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Children's books

Which books are good for reading out loud to 6yo boys?

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TooTicky · 14/02/2008 22:29

Preferably funny, must not be sad in any way. Not even momentarily.

OP posts:
AbbeyA · 14/02/2008 22:42

Horrid Henry.

Heated · 14/02/2008 22:44

The Red House Book Club have an offer on Horrid Henry at the moment, free p&p.

brimfull · 14/02/2008 22:45

DS is 5 but he likes Flat Stanley books ,I think they would still be ok for a 6 yr old.

seeker · 14/02/2008 22:45

Horrid Henry is foul - don't go there! Cressida Cowell is your woman!

Ecmo · 14/02/2008 22:46

My 6 year old loves the Hairy Maclary books. Read them every night at the moment

TooTicky · 14/02/2008 22:46

Hmm. We have "done" Horrid Henry - I actually think the books encourage big brothers to be nasty to little brothers. Seem to in this house anyway
Thanks but...anything else?

OP posts:
TooTicky · 14/02/2008 22:48

Goodness, I remember flat Stanley from when I was little!

I love Hairy Maclary etc but ds2 doesn't get on well with rhyming text - I think it's something to do with the language delay he had.

Cressida Cowell - dragons and vikings?

OP posts:
seeker · 14/02/2008 22:49

I have banned Horrid Henry - i might be "precious" of me, but I rally don't think he's an appropriate role model for boys.

Have you tred Now to Train your Dragon?

And my ds loves Famous Five (although I hate them and make him cross by stopping reading to explain why Julian shouldn't talk to Ann like that, and George could still have adventures if she wore a skirt and called herself Georgina....

gigglewitch · 14/02/2008 22:50

we have recently done the whole of Roald Dahl's catalogue
tis hilarious.

Rhubarb · 14/02/2008 22:51

Roald Dahl very very good.

Heated · 14/02/2008 22:54

Mr Men?

lucymack · 14/02/2008 22:55

If anyone is looking for any of these books brand new then please email me at [email protected]
As well as those already mentioned, The seriously silly stories are also popular and there is also a specific books for boys series. If you want any more info just get in touch. Thanks

chipkid · 14/02/2008 23:02

captain underpants is great-they can read bits of it to you too!

TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:04

Seeker, you sound like a woman after my own heart
Will get the dragon one from the library. Haven't read it - I got a couple of those out for dd1 some time ago and she was furious because she thought they were actually going to be instruction manuals and refused to read them. Bless her.

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 14/02/2008 23:04

lucy, not wishing to get you in bother for advertising or whatever - but are you a book seller / have a business?

TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:05

We've got Roald Dahl.

Mr Men make me solidify inside, I'm afraid.

OP posts:
TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:05

Captain Underpants? Really? Will I enjoy it too?

OP posts:
florenceuk · 14/02/2008 23:07

How to train your dragon and follow ons was a big hit here, also second Flat Stanley. We are going through Pippi Longstocking at the moment. DS also enjoyed the Just So stories but they need careful editing (and not for the PC - Sambo appears as do "lazy" Malaysians and quarrelsome wives).

seeker · 14/02/2008 23:08

Tooticky - (bless) your dd!

My ds is narly 7 and absolutely LOVES Cressida Cowell. He can read them for himself now, but we all love the audio cds. I like them because they are read by David Tennant, and I would spend all day on the Speaking Clock if it was him reading it. But that's my problem......

lucymack · 14/02/2008 23:08

I do have a business - you can see it in the Small Business Ads. Its very new and has a very limited start up budget. Just trying to help people out where I can. Hope that is ok? If not just let me know and I'll go away but quite often I'm chepear than other well know online stores!

gigglewitch · 14/02/2008 23:09

we have dug out our ancient Enid Blyton books, wishing chair and all that, as in our own from thirty-whatever years ago! they loved them ('they' being dses aged 7&4). Now reading all of my Magicians Nephew / lion, witch and wardrobe series to them, 7 books - going well!

TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:09

florence, do read the other Astrid Lindgren books too - they're wonderful. Emil, Karlsson (if you can get them), The Brothers Lionheart...

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 14/02/2008 23:10
TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:10

David Tennant? Really? Ooooh.
Just because ds2 is a Dr Who fan of course

OP posts:
lucymack · 14/02/2008 23:11

Thanks for looking. I have a FREE Special request service so if you can't see it on the site yet you just have to contact me! As I said its very new and still adding books on a daily basis!!

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