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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Recommend me chapter books for reading to 4 yo girl - ones in topic list are all for boys...

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Shitemum · 20/01/2008 18:58

We are doing 'My naughty little sister' at the moment...what next?

OP posts:
colditz · 20/01/2008 18:59

The Twits
Fantastic Mr Fox
The Sheep-Pig

McDreamy · 20/01/2008 19:00

DD (nearly 5) really enjoys the shorter Roald Dahl - The Twits, George's Marvellous Medicine, She also likes the Magic Faraway Tree and The Magic Wishing Chair. The Owl who was Afriad of the Dark is a fav of mine!

littlerach · 20/01/2008 19:01

Milly molly Mandy
Teddy Robinson

McDreamy · 20/01/2008 19:02

Amelia Jane is another

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 19:02

I think we have Charlie's magic medicine. We have it on tape and Matilda too but they are very 'shouty', a bit stressful to listen to!

OP posts:
Shitemum · 20/01/2008 19:03

marvellous medicine i mean...

OP posts:
Scootergrrrl · 20/01/2008 19:06

There is a series of books about fairies - example here although there seems to be hundreds of them. DD likes those at bedtime - a chapter a night.

McDreamy · 20/01/2008 19:09

We also have a couple of them - have just read Bethany!! Actually I am sure DD has been given a double for Xmas if you cat me I could send you it if you like?

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 19:09

thanks, any more?

OP posts:
newgirl · 20/01/2008 19:10

mine loves the fairy books - thea the thursday fairy etc - very formulaic but i guess that is exactly right for age 5

newgirl · 20/01/2008 19:11

also my 5 year old girl loves charlie and the chocolate factory - huge eyes when i read the bits where the kids disappear!

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 19:56

Thanks McDreamy but don't worry about it -we're in Spain so postage will be more.

Any other classics that i would enjoy reading to her too? (TBH we're a bit fairy-saturated here)

OP posts:
Scootergrrrl · 20/01/2008 19:57

We're just doing the Enchanted Wood - Enid Blyton - which DD loves.

RustyBear · 20/01/2008 19:58

The Sophie stories by Dick King-Smith

RosaLuxOnTheBrightSideOfLife · 20/01/2008 20:08

Pippi Longstocking
Ramona the Pest
Milly Molly Mandy
Charlotte's Web
Try not to read too many of those fairy books - they will sap your will to live. Orchard Books do some very good anthologies of myths and legends that are good for this age.
Try Hans Christian Anderson and I cannot recommend Rumer Godden highly enough.
The first couple of Little House on the Prairie books are suitable too although you need to be older to appreciate the rest of the series.

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 20:12

ooh i remember the Kizzy series on tv when i was at primary!

My mum used to read us Hans Anderson from the same book she'd had as a child. Some of them are quite scary dont you think?

Pippi longstocking would also be good as she got a DVD with the first 3 episodes from Santa and loves it.

OP posts:
jennykb · 20/01/2008 20:18

My just turned 5 year old dd is loving Charlotte's Web, though I've already had to tell her a little bit about the ending because she was getting worried.

lucymack · 20/01/2008 20:19

Please see my advert in small business ads if you're looking to buy any - i'm happy to post to Spain. Any queries you can contact me from the site.

lucymack · 20/01/2008 20:20

Should have said that even if you can't find what you want on the site I can still get it. This my new business and I haven't had time to add lots of books to it yet so just let me know.

lottiejenkins · 20/01/2008 20:21

I loved Kizzy too what a brill book that was!!

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 20:25

thanks lucy, will have a look but i'm afraid i tend to stock up on books at the charity shops on our summer visits. Mind you, apart from Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton i dont often see many of the other authors and titles people are mentioning so if there's something we really want i'll definately keep you in mind.
Good luck with the new business!

OP posts:
lucymack · 20/01/2008 20:27

Thankyou x

Shitemum · 20/01/2008 22:56


OP posts:
Clary · 20/01/2008 23:12

Milly Molly Mandy

Rainbow Magic (ie fairy books loved/hated equally on here)

Tiara Club (another series)

Greek Myths are a big hit in this house - there are various versions out there

Felicity Wishes - there is a series of chapter books

second (or third) Roald Dahl

cory · 25/01/2008 19:48

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark was a favourite with my family too.

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