CHRONIC PAIN - share your moans and achievements

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doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 16:50:32


This thread is to share the day to day... The moans, rants, fears, anger of day to day living with pain... And let's be positive where we can too... Little or big achievements.

I've had a tough day with my grumpy toddler who is obsessed with biting, he made my shoulder bleed today 😢

On the plus side, had a great pilates class and managed some tricky stuff despite feeling exhausted... I couldn't have done it unless my teacher was on Zoom telling me to hold it!

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Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 17:41:28

Thanks for daily thread. I’ve not done anything amazing today but did stay awake to get an Amazon parcel so that is something. Didn’t have the best night so wasn’t expecting a great day. Though it hasn’t been as bad I was expecting with the banging headache. So we shall take that as win.

Wondering what frozen surprise I will throw in the over for dinner.

SingToTheSky Wed 10-Mar-21 17:45:10

Thank you for setting this up!

Today’s moan is that my hip hurts although it feels a lot better than this morning (I did start a thread on that so I will go and check it)

Today’s achievement is that I am helping make dinner

doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 17:48:10

Wonderful - big welcome!

I'm waiting for nerve denervation (burn the nerves in my lower back) not this Friday but next. It's expected to give me a few months relief could even be up to a year! Amazing. I can't hope for that as I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

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doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 17:48:49

Do you ever use Cook? They have great frozen meals

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Namechange600 Wed 10-Mar-21 17:49:01

Thank you! Yesterday I presented to a very senior person at work and got great feedback. Despite having an adrenaline surge and feeling very unwell just before it, and have recently been diagnosed with more conditions (6 at the last count😞)

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 17:57:58

I’ve spent years trying various meals but not cook yet. Thought all fresh with cook and you had make yourself?

It’s huge problem to eat well when you can’t cook. Used to have lot more social care to help but thanks to cuts well that’s long story. There is more now than ever so you can avoid having scurvy just about!


Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 18:00:03

Well done @Namechange600 people have no idea what you are hiding at work. Most people would take the day off sick if felt like we do. Always good get feedback that you have done a good job.

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 18:04:01

Please check in with this thread if it’s daily or once a week or month. So we can all cheer you on. It’s space for anyone who needs feel someone else gets it. We don’t want it to be just for regulars who know each other well.
We are all starting off not knowing anyone very well. wine

Namechange600 Wed 10-Mar-21 18:18:56

@Akire thank you so much. This thread is such a lovely idea. No one understands unless they live with it everyday and battle on regardless xx

doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 18:30:41

Welcome, welcome one and all.

Thank you for joining. Hope this thread can help in a small way.

@Akire - no Cook isn't like Gousto or Hello fresh - it's a shop that sells frozen meals, they are a bit pricey but really good quality so even a couple a week would feel like a treat z I bought my sister a week's worth when she had a baby and she thought it was the best gift!

I'm lying in a bath, can temporarily not feel my back. Bliss.

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doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 18:31:03


Thank you! Yesterday I presented to a very senior person at work and got great feedback. Despite having an adrenaline surge and feeling very unwell just before it, and have recently been diagnosed with more conditions (6 at the last count😞)

That's wonderful!! Woooo 👏👏

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smellyolddog Wed 10-Mar-21 18:32:52

I managed a meeting, a 2 hour drive and a 2 hour meeting while dosed up on pain relief for the worse crippling endometriosis pains. I managed to hold a room of clients, and put forward an amazing case and win a new contract.. while dying and bleeding.

I came home stripped off boiled the hot water bottle drank a cuppa and went to bed in agony.

Up again today to now write up notes abs manage a team 🤦‍♀️

It's just exhausting.

doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 18:40:57

Gosh that's incredible. Wonder woman.

Will your workload ease or is this all the time?

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Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 18:46:24

@smellyolddog wow that’s a day and a half. Glad you could roll up in bed after. My womb sends sympathies!

smellyolddog Wed 10-Mar-21 18:58:14

@doadeer Yes I can take time out when needed as I'm the boss, so the flexibly is there and has been for the years where pain has increased.

Nobody questions or even knows if I'm out of office etc.

It's a rewarding place to be but some days if staff or clients knew the agony behind the smile I think they would be a bit shocked.

smellyolddog Wed 10-Mar-21 18:59:17

@Akire I'm planning the exit of mine! Hopefully this year she is being removed for good. I can't even begin to imagine the relief.

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 19:01:59

I had my TENS on so high last night I think it was vibrating! I’m counting down periods to the menopause....

Anyone got anything to cheer themselves up tonight? It’s not the best TV night ever

Rae36 Wed 10-Mar-21 19:08:22

I went for a 45 minute walk with a friend. The sun was shining and it was lovely. But after the first 20 minutes my arthritic big toes were hurting like mad and I really wanted to slow down so I could limp a bit more but she'd had a shitty day at work and was in a fast stomping along frame of mind so I kept going. And now I regret it. And she, of all my friends, would understand because she suffers from quite severe back pain on and off. But I didn't want to admit (to her or to me) that I couldn't walk quickly for 45 minutes. It's such a small ask of a mid-40s body really.

So that's my moan, my achievement is that I made it home and am now soaking my feet in some Epsom salts. Which doesn't cure anything but feels nice at the time.

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 19:17:07

That’s been a good friend indeed. Been pouring here all week I’m glad someone’s had the rain. I’ve never tried Epsom’s salts as don’t have a bath, do they dissolve or is the grittiness part of their charm?

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 19:17:24

Had the sun not the rain!

doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 19:26:05

@Rae36 I can't walk fast for 45 mins and I'm 31. Walking a mile is an achievement for me these days. I take my son to the park in the woods but I'm dosed up on gabapentin and I sometimes have a heat pack on under my jumper. I crawl up the stairs to my flat, get in the house and try not to cry. It's shit

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doadeer Wed 10-Mar-21 19:26:41

@Rae36 sorry meant to write I'm glad you're feeling some light relief ❤️

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Rae36 Wed 10-Mar-21 19:52:58

I know, my pain is not that bad compared to some. I've nothing to moan about really. And I usually don't, it doesn't make any difference anyway.

Akire Wed 10-Mar-21 19:54:59

Anything that stops you doing normal things is pain enough. Sounds like it had big impact on your day and probably tomorrow. That doesn’t sound like nothing.

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