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Do children still read Noel Streatfield?

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shreddies · 18/03/2008 20:59

I'd love to buy my niece Ballet Shoes, but I wonder if it's very dated. Ditto E Nesbit. She's eight and a half and a big reader but I don't want to buy her something that isn't quite right.

OP posts:
posieflump · 18/03/2008 21:00

they are definitely still very popular in our library

lentengrrl · 18/03/2008 21:00

yes definitely.

my dd loves all the old stuff.

she is obsessed with ballet shoes

Tamum · 18/03/2008 21:01

I read them to dd and she loves them- she could easily read them to herself but we quite like sharing them. I would have said Ballet Shoes at 8.5 would be great

WendyWeber · 18/03/2008 21:02

Yes, dated but yes, still popular (even if they have silly new American "xxx Shoes" titles they didn't start out with)

Ballet Shoes is dateless, IMHO

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:05

i got my 8 year old neice ballet shoes for christmas, all the girls in her class are streatfeild fans now. plus, remember ballet shoes was on over the holidays so there's every chance she saw that already. definitely get her it!

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:06

re 'dated', they were dated when i read them in the late 70s, didn't mean i couldn't LOVE them.

shreddies · 18/03/2008 21:08

Oh fantastic! I feel all goosepimply at the thought of her getting to read it. I adored it.
What about E. Nesbit?

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 18/03/2008 21:08

I hope they do!
I'll bet she loves it
agree with Aitch, they were already dated when I read them, it doesn't really matter though! part of their charm

oggsfrog · 18/03/2008 21:08

I loved Caldicott Place and have just bought it for my dd.

cmotdibbler · 18/03/2008 21:10

Oh yes, Nesbit is always a winner. How about some William Mayne too ?

I adored the Wells books as a child - they are terribly dated, and I suck at dancing, but they entranced me

castille · 18/03/2008 21:10

My 8yo DD loved Ballet Shoes too. (Title is deceptive, I always thought. Not much of it is about ballet)

She's been reading lots of Enid Blyton too lately

I'd say classic, not dated

MadameCh0let · 18/03/2008 21:10

I will still buy it for my dd in a few years.

Nothing was more dated than Enid Blyton.

Golly it was uncanny! You get used to it after the first few pages. A good book is a good book.

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:13

i loved the swish of the curtain as well. i think kids love that grubby glamour, really.

cmotdibbler · 18/03/2008 21:15

Thats another great one - but apart from them being allowed to do up the hall, it doesn't date so badly somehow.

Now you've made me think about it, will have to find where it is in the house and read it. Again.

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:16

by the way, if we're playing ballet shoes, i'm Petrova.

FrannyandZooey · 18/03/2008 21:16

aitch aitch aitch do you know the hall in swish of the curtain is MY church hall where I do my work?

honest truly

oh and signing in as resident MN Streatfeild bore

No19 · 18/03/2008 21:17

Wow I loved the Wells books too and have recently reread some of them - I still have them all. I was in quite love with Guy and very in love with Sebastian. And on a name thread the other day when someone suggested Stella I immediately thought of Stella and her lovely artist Jonathon.

Re: Ballet Shoes, agree - it was dated for me 25 years ago - but made zero difference. It was the book I read most between say 10 and 13. I also adored The Painted Garden.

MadameCh0let · 18/03/2008 21:19

I love ballet names. Frannyandzooey, if you have a girl, what about Margot, Sylvie, Viviana, or...... Gemma!!!

Board crossover I know. You're probably fed up of names.

No19 · 18/03/2008 21:19

Damn you I want to be Petrova. Did you see Garnie getting the love interest in the television thing? I was very .

FrannyandZooey · 18/03/2008 21:20

oh no I am FINE for girls names, I have girls names coming out of my ears

(big Antonia Forest fan if that gives any clues)

thank you though Madame C

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:20

really? gosh, that's thrilling. and i actually Mean That.

one thing, though, i don't get how you lot all remember so much detail of the books you read when younger. i read them all, but i actually remember not a great deal.

pointedegg · 18/03/2008 21:20

hmmm. I must read STreatfield again. Must admit, older childrne's books are often very overly-descriptive and unexciting compared to new children's books.

FrannyandZooey · 18/03/2008 21:21

yes, REALLY really
they recently repainted the door blue, bless them

erm, i remember them because I, erm, still read them

Aitch · 18/03/2008 21:21

lol no19, no you must be that prig pauline. har har.

berolina · 18/03/2008 21:22

Oh I always like Petrova best - she was definitely the most interesting. I reread it recently - God, it was wonderful.

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