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Pea sized lump on new born jaw line

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Shauna2866 · 17/01/2023 21:12

Has anyone had anything like this before with there baby’s my little girl is 6 days old and I felt a small pea sized lump on her jaw line feels hard to touch I’m calling my GP in the morning to see if he can see her as I’m worried sick incase it’s anything bad 😫

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Shauna2866 · 26/08/2023 19:46

Hi she’s now 7 months and it has gone 😊

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WolfFoxHare · 26/08/2023 19:50

Sade49 · 25/08/2023 21:49

Did anyone have an update on this? I’ve come across this thread as I’ve just found a small lump on my 8 day old son’s jawline and I haven’t noticed before. He was forceps delivery but I’m worried sick after googling! X

DS had this and I was worried sick. It was nothing in the end - just a fatty lump related to his forceps birth. He’s 8 now and absolutely fine, in fact it disappeared within months. Try not to worry! I’m sure the GP will put your mind at rest.

Sade49 · 26/08/2023 19:56

@WolfFoxHare thank you for replying. We went to A&E this morning after out of hours GP suggested. Dr seemed to think it wasn't forceps related but a cyst which he was pretty confident would go away on his own and he wasn't worried - said it's nothing nasty. He said to wait until his 6 week apt and review from there. He has another little one on the other side - both are in line with forceps though so I'm not sure? Praying it goes asap. He's not in pain or bothered by it. Still feeding and wet nappies etc. xx

WolfFoxHare · 26/08/2023 20:04

Honestly @Sade49 my midwife said it was really common. Now you come to mention it, I think maybe DS had a smaller one at the other side too. New babies very very very rarely have sinister lumps. It’s not impossible but very unlikely to be anything problematic. Try to to worry about it, just keep an eye on his vital signs like temperature, hydration, feeding etc. which you’d be doing anyway! Don’t keep checking it repeatedly to see if it’s grown and shrunk, as you might make it sore, but do check it occasionally.

Sade49 · 28/08/2023 11:07

@WolfFoxHare thank you 🩵 will do and update in here for anyone else who finds this thread like I did! Xxx

WolfFoxHare · 13/09/2023 18:43

@Sade49 how is your little one doing?

Sade49 · 14/09/2023 10:42

@WolfFoxHare I made a conscious effort not to touch until his 6 week check up but I just did seeing your message and I can't really feeling anything! Must've been forceps 🥹 thank you for checking in 🩵

WolfFoxHare · 14/09/2023 11:09

@Sade49 that's great news! I'm really pleased for you. Must have been the forceps. My poor DS has a scar on his forehead from his forceps birth - the forceps cut his might at the hairline - it looks just like a chickenpox scar now.

Sade49 · 15/09/2023 10:26

@WolfFoxHare bless! Forceps seem so harsh.

New baby worry... he's going through a grunting/straining phase atm, he's feeding on formula and breast so not sure if it's dyschezia or needs a new formula xx

Mjevans · 27/09/2023 08:01

Hello, I just found this thread, I noticed awhile ago that my 7 mos old baby boy has a pea sizes lump that is not moving on his jawline(righ side chin). I am very anxious right now since a lot of response that I read the lump was gone after 6 weeks. My son is now 7 mos old and I delivered him via assisted forcep.

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