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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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Children's books

Celebrate 30th anniversary of Five Minutes' Peace and share the little things that make being a parent amazing for a chance to win the book + a pampering hamper

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UrsulaMumsnet · 08/02/2016 14:36

It's 30 years since Jill Murphy's picture book classic Five Minutes' Peace was published, and it's just as funny and accurate a portrayal of family life as when it first came out!

Time-poor mum Mrs Large just wants a few minutes of peace and quiet in her hot, foamy, ever so bubbly bubble bath, with her newspaper, a cup of tea in her favourite mug, a plate of toast and a tempting cherry-topped cupcake!

But with Lester, Laura and the baby being as bouncy and boisterous as ever, Mrs Large finds her peace to be very short-lived. In fact she manages a scant three minutes and forty-five seconds!

To celebrate the anniversary of this family favourite, Walker Books are giving five lucky Mumsnetters the chance to win a Five Minutes' Peace pamper kit, each containing a special anniversary edition of Five Minutes' Peace, plus everything you need for a relaxing soak in the tub!

Just share the little things that make being a parent amazing (in spite of never having five minutes to yourself!) and we'll enter you into a draw to win.

This discussion is sponsored by Walker Books and will close on 7th March.

Celebrate 30th anniversary of Five Minutes' Peace and share the little things that make being a parent amazing for a chance to win the book + a pampering hamper
Celebrate 30th anniversary of Five Minutes' Peace and share the little things that make being a parent amazing for a chance to win the book + a pampering hamper
OP posts:
laue02 · 08/02/2016 19:28

My 7 yr old who has severe autism is non verbal and has other health problems amazes me everyday with things he can do and teaches me along the way and even though he is non verbal the gives lovely smiles sometimes mischievous as well and is such a loving happy boy despite everything

Tadorna · 08/02/2016 19:48

My little girl didn't grow in my tummy but she grew in my heart.

Sheri1 · 08/02/2016 20:02

Each time my little girl ask's for a huggie and wraps her arms and legs around me as tight as they can go. I swear I can feel the love being wrapped around me!!

lottietiger · 08/02/2016 20:12

When I hurt my back the other day and my 3 year old son, says don't worry mummy I will look after you, definitely made my heart melt

gggg1 · 08/02/2016 20:15

The smiles on my children's faces first thing in the morning makes getting up at the crack of dawn mich easier. Love the hugs and snuggles and watching them learn new things every day.

lozzybeast · 08/02/2016 20:15

My 3 year old son, tells me everyday, I love you all the numbers in the world

kateandme · 08/02/2016 20:18

just seeing thinking knowing something I love so much is in my overwhelms me often

TooMuchOfEverything · 08/02/2016 20:20

Funnily enough I actually sat down with phone on timer for 5 minutes peace earlier. Not very peaceful as DD decided to entertain me with a hand dance to 'I got bills' but hey ho.

paddlenorapaddle · 08/02/2016 20:32

my little boy is just so full of love for his little sister, he's so protective of her even though he's only a toddler himself its beautiful to watch him talk to her and try and read to her or tell her off.

my heart melts with all his little wisdoms

DartmoorDoughnut · 08/02/2016 20:40

Honestly everything makes it amazing! My little boy's smile when he sees me, the new things he discovers every day and the new things he can do, watching him grow is awesome!

BlackSusie2004 · 08/02/2016 21:01

Quite simply, the cuddles.......

llewejk · 08/02/2016 21:05

When my little girl says 'love you mummy'. But I also love listening to her laugh. It is amazing listening to her vocabulary expanding.

serendipity1980 · 08/02/2016 21:05

There are so many special moments about being a parent but I think one of the things I love the most are the little notes of love that my DC write to me, often with pictures. I love them very much and treasure them.

Anj123 · 08/02/2016 21:15

I love the funny stories my little girl tells me and that she shares her chocolate with me!

Gazelda · 08/02/2016 21:22

Whispering "I love you" to my DD while she sleeps, and seeing her unconsciously grin back at me.

Kriek · 08/02/2016 21:26

I love the way my DCs smell. They have such a uniquely pleasant aroma that just lying in a darkened room listening to their breathing whilst smelling them is magical.

Cocacolaandchocolate · 08/02/2016 21:38

I love the way they smile and show caring towards each other and the world. My four are wonderfully lovely 😃

lolapops1 · 08/02/2016 21:39

The look of love my Son gives me,no matter what he is doing he looks over for a little reassurance,sometimes he just wants a wave,sometimes a kiss or a cuddle. Loves a bit of attention.

busterj · 08/02/2016 22:04

My little grandson loves me to take him to bed and read a book,He makes my day when he tells me he loves me lots more than jelly tots !!

allybird1 · 08/02/2016 22:07

My dad is very poorly at the moment but he dotes on my youngest daughter who is 1. She always makes him smile despite how sick he is. We have spent a lot of time in hospital lately and its surprising who a toddlers laughter is very infectious (pardon the pun). It cheers people up and keeps me going on these sad days.

CMOTDibbler · 08/02/2016 22:11

I love my ds's infinite belief in me. He thinks I can do anything if I want to, and tells me so.

Kazzywazzy · 08/02/2016 22:17

It doesn't matter how old your children are it always makes me feel great when I get a smile and a big hug from my two good looking boys and it's amazing to think that in this world they have both turned out as such good well rounded young men.


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sjonlegs · 08/02/2016 22:42

My kids are fabulous human beans,
Though they snaffle ALL my time,
They're dirty little rotters,
Sometimes I can't believe they're mine,
They nag and shout and yell some more,
They question and they doubt,
We celebrate the little things,
And the big things with some clout,
They climb up trees,
They cut their knees,
I always kiss and plaster,
We remember all their baby steps,
With fondness and with laughter,
I can't go to the toilet,
Without them wandering in,
My bath time's rarely peaceful,
As they often jump right in,
But when they come for snuggles,
And kisses and assurance,
It reminds me that this motherhood,
Is a whole lifetime performance,
I made these three,
I know they're mine,
And whilst they're sometimes BEEP!
I'm glad that I'm their Mummy,
And that moniker I'll keep.


Celebrate 30th anniversary of Five Minutes' Peace and share the little things that make being a parent amazing for a chance to win the book + a pampering hamper
Crouchendmummy · 08/02/2016 22:57

Seeing my 3 young children playing together - when they are getting along it's magical. Admittedly when they're not it is less so!!

mom2010 · 09/02/2016 05:44

What makes it worth it, is when my 3 year old ds and nearly 6 year old dd are playing in a corner. Suddenly they stop it all and come to look for me. All they need is a quick cuddle and they get back to their play. Nothing said. Nothing asked. Just a cuddle that says it all. What else can you ask for?

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