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What to get a 7 year old that has everything !

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Mothertocrazy91 · 11/10/2020 16:28

Hey ! Double whammy as birthday is the same week !
I have started Xmas but tbh she has everything and I have her birthdays to sort aswell 😳🤷‍♀️
Please throw any ideas out
She has
iPad, laptop, nintendo switch and games with diff controllers and wheels etc
Dolls houses, bike, micro scooter, hover board and kart, unicorn pony cycle, roller skates.
Lol dolls galore, kindi kids, hairdorables, Polly pockets.
Schliech pony everything !
Any ideas what in earth we can get her ?
No Lego as we have too much of it !

OP posts:
SingingSands · 11/10/2020 20:57

Art equipment like canvases and paints, polymer clay (she could make jewellery etc).

Musical instrument? Keyboard, ukulele, something she could learn online?

Gardening equipment and bulbs to plant?

Do you have a local donkey sanctuary? You could adopt a donkey and then visit.

Roller boots?

Bikingbear · 12/10/2020 10:00

Oh bless her sounds like she's having a tough time.

How about an Echo dot & digital light bulb (we use Philips Hue) that can play her music and control her light without her having to get out of bed.

Bikingbear · 12/10/2020 10:02

I'd probably add to her Lego or start a collection of something that you can add too. Sylvanians or marble run.

kennycat · 12/10/2020 17:57

My 8 year old absolutely loves being given a pretty box chock full of craft supplies. She uses it all whenever she can so nothing goes to waste.
Equally both my children love it when I save up all of my boxes, tubes etc from the recycling and then present Them with them one day during holidays. And it’s cost me nothing!!

PosyBoo · 12/10/2020 18:36

My DD7 absolutely loves her instax Polaroid camera and you can get some lovely films for them. I went for this over a digital camera as she loves having the prints there in seconds rather than mummy having to go and get them printed off (which I always forget/take ages to do!).
I hope she has a wonderful birthday and Christmas Smile

Flamingle18 · 12/10/2020 19:34

My ds is 8 at the end of November so I was struggling too with Christmas being so close! He had started teaching himself to play the piano using an app on his tablet so I've got him a keyboard and some keyboard for beginner books. Also got him some lights to go around the inside of his bike wheel. He enjoys his whizz pop bang magazines that I got him for his birthday last year. I adopted a polar bear for him which came with a nice Teddy, certificate, photos etc and he gets info and posters every few months

Flamingle18 · 12/10/2020 19:37

Usually we get merlin annual passes but not chanced it this year!

TweeBree · 12/10/2020 20:11
isitreallytrue · 12/10/2020 23:18

In the theme of bedroom things, does she have a bed canopy?
Princess style mosquito net?

MachineBee · 13/10/2020 13:40

As she has so much tech, something low-tech that she can do for herself may be worth considering and may have novelty value.

I was very ill during my primary school years and I was taught to knit. This is something that was good for my joints - I had undiagnosed (at that time) juvenile rheumatoid arthritis so I spent a lot of time bed and missed a lot of school. Knitting could be picked up and put down depending on my energy levels, and gave me a purpose and skill for life. It was handy during the 70s power cuts too.

MachineBee · 13/10/2020 13:47

Also, it may be widely slated, but what about a pet? Something she can learn to care for and possibly form a relationship with. I loved my pet rabbit and was very determined to be the one who did everything for him. I think my mum only cleaned his hutch out once when I was too ill. Obviously needs to be thought through in respect of your DDs personality, physical situation and your circumstances at home.

FlorenceNightshade · 13/10/2020 14:11

@MachineBee I thought the same thing! Maybe OP you could sponsor a pet like a guide dog puppy or something for her? Or maybe there is something related to her condition you could donate to?

Bikingbear · 13/10/2020 16:04

A pet rabbit or guniepig might be an idea but I don't think a 7yo would appreciate an animal sponsor or a donation to charity on her behalf.
It's a bit lame going to school and saying you got to sponsor an animal at the zoo.

maxineputyourredshoeson · 13/10/2020 16:31

My two absolutely love those grow your own crystal sets.

Or how about a drawing tablet that plugs into the laptop?

KenDoddsDad · 13/10/2020 16:41

I’m sorry to hear she has had such a tough time.

Last year for my 6 year old, I bought a second hand Sylvanian house from eBay, bought loads of craft bits from craft shops like The Range, and I turned it into a Christmas house. I bought other second hand Sylvanian bits to go with it. She loves it. I added little battery operated fairy lights, mini wreaths and even added “wallpaper”...white felt for snow on the roof.

Craft kits are great (tie dye etc) x

CaptainMerica · 13/10/2020 22:33

Education type things, like a leapfrog globe, circuits set, coding robot, etc?

lughnasadh · 13/10/2020 22:48

We have a huge(ish) dark den, this one

It can be set up portrait or longways, and in portrait it big enough for me to stand up in.

You can add in bean bags, fairy lights, glowy stuff, and it's really amazing.

Honestly, it was one of the best things we've ever bought. My eldest is much older now, but they all still hide out there, watching movies, setting up sylvanian families, making dens/hides... In the dark Grin
We bought it from the Sensory Toy Warehouse, whose customer service is ridiculously good. Not sure if they still sell it.
It certainly has the wow factor, their friends love it. It's an unusual thing.

blueberrypie0112 · 13/10/2020 22:51

Some crafting kits , keep it simple.

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