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What to get a 7 year old that has everything !

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Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 16:28

Hey ! Double whammy as birthday is the same week !
I have started Xmas but tbh she has everything and I have her birthdays to sort aswell 😳🤷‍♀️
Please throw any ideas out
She has
iPad, laptop, nintendo switch and games with diff controllers and wheels etc
Dolls houses, bike, micro scooter, hover board and kart, unicorn pony cycle, roller skates.
Lol dolls galore, kindi kids, hairdorables, Polly pockets.
Schliech pony everything !
Any ideas what in earth we can get her ?
No Lego as we have too much of it !

OP posts:
lorisparkle · 11/10/2020 16:37

Stuff for outside - bike, scooter, trampoline, basketball hoop, skipping rope, hula hoop, skates, skateboard

Stuff for bedroom- duvet set, desk, beanbag,

Small presents then money towards family day outs, season tickets to places, National trust, English heritage, Lego land, etc

Magazine subscription- whizz pop bang, national geographic kids, Phoenix comic,

Shufflebumnessie · 11/10/2020 16:39

Not sure about ideas for larger ideas but if you're struggling to think of anything perhaps replace some older things:
New duvet cover
New backpack/ lunch box
A pre Christmas shopping trip for some new clothes (or online due to current circumstances).

Pass the Pigs
Rainbow scratch set
Outdoor archery set (or other outdoor equipment)
Karaoke machine
Arts/craft kits

A bedroom overhaul - new bedding/ curtains/light. Paint walls.

lorisparkle · 11/10/2020 16:40

Sorry- missed you already had bike etc, is she into any sports? I often buy sporting accessories for my boys based on their favourite sport. Similarly if she is a brownie or beaver you could get accessories for those.

Ilovethewild · 11/10/2020 16:43

Sorry op that is way too much tech for a 7 year old, you have created this issue by allowing/giving too much for a young child.

Agree that experiences are a good gift... adventure backpacks, spy sets, Harry Potter, books, games....

Why does a 7 yr old need a phone, I pad, laptop AND games console!

Since we will clearly have differing ideals, why not a pony for this year....

Spied · 11/10/2020 16:44

American Girl doll and accessories.

randomer · 11/10/2020 16:45

Seems kind of sad to be 7 and have everything.

FlorenceNightshade · 11/10/2020 16:48

Yikes that’s a lot of stuff for someone so young! I try to buy “experiences”, I know it’s a bit cheesey but we buy things like zoo tickets, museum tickets, concert tickets (remember them!) and sometimes make a trip of it with a night in a hotel too. Maybe not the most practical now depending on where you live.

She doesn’t sound like she wants for anything so maybe something like that would be best. Does she actually play with /use everything she has? Is she appreciative?

RippleEffects · 11/10/2020 16:54

Woodworking tool kit with things like a junior hack saw, hammer, nails, screws and a screwdriver.

Some bits of wood and paints.

A beginners woodworking book.

A lovely first tool box to keep them all in.

Sausageroll22 · 11/10/2020 17:06

If yourve got the money and you like to buy her alot I'd just do that.
I spend way to much time thinking about what to get my little one but we purposely buy very little so like to get a couple of special gifts we know shed love but if you gets lots I wouldn't worry just go to a toy shop and grab what looks nice ☺️

Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:06

She does have a lot of technology for personal reasons. She has been gifted a lot because she has had issues else where.
She does lots of experience days when we are able to, trips etc She had just accumulated so much over 7 years. But don’t want her to have nothing for her birthday 🙈

OP posts:
Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:09

@Sausageroll22 yeh she does use a lot of it, she is home a lot compared the average child as in not in school much etc. She uses her technology stuff for either school work or when she is stuck in bed etc.
She goes for bike rides and rides her scooter when’re we go.
She has Merlin passes, local soft play passes, gets yearly west end tickets etc so she doesn’t do without experience.

