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Pea sized lump on new born jaw line

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Shauna2866 · 17/01/2023 21:12

Has anyone had anything like this before with there baby’s my little girl is 6 days old and I felt a small pea sized lump on her jaw line feels hard to touch I’m calling my GP in the morning to see if he can see her as I’m worried sick incase it’s anything bad 😫

OP posts:
FP1000 · 17/01/2023 21:14

Maybe just a lymph node. Is she well?

JenniferAnistonopolous · 17/01/2023 21:14

its a gland don’t worry

Eatentoomanyroses · 17/01/2023 21:18

Could be a gland, could be a little haemangioma under the skin ( they sometimes present as lumps). It won’t be anything sinister. Don’t worry.

Shauna2866 · 17/01/2023 21:21

Yeah shes well in herself my 2 other children are poorly with coughs and colds but hasn’t seemed to effect her up to now I just panicked when I felt it I’m a worrier x

OP posts:
Pipperleen · 17/01/2023 21:23

My baby had similar in her jaw when she was a newborn! I worried and worried and then suddenly it was gone. Took a couple of months.
I did ask our GP who said they can have all sorts of lumps and bumps when they are born - she wasn’t worried at all.

Shauna2866 · 17/01/2023 21:25

@Pipperleen That’s good to know it’s just a worry isn’t it I’ll mention it tomorrow to the GP when I call about my other children x

OP posts:
wishingitwasfriday · 17/01/2023 21:32

I've had one of these since I was born. It's a gland and is hard and I can move it around. It swells slightly and is sore to touch when I am feeling poorly. I can tell when I'm going to get a cold/flu bug just by touching it!

katie11111 · 17/01/2023 21:43

Yes my little boy did but then it randomly just went!

Namechange567775 · 17/01/2023 21:44

Yep exactly the same!! I was terrified, worried myself sick - it was just tissue that had moved in birth and disappeared literally within days.

Littlebean13 · 17/01/2023 22:04

Oh wow, I also have the exact same issue with my 6 day old!
I noticed the lump on his right jaw line earlier and I absolutely panicked. I did a bit of Googling and apparently it can be very common in forceps deliveries which is what I had.
I’m so relieved to come across this thread as I’ve been stressing about it since I felt it earlier on!

Shauna2866 · 17/01/2023 22:47

@Littlebean13 it’s scary isn’t it I’ve been Googling like mad I know I shouldn’t cos that makes things worse but I was so worried I had a planned c section with my baby hopefully it just disappears in a few days 🤞 x

OP posts:
Pinkie3 · 24/01/2023 15:46

I was wondering what did your doctor say? My baby is 10
days old and last night I felt a hard moveable lump on her jawline, below the bone, next to her chin, you can’t see it but you can feel it. It’s bigger than a pea but smaller than a grape. But big for a little baby! She had a pretty brutal forceps delivery face up and had a big mark on that side - but the HV just terrified me and said I must call
the doctor immediately about 1000 times. I’m worrying like crazy, I have health anxiety and don’t feel I can cope with this at the moment as well as recovery.
i hope your baby is ok!

Littlebean13 · 24/01/2023 16:14

Hi Pinkie,
I know this isn’t my thread but I posted here earlier as I had the exact same issue as the OP.
My ds is now 13days old and the lump is still there. I showed the midwife today and she said it’s fairly common in a forceps delivery and it isn’t something to worry about as it obviously isn’t causing him any pain. She said if it grows or doesn’t go down in a few weeks then to contact my GP but she didn’t seem to fazed by it.

Pinkie3 · 24/01/2023 16:41

Thank you for replying. The HV really freaked me out which I think was unfair as I’m clearly already worried. I can see baby’s lump is at the same location as the ‘point’ of the forceps mark she was left with. I will try to calm down and ask the midwife tomorrow and call Gp also. Very little information online for this! But comforting it’s not just us. Xxx

Shauna2866 · 24/01/2023 20:13

@Pinkie3 hiya sorry it’s a late reply I took her to the GP he felt it and he’s sending her for a ultrasound to check it I’m still worried sick now I did speak to my HV about it and she said it’s common with newborns to get these lumps I had a c section with my daughter so I’m worried more I’m just waiting for this appointment to come through and trying my best not to worry as my other 2 children never had anything like this 🤦🏻‍♀️ sure everything be okay x

OP posts:
Shauna2866 · 24/01/2023 20:17

@Pinkie3 and that’s exactly where the lump is on my baby too but I kno what you mean I said to my HV I don’t really expect to find a lump on my brand new baby and that’s when she said it can be common she’s coming here tomorrow to see her so I will let you no more age she’s gone x

OP posts:
Shauna2866 · 25/01/2023 15:02

Spoke to my HV today and she said she thinks it’s lymph node but I’m confused to why she would have a raised lymph node when she’s perfectly healthy from what I know she hasn’t shown any signs she’s poorly

just have to wait now till I get this ultrasound done I’ll update wants I know more after her scan x

OP posts:
Eatentoomanyroses · 25/01/2023 15:54

As I said up thread, it might be a haemangioma under the skin. Can you post a pic?

Pinkie3 · 25/01/2023 16:35

I saw the midwife and she instantly said it would be from forceps and would disappear on its own, if not to ask at the 6 week check. I know you didn’t have forceps but maybe something similar? All best wishes

Shauna2866 · 25/01/2023 19:05

Sorry for late reply you can’t actually see it under the skin you can just feel it

@Pinkie3 yeah I hope so 🤞

OP posts:
Sade49 · 25/08/2023 21:49

Did anyone have an update on this? I’ve come across this thread as I’ve just found a small lump on my 8 day old son’s jawline and I haven’t noticed before. He was forceps delivery but I’m worried sick after googling! X

Littlebean13 · 26/08/2023 07:54

Sade49 · 25/08/2023 21:49

Did anyone have an update on this? I’ve come across this thread as I’ve just found a small lump on my 8 day old son’s jawline and I haven’t noticed before. He was forceps delivery but I’m worried sick after googling! X

Hi! This wasn’t my thread but I did comment as I was having the exact same issue. Firstly, congratulations!
My DS is now 7.5months old and from memory I think the lump disappeared around 3/4weeks old. I was absolutely beside myself with worry too but my midwife and HV both said it’s very common with forceps deliveries and not to worry but if it was still there at the 6 week check with the GP then I needed to mention it but it had gone by then.

Sade49 · 26/08/2023 08:53

@Littlebean13 thank you so much for replying. I've been up all night worried. Out of hours gp called back 4am and advised a&e asap - as baby isn't unwell or temperature or showing signs of discomfort we've left until now to go. Hopefully we will know more later this morning!

Pinkie3 · 26/08/2023 12:26

Hi there,
just wanted to assure you that my baby’s lump had completely disappeared by 2 months. My very experienced senior midwife was totally unphased and said definitely due to forceps. The HV however really alarmed me and even phoned me repeatedly to tell me to go to the GP which really increased my anxiety in the postnatal period. Her language was very ill advised. I think she was not experienced enough.

no one can reassure you online and you shd def get someone to look at it but please try not to worry too much - like me! It seems this is really common with instrumental delivery and makes sense. When you consider the mechanics.

Pinkie3 · 26/08/2023 12:27

Yes - just realised as above poster, it was gone by the 6 Wk check as this is when my midwife said to mention to GP if still there

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