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Pregnancy test changed from neg to pos overnight

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celandine · 19/01/2004 10:40

I took a test yesterday afternoon and it was negative after 3-4 mins (the recommended time to look was 3 mins) so I binned it. Today, out of sheer curiousity, I look again, and it's showing a faint positive line. I also binned a neg test which I took at 5 dpo (I know, I know) and it's still negative.

Can I interpret this newly developed line as a positive? I'm now about 11 dpo, I've got loads of symptoms and I'm pretty much convinced I'm pregnant but obviously am desperate to know for sure.

OP posts:

twiglett · 19/01/2004 10:45

message withdrawn


Beccarollover · 19/01/2004 10:46

They say that any result after a certain time should be ignored BUT i have had the experience before and I was pregnant - I thought maybe that there wasnt quite enough HCG to detect it but over time it had picked it up??

I dont know really but I wouldnt take it for defninite either way - I would get another test - do it first thing in the morning and see what that one says

What brand of test was it?


popsycal · 19/01/2004 10:49

do another one
boots own make are good
i am not a fan of clearblue myself


celandine · 19/01/2004 11:04

It was a cheap internet site test. I'm not sure of the brand but I used them with my last pregnancy and they were very accurate so I do trust them.

The cut off time to interpret results is 8 minutes but I can't help feeling curiousm particularly as the other test still reads neg. I shall definitely take another test ordered some more tests which should arrive tomorrow. My ds is only 6 months old - any pregnancy would be totally unplanned!!

OP posts:

M2T · 19/01/2004 11:26

With this pregnancy I did a boots own test which was negative so binned it. I took it out of the bin half an hour, perhaps an hour later and it was a faint positive...... I am now nearly 12 wks pregnant. So IME yes it can take a while for a +ve to appear sometimes, expecially when the HCG hormone level is low.

Good luck either way. If it's any comfort to you my Mum got pg with me when my sister was 6 mths old.


celandine · 19/01/2004 13:15

I've just found out that this line may be an 'evaporation line', which is when your urine dries up and leaves a very faint line AFTER the specified time is up. I've never heard of this before.

OP posts:

Quackers · 19/01/2004 13:40

It could be either! An evap line or positive. I took my test 11 DPO and I didn't see a line for ages, put it in the bin and checked a little while later - now 13 weeks! I did feel pg and had confidence that I was right. Took another the next day and it appeared a little quicker!

Good luck, hope it's good news!


celandine · 19/01/2004 13:54

Thanks Quackers! I can't help hoping that it's positive despite the shock (don't know if dh will feel the same though).

Apparently evaporation lines are meant to be colourless but mine definitely has a pink tinge so chances are it's a BFN.

OP posts:

M2T · 19/01/2004 13:57

Whats a BFN? I'm a bit slow today!!

Don't you have another test you can do just now??? The suspense is killing me!!


melsy · 19/01/2004 14:08

The HCG levels are supposed to double each day, so if u have had a gap of 48hrs or so after the previous test, chances are, if positive, it should show up more.

Clearblue now do a test that syas PREGNANT/NOT PREGNANT.

Good luck


celandine · 19/01/2004 14:08

M2T, oops - I meant to write BFP (Big Fat Positive) as opposed to BFN (Big Fat Negative). Looks like I'm the slow one, not you It's just a term some other forums used and I picked it up. I was totally stumped with all these acronyms at first but now it's like a second language.

Sorry to keep you waiting !! - If I'd not been so impulsive and used my last 2 tests between 5dpo and 10dpo I'd have one left to use now. I just couldn't wait!

My other tests (Acon) are arriving tommorow so I'll do it again then.

I really do feel pregnant though, with stretchy kind of twinges in my lower back which I had in my first pregnancy. I am quite confident that I am

OP posts:

suzywong · 19/01/2004 14:10

Do you have that super-keen sense of smell thing (just curious)


M2T · 19/01/2004 14:11

Celandine - lol. I hope you are coz everyone is Congratulating you on the other thread!!!


celandine · 19/01/2004 14:14

Suzywong, no super-sensitivity to smells , but I never had that before either. My symptoms are:

gloopy discharge
breast twinges
period-type cramps
achey feeling deep in inner-lowerback region, IYKWIM!

OP posts:

suzywong · 19/01/2004 14:17

better get choosing names then


M2T · 19/01/2004 14:20

Oooooooo you might be able to start the October thread!! When was your last AF??


melsy · 19/01/2004 14:22

what about these

Metal taste in mouth
A feeling of being outside your body
A dragging in the body downwards

I know they sound strange, but I knew immdiately as was 2nd time in 6 weeks.


celandine · 19/01/2004 14:23

Ok, I'm confusing myself and everyone by having 2 threads going on the same topic so I'm stopping this one now before everyone has to duplicate their posts!

I'll just post on this subject on my original post of conceiving accidentally from withdrawal mnethod (oops).

OP posts:

melsy · 19/01/2004 14:24

Are you sure they are not ovulation symptoms. I had the same symptoms before my naughty episode on your other thread.I never got them before baby around ovulation.


M2T · 19/01/2004 14:24

I didn't get any of these symptoms until I was about 6wks! Was starting to get worried about my lack of symptoms. All I had was period pain-like cramps. The sickness and funny tastes soon kicked in to remind me that I was pregnant!


celandine · 19/01/2004 14:39

M2T - I had lots of symptoms at the start of my first pregnancy, the same as I have now. Then 6 weeks into it all my symptoms went (apart from dreadful spotty skin) and I was symptom-free until I was 6 months gone. I had no sickness or anything, just the odd pelvic twinge.

OP posts:

M2T · 19/01/2004 14:58

Celandine - I found out I was pregnant this time 5 days before my AF was due. So it was only 10 days after conception, but technically I was 3.5 wks pregnant! So frustrating finding out that early. The sickness started about 3 wks after conception, but up until then I had had what I thought were pretty normal Premenstrual twinges and mood swings! I'm 11+3 now and the sickness has gone. In fact..... like you said, I don't seem to have any symptoms now! Hopefully the only one I have from now on is feeling the baby moving.

Good luck.... still wish you'd pop out and buy and over the counter test.... ... boots sell then at £8.99 for 2 and they famously detect it very early..... not that I'm trying to push you into it or anything.


celandine · 19/01/2004 15:12

LOL - M2T, don't tempt me!! I would love to dash to Boots and it's only 20 mins walk away, but I have to wait in for a parcel dh is expecting (bet it doesn't arrive though and I could've gone out anyway)

OP posts:

Quackers · 19/01/2004 15:21

Can I be a real downer and say that very early on those internet tests have not had that much of a success on here so early on. I hope i don't speak out of turn but I don't want you to get a negative when you very likely could be positive! IMO you'll use your internet sticks double checking your possible pgcy in the next couple of weeks, so perhaps maybe you might feel like getting a test like clearblue or a first response. First response can detect a level of 20 HCG!!! Clearblue is 30 I think, so can be used early on!! Wishing you lots of luck!!!


M2T · 19/01/2004 15:25

M2t pokes her nose back onto this thread<

Boots own test.... .ahem....postive 5 days BEFORE AF due... The parcel won't come in the next 40 mins!!!!!

M2T disappears again

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