OP posts:
burglarbettybaby · 11/10/2020 17:09

Oh dear she has a lot!! Wink
Never in a million years would mine have all that. He's the same age and doesnt have a quarter of it.
I would agree with nice practical things for her room. Bean bag etc.

Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:12

Thankyou for the people who have suggestions without judgement

@Ilovethewild she has a laptop because it’s the best to her school work ok from home ( attendance 30 percent )

She has her switch for when she is having treatment or keeps her occupied.

She got her phone at Xmas last year because it enables her to contact me when she is in isolation and I have to pop home to get clothes / do washing etc as she isn’t allowed to go to the desk and use the phone.

She is a very kind child and not spoilt in the slightest.

OP posts:
Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:14

She has a bean bag but I will have a look at other things for her room ! Does anyone recommend and decent lights for a bedroom like the tube lights ?

OP posts:
Tryingtobebetterthaniwasyester · 11/10/2020 17:16

New laptop case. Sparkly mouse to go with the laptop. If it was me id get accessories for what she already has and uses.

Countmeout · 11/10/2020 17:18

Our generation dolls are going down well here at the moment. Lots of accessories for them too.
Designer friend at Argos is cheaper But their eyes don’t close. Can play with them on floor, in bed etc if needs be.

Lovetoridemybicycle · 11/10/2020 17:20

As she is at home a lot, how about some Phillips hue colour change lights that she can use in her room and control them without moving around from her phone. Bulb for main light, strip light under bed/around headboard

Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:23

@Lovetoridemybicycle ah that’s a good shout will have a look
Thank you !

OP posts:
RicStar · 11/10/2020 17:24

Instax camera. Smart watch. Slime/science kit, things to learn to knit or sew with, dressing up bits - HM do capes / hair bits, kids nail polish etc.

Thisisthelifewevebeengiven · 11/10/2020 17:27

Am I the only one who never has a problem choosing and buying things I know my kids will love for birthdays and Christmas?

I do spoil my kids (by Mumsnet standards at least) but there is never a time my children will have everything because there is always new toys released before Christmas. My kids have been mad into super mario for a good couple of years and this year they released the lego sets so they couldn’t possibly have got them already Wink.

I don’t think kids always need a ‘big’ pressie as lots of little things often work out more expensive anyways.

If she’s got a switch then there are definitely games she won’t have that might be a good addition? Mine are after the 3D all stars game that’s not long been released, the Mario kart circuit that’s coming out soon too?

I always find board games, book box sets and character clothes/shoes a good go to present too.

Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:34

Yeh I was the same Up to this year, she would be very open about what she liked.
She has not been very vocal about Xmas and birthday at the moment I think because she is just a bit not bothered about anything ( been a long 6 months ) so trying to make sure at least her birthday is a good day as we won’t be going anywhere or seeing anyone.

OP posts:
GiveMeAllTheGin8 · 11/10/2020 17:38

I’ll give a list of what my 7 year old either has or will be getting for Christmas. Hopefully it will be of some use !

Idig monster
Monster high dolls
Mini brand shopping mall
Mini brand surprise balls
Ring light
Karaoke machine
Disco lights
Desk for room
Art sets ( smyths to a fab wooden box for 50 euro )
Glow in the dark stickers
Fluffy rug for bedrooom / playroom
Bean bag
LEGO dots ( these are great !)
Scruffs luff animals
Beany babies
Skate board
Rubix cube board game
3D puzzles

KetoPenguin · 11/10/2020 17:38

A violin!

Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 17:42

Thank you !
I was looking at the mini brand things as she likes toy food ( she doesn’t eat ) but loves playing food related things 🙈
Will have a look at the others
Thank you

OP posts:
lorisparkle · 11/10/2020 17:45

If she is stuck at home a lot a magazine or similar subscription could work really well. My boys loved something new coming through the door each week/month. There are loads of different types and some have practical suggestions. You can even get boxes of resources I think - craft or science etc.

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