · 14/11/2006 17:46

What is the Zita West book called??? Going to get the TW one after Christmas too (hoping I might get some book tokens from Father Christmas)

I have a food tip by the way! Don't let MrsMcJnr introduce you to the wonder that is HotelChocolat!!!!!!! I have told MIL about the crackers and have made a list of some dribbleworthy things that I shall buy when I am next in the Arndale!!!!!! Shame on you MrsMc - don't you know I have no self restraint

MrsMcJnr · 15/11/2006 14:55

The book's called Zita West's Guide To Getting Pregnant. It was published last year but I think it is the latest one. I loved the TW book for temping advice and how to read fertility signs, it is fab but this one is really good on nutrition and complimentary therapies. There is so much to take on board but I figure that even if I make small changes every day (like not resting my laptop on my lap or carrying my mobile in my pocket) then it's all good.

Would really love to hear what others think of it and how the advice has helped?

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