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Your 7 year old boy will be getting what for Christmas?

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Teaandtonic · 22/11/2021 21:50

I remember seeing a toy mentioned recently on one of these threads, a box type thing maybe with flying components?! Really can't remember.

Anyway what are you getting your 7yo boys this year?

OP posts:
TheKeatingFive · 23/11/2021 11:26

Glad to see my 7 year old isn't alone in his Pokemon obsession. 😆

Wtf is it with that stuff. I don't get the appeal on any level.

MrsWhites · 23/11/2021 11:40

My 7 year is getting army figures, tank etc from Smyths.
Jurassic park/camp Cretaceous dinosaurs.
Football kit
Godzilla and Kong figures
Lego Jurassic world sets
Jurassic park monopoly

As you can tell he is dinosaur mad!

ThisMustBeMyDream · 23/11/2021 12:35

He is 6.5, but usually wants things his big brother has or likes! So far I have bought a big 250 piece jigsaw, Minecraft lego, Lego base plates (roads for the cars to go on), Hot Wheels cars, Mario Kart scaletrix (absolute bargain find at £30), Pj mask craft box, Horrid Henry book (can't stand it, but think it will encourage reading), I'll chose some more books too, Knex rollercoaster set, Lamborghini remote control car. Plus the usual sweets and chocolate stocking fillers.
I still have about £100 more to spend and considering from the following some dress up sets, gravitrax, vtech action cam, echo dot (kids one). He has written a christmas list which just consists of every paw patrol toy that ever existed! So I will get him one of those. I find it odd that he wants minecraft/mario/roblox stuff, given he has no console (neither him or his 9 year old brother do!).

Just before anyone thinks this is a lot, my parents send money to me, and so do my boyfriends family. Mine don't get physical gifts off anyone else, so all purchases are done by me.

IggyIggyIggy · 23/11/2021 17:11

My 7yo is getting

Mario kart for his switch
Lucky Japanese crystals
Japanese stationary
A koi feeding experience - which I need to book
Ty plush sliders
A waving lucky cat
Jelly cat whale
Walkie talkies
Bath bombs
iPad case
Lego Spider-Man lair set
Light up kit for above
Galaxy projector for his room

Then his main present from us, he's desperate for a synthesiser?! We have lessons booked starting tomorrow so if all goes well we will get him one.

Very useful thread Grin

Dirtystreetpie · 23/11/2021 17:21


sanityisamyth · 23/11/2021 17:25

Not a lot to be fair this year. I bought him a pony in February so that eats up spare cash!
I've got him a few small bits, and some clothes. He's going to Center Parcs 2 days after Christmas for his birthday so he'll have a good time there at least!

WakeUpLockie · 23/11/2021 17:29

DS is 6.5 so I’ll join:

Laser tag kit
Luigi’s Mansion game for switch
drawing book
Colouring book
Mario Lego
Stocking stuff of course

From grandparents : a backpack and books

Don’t know what others will get him!

Other ideas we had for him:
Colour your own pillow case
Board games (but we have all the good ones!)

BigGreen · 23/11/2021 17:38

Japanese Lego set
Knex tub
Jigsaw of cartoon animals
Star map poster
This 3D origami that I don't understand?! (Creagami)
Rory's story cubes
3 x lovely large, hard back illustrated fact books (£5 each from TKMaxx, total bargain).

Stocking stuff -
Washi tape
Bath crayons
Little wooden puzzle where you untangle the metal bead
Animals of Farthing Wood book

BigGreen · 23/11/2021 17:38

Budget was £100

MinnieJackson · 23/11/2021 18:04

Gooie Looie
Bath bombs
A small marvel Lego set
A Minecraft Lego set (£5 bargain I saw on here)
Polymer clay
Pop it toy
Kinetic sand
Billionaire boy book
Felt tip pens

theworstwife · 23/11/2021 18:19

Mario switch game
Pogo stick (😬)
Minecraft Lego
National geographic set
Mario aqua beads cube
Horrible histories book
Hotwires electronic set
Minecraft dressing gown

talkingtoclarry · 23/11/2021 18:27

My 6.75 yr old will be getting -
Lego Mario starter kit and two add on kits
Minecraft unofficial Lego figures
A globe
Books - Hairy McClary and hoping to find the Happy Families set at a good price.
Football and football trainer
Build your own volcano kit
Geode kit
New colouring pens
Nike training top
Various chocs in his stocking.

