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Chronic pain

Hand pain and worries about work

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User23456 · 21/06/2021 14:14

I've got suspected arthritis in my right hand - I am right-handed and work on a computer all day.

It's most troublesome in my thumb joints. The other day at work I was struggling to get relief from it - tried paracetamol, voltarol cream and taping my thumb to my index finger to immobilise it. The meds/ cream didn't give me any relief and the taping up thing slowed me down. I tried using my mouse with my left hand but was useless! Taking ibuprofen hasn't helped much either.

I did my job, just about, but it was hard to concentrate. Now I am panicking in case I have to stop working. I need my job to pay my bills.

I'm waiting for an appointment for a scan and have had bloods/ x-rays done.

Has anyone had a similar experience, or recovered from hand pain/ hand arthritis? Or has any better pain management tips?

Thanks in advance.

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Redyellowpink · 21/06/2021 14:24

It's a bit left field but inwoukd really recommended reading John Sarno, the mind body prescription. It freed me from years of chronic pain. Good luck,hope this helps


User23456 · 21/06/2021 20:21

Thank you for recommending this redyellowpink - I will have a look for it.

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Ouchiehelpneeded · 21/06/2021 20:41

It might be worth getting an occ health referral from your HR team (if you work for a big enough company to have one). They could help you find approaches to help. Some examples here:

Good luck!


User23456 · 21/06/2021 22:07

Thanks Ouchie. My boss has referred me to our firm's Occupational Health dept and I'm waiting to hear from them. I think the worst part is now - with no definitive diagnosis, no treatment plan and waiting for the Occ Health people to get in touch. Hopefully things can only get better.

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Akire · 21/06/2021 22:26

Have you looked at various strap it up splints and glove type things? I second OH as even if they can’t find reason you may need few adaptions of things on yourself desk to help. Head controls touch pads voice activated lots of things that can be used.

Join us on chat thread if need some where let off steam.


Ethelfromnumber73 · 21/06/2021 22:32

How old are you OP? HRT has helped my joint pain quite a lot


User23456 · 21/06/2021 22:49

Ethelfrom73 - that is very interesting - I am 55, have been through the menopause, haven't taken anything for it as wasn't that troubled by night sweats or really bad hot flushes etc, but have been a bit grumpy/ ill-tempered, lol! However, I've noticed my hair is starting to thin. Lack of oestrogen, I understand. But this may be something I could look into - HRT. Thanks!

Akire - thanks, I feel encouraged by this. I was off work today but started trying to "learn" to use my mouse with my left hand and I think I'll be able to manage once I get used to it. Which chat page is the chat on?

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Akire · 21/06/2021 22:59


User23456 · 22/06/2021 03:27

Thanks Akire Flowers

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