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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Would somebody be able to post a list of recommended early reader paperbacks in order of difficulty?

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MilaMae · 13/02/2009 12:57

If you could include Flat Stanley,Horrid Henry, Secret 7,Famous 5,other Enid Blyton books,the Roald Dahl ones in order of difficulty,Dinosaur Cove and any of the other recommended ones that have been posted on here or you recommend I'd be really grateful.

It's for Ds 5 but I'm guessing including those popular for girls would be useful for others and me later.

Many,many,many,many thanks!!!!!!

OP posts:
SlightlyMadScotland · 13/02/2009 20:27

Out of those I would start with

TBH he would have to be a v good readyer for a 5yo with that list. "Sprinters" are agood start to paperbcks and

Flat Stanley, followed by a couple of the Roald Dahl - Enourmous Crocodile,
fantastic Mr Fox and perhaps
Magic Finger
Then probably Horrid Henry
Danny the Champion o fthe world
Then the other Roald Dahl and End Blyton.

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 20:39

Are these for your 5 year old to read or for you to read to your 5 year old iyswim?

SlightlyMadScotland · 13/02/2009 20:42

That's a good point bodiddly.....although I don't think I would change the order actually...

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 20:55

I was only asking as ds is just about to turn 4 and I read him Enormous Crocodile recently and got Flat Stanley out of the library today to see if he is ready to move on to chapter books. He is only really interested in those that have plenty of pictures though!

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 21:49

It's for him to read.

He's only Flat Stanley level and Titchy Witch at the mo although I'm not sure as he shocks me every so often. Just read the entire school meals menu faultlessly no pics or storyline to aid,also read one of his Mr Men books.

I want to get his interest going as he doesn't have the same love of books I had at that age. It's like I can read now-so what I think he's getting a bit bored with his school books. I thought if I get him into some of the other lovely books out there he'll keep reading but not sure where to start.

I think he's ready for chapter books but don't want to jump in at the deep end and put him off, I'm thinking he'll miss pictures. I'm a bit out of my depth to be honest and know with boys you need to tread carefully.

Thanks for all the info so far it's really helpful.

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 21:54

I would just be visiting the library lots - and let him choose.
Also what about fact books, ds1 has a few sets from book people / red house and will spend ages looking at them.

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:02

We do go to the library but he's one of those kids that gets easily bored when standing still,he doesn't play with toys at all. Feel we're embarking on the next stage with reading iykwim and want to keep his interest.

OP posts:
bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:03

they had loads of books at our library today designed for first/young readers - they were short enough to keep interest and most had pictures on every page. Some even in full colour which ds loves and I think it makes the transition easier from picture books. I agree with chasing squirrels, take him and let him pick some - he is bound to like the look of something amongst all the dinosaurs, monsters, horrid henry, pirates etc. My mother instilled a real love of books in me from a very young age and when I was able to read for myself she used to make me sit in the bathroom and read her a chapter from my book while she had a bath and then she would read from a more difficult book to me while I had mine. I still remember her reading me Little Women (obviously I was a little older!).

MmeLindt · 13/02/2009 22:05

Just bookmarking this thread, as I will be looking for first readers for DD soon and there are some good tips on here.

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:06

do the library quickly then, if he is a member (and you and dh?) get 3 lots of books (we are allowed 8 or 12 - so that's upwards of 24) from the relevant shelves and see what he likes at home.
It just gives you the variety without agonising over it (if that makes sense?).

ds1 was reading a horrid henry the other day, when he first started reading them he really struggled at the leap from basic readers to chapter books. This was probably last summer. Reading this one I kept thinking - but this is really basic compared to what he is reading now. They come on in leaps and bounds when it clicks - but the more important thing is getting his interest - and having the variety will help with that.

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:12

either that or go to the library for him and pick the easiest books you can find (that still have a story to them as some of them can be really rubbish) with the brightest covers etc that you think may spark his imagination. I can usually tell with ds what he will pick in terms of coloured images of dinosaurs, monsters, aliens, space ships, cars, pirates ... whatever he is in to. Either that or start off with some of the more difficult picture books that are aimed at the older kids. Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs etc and go totally over the top with praise. Also, have you tried magazines/comics .. they might not be the best source of literature but if he likes ben 10 or spiderman etc then at least he will be reading!

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:16

Will try the city library,presume that will have more early readers than our local one. The colour/picture thing is an issue at this young age. Do you do this library book thing where they collect stickers,do you think ds may be a bit young?

Ashamed to say I'm an ex literacy co-ordinator,ds has thrown me. I expected all this next year,he's only just started rec. Finding books for little ones like him is hard, I've only really found Flat Stanly and Titchy Witch,forgot The Enormous Croc. I thought Secret 7 were simple,haven't checked recently though.

I've been out for 5 years so have no idea what's new on the market for early readers, picture books on the other hand....


OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:20

I have to say I found last yr quite hard with ds1 - in terms of finding relevant stuff for him to read.
have you looked at the blue (I think) banana's - they are quite good.
What I did mostly was read books to him, and got him to read paragraphs, shorter pages, etc. This progressed to he does a page I do 2 etc,

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:23

I think (and I dont really have any experience as ds is still too young .. so possibly totally ignore me) that it is largely about capturing interest ... which is why I wondered if comics etc might be an idea. I used to love reading my mates dad's asterix books ... and borrowing friends magazines. Im not sure it matters so much what it is just that it is something!

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:25

agree on comics, lots of people don't like them though.
My mum (a FAB early years teacher) has always liked them, brought them for my younger cousins, and now for my boys.
NG Kids is good - ds1 loves it, and his free lego mag. He likes The Beano.

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:26

You might have something there The Beano!!!!!! We'll have a look next week.

OP posts:
bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:26

free lego mag ... free lego mag ... [ears pricked up] ... you mean you can get free lego mags?

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:27

CS how old is your son and what is NG Kids?

OP posts:
bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:27

if he likes The Beano etc then the Annuals are good ... most of them actually and you can always pick them up for next to nothing in charity shops.

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:28

What's the free lego mag like?

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:28

yes - do you want a sub? I think you can sign up online but if I recommend you it puts both us and you in the competition for something. Shame I haven't got a flyer around

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:29

is it too old for my 4 year old?

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:29

or should I tell the truth and say my 40 year old dp?

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:30

lego mag
basically it's full of adverts, but comic like. Comes about 5 times a year.
DS1 is 6y4m - yr 1.

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:33

thanks for the link ... do you just have to join the lego club to get it? think ds may be a little too young but will have to remember for next year!

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