Blogdog · 23/11/2021 18:36

@TheKeatingFive sympathies. I have two Pokémon mega fans here who got into pokemon during lockdown and I feel like I’ve done a PHD in it. Don’t know what I had for dinner yesterday but I can tell you the max evolved form of a sobble and when it’s best to use a quickball. On the plus side because there’s two of them they tend to witter at each other rather than me most of the time.

My almost 7 year old will be getting:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Sleeping pikachu
Pokemon watch
Nerf gun
Hexbug battle bots
Thor hammer
Crystal growing lab

RaisinFlapjack · 23/11/2021 18:53

From us:

Pokemon stuff (onesie, plush)
Brio pinball
Slime set
Box of Lego

  • a family board game or two and stocking bits
FuzzyPenguin · 23/11/2021 18:54

Had to re pop back on here to join the Parents of the Pokémon group. DS7 is obsessed his room is a Pokémon shrine. And yes to knowing evolutions but not knowing where you put your keys.

curtains15 · 23/11/2021 19:05

Can anyone recommend some goods books I can get for Xmas? suitable for 7 and 8 year old. 8 year old is dyslexic so something I can read to them? got through a few David Williams books but would like something different?

user33323 · 23/11/2021 19:16


Minecraft Lego
Standard lego bricks
Hot wheels tickets (that was a MN find a month or two ago, younger DS will also be going and love this)
Minecraft game for switch
Mario game for switch
Football strip

The switch is about 5 years old and was actually originally mine but has been taken over by DS now who believes it to be his!

Was there a deal on the tickets posted in here? I really want to buy tickets but they are so expensive for our family of five.
Sparklehead · 23/11/2021 19:19

My just turned 8 year old is getting:
Tottenham football kit
avocado cushion
Lego creator set
BLOKUS board game
Build your own football game
Diary of a wimpy kid book set
Guinness book of world records
Craft kit
Venus fly trap
Cooking apron and recipe book

MrsT84 · 23/11/2021 19:37

My boy turns 7 at the beginning of December. For his Birthday he is having a scooter, HP lego set, a dinosaur hoodie and some chocolates. For Christmas he has asked for Scooby-Doo Playmobil! We are getting him 2 sets (including the Mystery Machine). We will get him a new game for (daddy's) PS4 and Father Christmas might be bringing him his own controller. I am looking for a set of books for him (although we go to the library regularly) and then he will have a stocking with activity books and other bits and bobs. He hasn't asked for much and I am glad as he has so many toys already that he doesn't really need anything!

AndrewPeacock · 23/11/2021 19:40

@user33323 sorry, no, it wasn't a deal. I just saw them mentioned on here and then found that they were going to be in our city too. They are expensive but luckily both boys love hot wheels so they'll both be happy with that as a main Xmas present. Eldest has only asked for a small Lego set and youngest has asked for a basketball so these can easily be the big present.

Blogdog · 23/11/2021 19:53

@curtains15 I would recommend the Kid Spy book series by Mac Barnett. They might be on the higher end of reading capability for that age group but if you’re reading to them it shouldn’t be an issue. My almost 7 and 9 year old devoured them and I liked them too - funny and a lot better than wimpy kid and the like. Plus if you’re an 80s child you’ll find a lot to enjoy!

@FuzzyPenguin We should form a union!

curtains15 · 23/11/2021 20:00

[quote Blogdog]@curtains15 I would recommend the Kid Spy book series by Mac Barnett. They might be on the higher end of reading capability for that age group but if you’re reading to them it shouldn’t be an issue. My almost 7 and 9 year old devoured them and I liked them too - funny and a lot better than wimpy kid and the like. Plus if you’re an 80s child you’ll find a lot to enjoy!

@FuzzyPenguin We should form a union![/quote]
Thank you il check them out!

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba · 23/11/2021 20:06

not sure.
he wants a laptop 🤣 he ain't getting one!
he does need replacement controls for his switch so he asked for those and he wants his sister to have a switch (her is MIA and probably broken) so they can play together again so we'll do that and maybe buy some extra games they can share.

Maybe some Lego.
Honestly the child has everything he needs so I can't think of anything else.

last year he insisted on me knitting a lime green (very specific!) neckwarmer and he dyed the wool for it with me. I never in a million years would've guessed he wanted that!

Topbird29 · 24/11/2021 20:51

@curtains15 - my two (7 and 9), both like the books by David baddiel (his books are kinder than David walliams, and less grotesque). They are also both working their way through how to train your dragon books.

Topbird29 · 24/11/2021 20:51

And they also like the dogman books - they are very silly.

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