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Children's books

Which books are good for reading out loud to 6yo boys?

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TooTicky · 14/02/2008 22:29

Preferably funny, must not be sad in any way. Not even momentarily.

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TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:12

Thanks Lucymack. I tend to get most things from the library, but if I want to buy I will remember you.

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lucymack · 14/02/2008 23:13

Thank you x

Albert · 14/02/2008 23:14

Just finished reading Stig of the Dump to DS, he loved it! Also Secret Seven, Flat Stanley and Horrid Henry.

seeker · 14/02/2008 23:15

And in his real super georgeous Scottish accent too.........!

Rhubarb · 14/02/2008 23:16

I'm reading Magician's Nephew to dd who's 7.5. She loves it but finds it a bit scary, each chapter ends on a nice juicy cliffhanger bit! I reckon so far it's better than Lion, Witch etc.

seeker · 14/02/2008 23:19

Other books ds has enjoyed. The Land of Green Ginger. Swallow and Amazons. Captain Underpants. Harry Potter (1 and 2 only - the rest are too grown up IMHO)Secret 7 and Famous 5. The Fell Ferm books.

Rhubarb · 14/02/2008 23:20

Ladybird do childrens versions of Dracula, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Treasure Island and so on. Ideal for younger readers.

ds who's 4 just loves the Ladybird version of The Lost World.

TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:20

I don't know the Land of Green Ginger. LOVE Arthur Ransome though - I wonder if he's ready for those.

OP posts:
TooTicky · 14/02/2008 23:22

Thanks Rhubarb. I have mixed feelings about the Narnia books - sometimes I think they are wonderful and at other times I am suddenly unsure.

OP posts:
seeker · 14/02/2008 23:26

I am unique in not being able to stomach Narnia. I realize this makes me odd. Ds loved Swallowa nd Amazons, but I haven't tried any others. I am thinking of going for Coot Club next.

Land of Green Ginger is brilliant - it's a version of Alladinn written about a million years ago by someone called Noel Langly. It's full of puns and sillinesses - definitely a read aloud at this age - too difficult for independent reading.

Shells · 14/02/2008 23:35

My DS has LOVED astrosaurs. Can't say they're works of great literature but they're entertaining and if he likes space and dinosaurs...

RosaLuxOnTheBrightSideOfLife · 14/02/2008 23:42

Not unique Seeker. I will stand at your side. I have read several of them out loud to my DDs and by gum they are tedious, preachy and very badly written.

RosaLuxOnTheBrightSideOfLife · 14/02/2008 23:44

Did anyone say The Hobbit? Read that to DD2 when she was six and she loved it. Also Treasure Island.

seeker · 14/02/2008 23:47

You and me Contra Mundum, rosa!

I had forgotten how much dd loved The Hobbit at this age - ds found it incredibly scary and begged me to stop. But he is a sensitive soul, beneath a bluff exterior......

cat64 · 14/02/2008 23:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

onebatmother · 15/02/2008 00:00

Seriously Silly Stories are Seriously Good.
Retold Fairy Tales - funny, even for grown-ups.

The Spy Dog books are also v good.
And we're just about approaching the Max Flash spy stories, which look as though they will grip DS. I am dreading though, tbh.

I often read Dr Who stories from the annual - I only do short bursts bcs have dd who is 2. Each story takes 2 nights, sometimes more, which can be good.

Might try again with Roald Dahl - apart from Fantastic Mr Fox, they were too old the first time I tried (gosh, at 4!! So many dead/cruel parents etc1)

GrinningSoul · 15/02/2008 00:02

Roddy Doyle's 3 kids' books - the giggler treatment, the meanwhile adventures and rover saves christmas. truly hilarious.

RosaLuxOnTheBrightSideOfLife · 15/02/2008 00:02

Oi OBM. Get yourself back to the ball. We are hanging on the edge of an eighteenth-century cliff.

onebatmother · 15/02/2008 00:13

Really Rosa?

AbbeyA · 15/02/2008 18:48

Dick King Smith is a good one to try. (I haven't met a child who doesn't like Horrid Henry, although I can see that parents might not).

TooTicky · 16/02/2008 21:52

Ooh yes, Dick mKing-Smith. I had forgotten him. Must vet first for potential sad bits though.

OP posts:
TooTicky · 16/02/2008 21:53

And thank you everybody else too - ideas noted

OP posts:

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nellabelle · 07/03/2008 20:09

I agree that captain underpants is very popular with my 6 year old. He also enjoyed Harry the poisonous centipede.

we recently got a book of enid blyton short stories - something like 7o'clock tales. they are very engaging.

Avoid horrid henry - he is horrid and not a good example in my view. he is too mean in my book.

nellabelle · 07/03/2008 20:11

we have set up a website - which is mainly for boys clothes but has a section for book reviews. if you really like a particular book, please review it and we will post it up for all to see!


onebatmother · 07/03/2008 20:22

Love the website nellabelle - more stuff for big boys, please. And jimjams like the caravan t-shirt, long john style??
Have bookmarked for next time I need stuff.

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