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I think I might send my DD to a childminder - am I being mean?

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KatieMac · 01/06/2005 22:14

She is driving me crazy - I can cope with 6 under 5's (mainly under 2) but 1 7yo have me stumped.

After 3 days of half term I'm considering finding another C/Mer for her - as she will be good for them.

I am going beserk

What else can I do?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 01/06/2005 22:15

How about a camp or other activity? We took swimming, tennis, arts & crafts, ropes courses, etc.

It was a win-win thing: Mum got a break and we got to play with other kids.


Fran1 · 01/06/2005 22:16

Aren't you a childminder yourself?


Xena · 01/06/2005 22:20

Hi KMc my DS is 7 and he is driving me crazy when I am c/m he does love to challenge me, or when we are out. Today just me and my 3DC's were at the shops buying shoes for DD2 then we were going to buy him a spiderman tshirt and a tape player, in clarks him and DD1 were behaving dreadfully then when I called him over as we were by the till I said to him that if he didn't behave he wouldn't get what he wanted and he looked me in the eyes and says 'I don't want it anyway Do you understand me' he then repeated this about 5 times just incase anyone in the shop missed what he had said. Trouble is he hates to be told off in public but instead of behaving he justs strops even more. Needless to say that was the last shop we visited.


KatieMac · 01/06/2005 22:31

Yep - Fran that's why I feel I'm being mean

I can cope with her friends and other mindees the same age - but when she's there the whole house is on edge.

Xena I'm glad it's not just me

EPIS - I'll look out for a camp in the summer at this rate I'll be a basket case by Friday

OP posts:

bigdonna · 02/06/2005 08:34

hi katiemac, i am a cm and my ds of 7 and dd of 6 fight the whole time my cm kids are better behaved, but only for me not for their parents!


Xena · 02/06/2005 09:24

I mind a 6 yo LB and he is an angel for me when his mum arrives he is a horror


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 20:07

Another horrendous day - my assistant (very carefully) menioned DD's apalling behaviour

What am I to do?

OP posts:

Xena · 02/06/2005 20:30

Can you discribe her behaviour?


ssd · 02/06/2005 21:23

Hi Katie, I've said it before, the hardest thing I find about childminding is dealing with my own kids as well as the mindees. I've still got ds2 at home and I only mind very part time as I find having him and the mindees difficult. I can imagine it's a lot easier when your own are at school.

But then the dreaded holidays as you are finding! Yes I think sending your dd to another childminder or holiday clubs are a good idea, if you think of it not many kids want to go to their mums place of work during the holidays and as childminders this is effectively what we are making our kids do in the holidays so maybe the break would do you both a lot of good.


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 21:25

She's cheeky - rude - unco-operative - she throws things - she smacks(her dad & me) - she climbs on the furniture - she won't sit at the table

She winds all the other children up - they shout & scream and climb - when she is there and very calm when she isn't

I'm at my wits end

OP posts:

Janh · 02/06/2005 21:26

Katiemac, round here they have kids' clubs at sports centres etc - c 9-5 every day, loads of activities. I bet your DD would love it. Probably a bit late for this holiday but next time!

(In the summer they have football weeks, tennis weeks, cricket weeks etc as well. Our local council organises a lot of them but in other areas they are private - whereabouts are you?)


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 21:31

That's the sort of thing she needs Janh...I'll have a look

OP posts:

Janh · 02/06/2005 21:58

Where do you live, Katiemac? I'll have a look for you if you like. (I'm good at finding that kind of thing!)


Xena · 02/06/2005 22:01

KMc sounds v.similar to DS. I hope the clubs work and that they don't dent your own income to much.

If it wasn't for 1. Not wanting to send the DD's somewhere as well and 2. the money is good. I would be working outside the home, DS really makes c/minding hard for me.
How old was your DD when you started minding?


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 22:09

Thank Janh I'm in Norfolk between Great Yarmouth and Norwich (near Acle)

Xena she was 5

My therapist says not many people can work and have their children with them.....and there is usually a good reason

Sorry I keep coming and going I have just produced a ballet costume...once I finally go my sewing machine to work the things I do for that child

I think I will try and put her in for 2 sessions on a Monday & a Friday (so that the longest I have her is 3 days)

OP posts:

Janh · 02/06/2005 22:19

barracudas at Norwich


Xena · 02/06/2005 22:19

DS was 5 as well however DD1 was only 1 and she just excepts it as the 'norm' I wonder if that will make a difference when she is 7.
Anyway sorry to move away from the subject. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you.


Xena · 02/06/2005 22:21

Ouch prices would dent my income. Could you find someone else to book her in with to take advantage of the BOGOF offer?


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 22:21

Or Janh I could send her to the school playscheme in the next village for £10 pd

Is it any wonder I don't have any takers for my playscheme at £29 pd

OP posts:

Xena · 02/06/2005 22:22

Gosh £10 is cheap I charge £42 pd


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 22:23

Remember its area based

I charge £3 phr and £29 pd

I couldn't do it for £10 pd - but they get a grant

OP posts:

Xena · 02/06/2005 22:29

I understand. I thought thnt for your after school provision? Is there none available for Cm's?
It does annoy me about all these cc providers that the goverment is bringing in because eventually we will all have to lower prices to get any work.
We are thinking of relocating to buy a cheaper house as the property prices are so expensive here and the 4 bed terrace we have got we could swop for a bigger detached and still afford to pay off some of the mortgatge obv we are taking into consideration that my wages would drop.


Xena · 02/06/2005 22:30

sorry that line should read
I thought that you got a grant for your after school provision.


Janh · 02/06/2005 22:32

Camp Beaumont near Cromer - residential, costs even more I think?

I would send her to the playscheme in the next village!


KatieMac · 02/06/2005 22:33

I got a grant to start it up - but am not allowed to use it for running costs - so I have lots of nice equipment and no afterschoolees or playscheme children (I got rid of the 1 I did have cos she was bulling my DD)

The playscheme in Acle got a grant for running costs (I think)

But I think £3 is very chaep for childminding and am seriously considering putting it up

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