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Book for 6 year old to read on her own

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twinsetandpearls · 05/05/2008 22:17

We have lots of books for me or dp to read to dd but very little that she could read herself.

She is six and her teacher tells me her reading is very good. She does find her school reading books dull though and I thought if we found something else it might foster more enthusiasm.

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Millarkie · 05/05/2008 22:18

Mine's reading his way through the Roald Dahl books at the moment..he's a boy but they should appeal to girls too.

emkana · 05/05/2008 22:46

Princess Mirrorbelle by Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame)

She has written other books for that age group, too.

kittywise · 05/05/2008 22:47

My six year old is speeding her way through all the' rainbow fairy' series. She also loves horrid henry and books by Lauren child

seeker · 05/05/2008 22:48

Animal Ark books. Hell on earth to read aloud, but children love them.

Rainbow Fairies. Glitter Girls.

How good a reader is she?

gagarin · 05/05/2008 22:48

How advanced is she?

Dick King Smith does some great early reading books - and we loved Frog and Toadby Arnold Lobel. If you type that into there are loads available for price of p&p only.

Yorkiegirl · 05/05/2008 22:50

Message withdrawn

RosaLuxembourg · 05/05/2008 22:52

Junie B Jones is great - like a modern version of Naughty Little Sister.
DD3 is reading Emily's Legs atm.
She also likes Horrid Henry, but I know some people have strong opinions about this!
But these are all black and white illustrations - is your DD happy with that or would she prefer books with colour, as DD3 did until very recently. If so I recommend Orchard Crunchies - they have loads in our library on all sorts of subjects but DD3 likes the Greek mythology ones - will see if I can find a link.
This is one but I wouldn't buy it at that price, deffo a library job.
She likes these too.
And these which are not too reading schemy.
And she LOVES these

cat64 · 05/05/2008 22:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:30

kitty I am reading similar books to dd, maybe I should let her try herself as well or at least read some to me.

Seeker I think I need more faith in her reading abilities when we do her reading books she whizzes through them and her teacher says she is reading above her age but there has been no assessment. She does read signs, the tv guide, has a go at magazines and asks me to help every now and again.

I will try some suggestions on here and see how she does. When I suggested some books for her to read herself she seemed pleased.

OP posts:
RosaLuxembourg · 06/05/2008 19:34

Twinset - one thing I often do with both DD2 and DD3 is take turns reading pages. Then if they like the book they can go on and finish it without me.

LIZS · 06/05/2008 19:37

Sophie stories by Dick King Smith, Rainbow Fairies, shorter Roald Dahl's like Geroge's Marvellosuy Medicine, Usborne first readers series,

kategarden · 06/05/2008 19:40

DD liked My Secret Unicorn books (first one 'the magic spell' by Linda Chapman) when she was at that 'in between' stage. They are definitely chapter books, but there is a good sized picture on every page, and lots of white space with nice big text. So she felt like she was definitely reading a real book, but it wasn't too hard work. The stories are about a little girl whose pony magically turns into a unicorn.

twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:42

am just ordering some now those frog and toad ones look good gagarin

Cat64 dd often chooses non fiction at the library as well

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:46

rosa she does like colour thinkiong about it.

OP posts:
RubberDuck · 06/05/2008 19:47

I'd like to second Horrid Henry. Ds1 has just got some for his birthday (his party was on Saturday) and he's already read three books cover to cover.

We also like Famous Five (although I tend to read those to him, he still reads the ones we've previously read together by himself) - though they are trickier.

twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:51

cat64 we have read some of Jeremy strongs books together and she has an alligator obsession so have ordered that one.

Good advice about taking it in turns.

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lostinfrance · 06/05/2008 19:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:52

right have ordered
princess mirror-belle
party pony from animal ark she loves horses
junie B toothless wonder - she is a bit of a toothless wonder herself
my dad's an alligator

Will buy more of the suggestions when I see how she does.

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lostinfrance · 06/05/2008 19:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 19:57

She does like those actually and will read along with me lostinfrance.

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twinsetandpearls · 06/05/2008 23:02

Tonight we read a story from an Usborne witches book and we took it in turns to read pages and she had no real problems.

Feel a bit crap that we have not been doing this before only letting her read her school books to me.

OP posts:
RosaLuxembourg · 06/05/2008 23:13

That looks like a good book Twinset. DD3 would like it - I must start stocking up as it is her birthday in a couple of months. Does your DD like Winnie the Witch? I find a lot of those longer picture books still work really well as reading books for her.

TheFallenMadonna · 06/05/2008 23:14

DS is enjoying the Wombles at the moment.

RosaLuxembourg · 06/05/2008 23:19

I have posted this before ages ago but should mention it again - I have a collection of old Twinkle annuals picked up in charity shops and car boots and they are great for 6 year olds - good mix of words and pictures and shorter and longer stories. I even remember some of them from my own childhood - I get all nostalgic over Nurse Nancy!

twinsetandpearls · 07/05/2008 18:53

She likes something the witch thought it was Meg.

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