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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Favourite but obscure

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littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:15

The same modern books come up as favourites for the modern childhood I want to hear about books that are probably out of print but well loved. Mine are

Trebizon series
The tree that sat down
Turpenny Feefo and jinks

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littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:21

Stig of the dump too

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TyneTeas · 29/10/2017 01:22

Rebecca's World

Barabajagal · 29/10/2017 01:22

Silver Brumby series.

BitOfFun · 29/10/2017 01:26

Break In The Sun

Ghost In The Water

Carrie's War

Tom's Midnight Garden

A Necklace Full Of Raindrops (and other stories)

The Shadow Cage (and other stories)

littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:26

Rebecca’s world sounds very interesting

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BitOfFun · 29/10/2017 01:26

Oh, and 'Charlotte, Sometimes'.

littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:28

Silver Brumby reminds me of the Joyce stranger books

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littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:29

Ghost in the water £430 for an edition on amazon 😮

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CoffeeAndEnnui · 29/10/2017 01:30

The Story of Holly and Ivy
The Tyger Voyage
The Phantom Tollbooth

OrlandaFuriosa · 29/10/2017 01:31

Heidi plus sequels
Charlotte Sometimes
The good master, the singing tree
The wheel on the school
My friend flicka
The silver sword
The dolphin crossing
Little white horse
Holly and ivy
Green Knowe
The Owl service

OrlandaFuriosa · 29/10/2017 01:32

Ooh yes Phantom Tolbooth
The story of Ferdinand the Bull

littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:33

Owl service 👍

OP posts:
BitOfFun · 29/10/2017 01:44

Blimey, I'll tell you the story of Ghost In The Water for nothing Grin

SeaToSki · 29/10/2017 01:45

Ballet Shoes. By Noelle Stretfield

littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:48

We ❤️ballet shoes and the rest of them

OP posts:
BitOfFun · 29/10/2017 01:48
Witchend · 29/10/2017 01:48

Lone Pine Series by Malcolm Saville
Monica Edwards set especially White Riders
Antonia Forest (particularly "The Players Boy" and "The Players and the Rebels")
Violet Needham
The Black bog Mystery (Lane Mitchell)
Demon Island (Cedric Baldock, I think)
Fred and I series
Brat Farrar/Daughter upon time-Josephine Tey
Bannermere Series by Geoffrey Trease
Gwendoline Courtney

And lots more. Mostly sitting on my bookshelves. Wink

littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:49

Just remembered the weird stone of brisingamen

OP posts:
littlebillie · 29/10/2017 01:52

Some of mine are now worth £ but I wonder who would buy them the Heidi ones are beautiful books

OP posts:
mousemoose · 29/10/2017 01:56

Yes all the kingscote ones, Antonia forest (end of term etc)

Little white horse but in some ways even better, in green dolphin country

Susannah at boarding school


The pineapple tart - not really kids but vvg for tweens/teens

BitOfFun · 29/10/2017 01:06

Ooh, here's a treat! The children's TV drama of Ghost In The Water...

OrlandaFuriosa · 29/10/2017 22:02

Yes to the Streatfeilds, Forest, sally’s Family by Gwendoline Courtney.

Also Rosemary Sutcliff, the Roman ones and The Rider of the White Horse.
Auntie Robbo.

Thing is, most of these weren’t obscure in the 60s and 70s

bookworm14 · 30/10/2017 13:22

A lot of these are still in print. The first few Trebizon books were reissued quite recently - I reread the first one and it holds up pretty well.

Enb76 · 30/10/2017 13:25

The Cave by Richard Church, 1950

It's brilliant but I imagine the language would be a bit old fashioned for today's young readers.

"When Jim found an inviting underground tunnel near his aunt and uncle's summer home, it followed of course that investigation was in order. Jim and his four companions, after careful two day preparation, begin the perilous descent into the deep caverns. This is no picnic romp, for in the dank, river-made labyrinth the boys escape death by inches several times. Adult thrills and chills with some psychological upsets as the boys change leaders. The supposition here that a group must have a strong leader -- is perhaps somewhat too military, but this is superior suspense."

EnglishRose1320 · 30/10/2017 13:30

The children who lived in a barn
The follyfoot collection
The great house

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