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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Would somebody be able to post a list of recommended early reader paperbacks in order of difficulty?

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MilaMae · 13/02/2009 12:57

If you could include Flat Stanley,Horrid Henry, Secret 7,Famous 5,other Enid Blyton books,the Roald Dahl ones in order of difficulty,Dinosaur Cove and any of the other recommended ones that have been posted on here or you recommend I'd be really grateful.

It's for Ds 5 but I'm guessing including those popular for girls would be useful for others and me later.

Many,many,many,many thanks!!!!!!

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:35

NG Kids there is a link to the mag on the site. If you have tesco clubcard vouchers then subscribe through that.
DS had his first copy last May when we went on holiday, so would have been 5y8m, liked it so much I got a subscription - and he loves that it comes through the post.

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:36

probably have to join, but you don't get anything except the magazine (well we don't). We signed up with ds got into lego - so probably just turned 5y.

andlipsticktoo · 13/02/2009 22:36

Dr Seuss is good for early readers too.

Try One fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
and Fox in Socks
moving on to Green Eggs and Ham and
The Cat in the Hat.

Horrid Henry brilliant.

Captain Underpants my dss loved (and I hate)

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:37


OP posts:
bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:38

ds is on the cross over between small duplo and lego. he had the basic starter set for christmas and loves it but still finds the duplo easier to build with. I think I will get it for him next year ... maybe to go with the news of the world 12 freebie lego sets (perhaps Father Christmas can bring it all at christmas).

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:39

whispywhisp very kindly gave me free for postage a set of Jeremy Strong books for ds. Some of them are obviously more suitable than others but are worth looking at for your ds.

morningsun · 13/02/2009 22:41

Have you tried "The Magic Tree House" books with chapters and boyish adventures ,there is also a website if you google it with lots of educational activities.

MilaMae · 13/02/2009 22:43

My twin boys 5and 4months have enjoyed those NoftW lego sets,kind of acted as a link between Duplo and Lego. Because there is only a handful of bits it didn't overwhelm them. We've had llittle box sets of Lego and it's been too much.

OP posts:
bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:47

thats what I figured milamae - next christmas ds will be 4.10 and in a better position to put them together. If I were to give them to him now we would end up having to build them for him .. only to find him take them apart and lose the bits before building something totally different and bizarre!

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:49

ds1 had his 1st proper lego for xmas when he was 4y3m - we built it and it sat on the side for about 6mo. He got some for 5th birthday and was then VERY into it (and still is).
Those freebie lego sets will make good party bag pressies (if you are into party bags), or the pass-the-parcel pressy.

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:52

am not parting with them that easily!  will hold on to them until he is old enough .. his basic stuff gets used every week and he is gradually becoming more proficient with it.  Poor little man isnt getting a birthday part so no party bags to worry about thank goodness!

ChasingSquirrels · 13/02/2009 22:55

I got 2 sets - my parents very nice next door neighbour gets the mirror so collected the tokens for me
so far they have been xmas stocking fillers for both ds's, xmas present for a friend and my mum gave ds1 one when it was ds2's birthday. Still have lots left .

bodiddly · 13/02/2009 22:55

they are brilliant ... am always keeping my eyes peeled for similar offers.

dearprudence · 13/02/2009 23:07

Enid Blyton is a bit old fashioned and wordy, so not particularly easy to read. Horrid Henry is good because so many of the words are familiar - all about school, sleepovers, etc. DS never read Flat Stanley. The Magic Finger is nice and short. Jeremy Strong books are quite engaging too, but the subject matter is aimed at slightly older children.

I think your DS needs to choose books for himself, as others have said, with your help to put different books in front of him.

My DS has always loved books but he did develop weird attachments to books I wouldn't have looked twice at.

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